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searching & copyright

  1. 1. Searching and Copyright on the Web An Introduction to Searching the Web and adhering to copyright LUZ N. PINGOL ICT Coordinator
  2. 2. Activity• What do you know of the following?Searching & Copyright on the Web
  3. 3. Email ex. Internet ex. Google, Explorer INTERNET Uniform Resource Locator world wide web hyper text transfer Searching & Copyright protocol on the Web
  4. 4. As someone once said, the web is like one great big, wonderful library. You enter the front door, and there are all the books…piled in the middle of the floor! Quote from: Bush M. (1996) “Internet Mania World Tech: What’s hot & what’s not!” Multimedia Monitor NewsletterSearching & Copyright on the Web
  5. 5. How do you search? • What do you typically search for? • What search engines do you use? • What search strategies have you experimented with? • What frustrations and successes have you had and why?Searching & Copyright on the Web
  6. 6. Starting to search• What things shouldn’t you search for?• Is it easy to get audio/visual materials on the Web?• What’s the most important thing to think about when beginning a search?Searching & Copyright on the Web
  7. 7. How to use google search?1. Display current local time anywhere ex. time in paris2. Currency Converter ex. 8.99 usd in gbp currency of china in american moneySearching & Copyright on the Web
  8. 8. 3. Find documents of the specified file. ex. ms word tutorial filetype:pdf 4. Site Specific Search ex. pingolluz space travel site:edu space travel site:orgSearching & Copyright on the Web
  9. 9. 5. Days Weather Forecast ex. weather london6. Use Google to Calculator & Unit Conversion ex. 3* (3+3) 3ft in meter 2^10+7*98+500% 13Searching & Copyright on the Web
  10. 10. 7. Phrases Searches ex. “actionscript lessons” “actionscript lessons” for beginners8. Music and Lyrics ex. holy night mp3Searching & Copyright on the Web
  11. 11. 9. Images/Pictures ex. (click the images menu) Christmas10. Books ex. (type) books googleSearching & Copyright on the Web
  12. 12. 11. News ex. (click news menu) philippines news12. Maps ex. (click map menu) ayala cebu citySearching & Copyright on the Web
  13. 13. Boolean Searching Three Boolean Logic Operators • OR • AND • NOTSearching & Copyright on the Web
  14. 14. Boolean Logic: OR Question: I need information about cats. Search: cats OR felines Searching & Copyright on the Web
  15. 15. Boolean Logic: AND Question: I’m interested in dyslexia in adults. Search: dyslexia AND adults Searching & Copyright on the Web
  16. 16. Boolean Logic: NOT Question: I’m interested in radiation, but not nuclear radiation. Search: radiation NOT nuclear Searching & Copyright on the Web
  17. 17. More search engines• Yahoo! This is quite nice as there is also a safe search option for kids. There are also many regional versions:• Ask This search allows you to ask questions in “real” English, e.g. How can I improve my English? Searching & Copyright on the Web
  18. 18. Meta-search enginesThese simultaneously search multiple search engines.These are useful when:• You have an obscure topic• You are not having luck finding anything when you search• You want to retrieve a relatively small number of relevant resultsExamples:Dogpile http://www.dogpile.comMetacrawler Searching & Copyright on the Web
  19. 19. Other good places to search a quick introduction to a topic andhttp://youtube.comFor video search list of search engine in our region
  20. 20. Safe Internet Web Searching for Kids
  21. 21. Searching with Students • Should we allow students to search freely? • How much control should we take of student searching? • How do we deal with students accessing pornography? • How do we deal with students who are more proficient at searching than teachers? (Answer activity No. 2-3)Searching & Copyright on the Web
  22. 22. What is the connection of the internet, research and as a school teacher?Searching & Copyright on the Web
  23. 23. As a school teacher, it’s a big part of our duty to challenge answers or solutions searched the needs or problems related to teaching and learning.Searching & Copyright on the Web
  24. 24. Thank you and have a nice day!