Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Review – How Fat Will It Make You?


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Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Review – How Fat Will It Make You?

  1. 1. Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Review – How Fat Will It MakeYou?Get In My Belly, I Want My Chocolate!I freely admit that I have eaten my fair share of Lindt chocolate over the years, but its just sodarn good so who can blame me. And if you do look down on me for eating it, then well, that’syour problem!!But really chocolate is probably the favorite snack, desert, just because I wanna food formillions, if not billions, of people around the world. Sure there are those that can’t eat it due toallergies or just don’t like it. But when the aliens dropped them off on our planet it was only asa test to see if we would welcome them in with open arms.So the idea that a company with such a global brand name like Lindt would take to marketingtheir products using both an affiliate program and a direct selling model made absolute sense.But just in case you don’t know anything about the company let me give you some of the sweetdetails.Lindt Chocolate was actually founded in 1845 in Switzerland and has become the largestmanufacturer of premium chocolate in the world. The company has eight factories and they selltheir products in over 80 different countries. Think you might be able to find a customer basewith an audience like that? Yes you can!!By producing high quality candies and deserts, Lindt has build a solid reputation for quality,innovation and craftsmanship. Just by taking a quick online tour of their catalog you will findsomething that makes your mouth water.As a matter of fact pretty much all of it made mine water which explains why my wife told me tohurry and finish my research as she walked out with my wallet. Good thing for me I have acouple different cards.Different Ways To Make Money With LindtAs I mentioned earlier there is a way to support your chocolate addiction. Or you can use it tofinance your vacation to Switzerland.First is through the company’s affiliate program. What the company did was come up with away that people like you and me could sell their products and receive commissions. They 1/4
  2. 2. currently run theirs through Commission Junction which a system that tracks and pays affiliateson the business owners behalf.I have been using Commission Junction for a while now and to tell you the truth it really isn’t allthat bad of a system. I have always been paid on time and they have some great products thatyou can promote. The key there is to get approved to promote offers. The fact is that notevery company is going to allow you to do it on their behalf. So make sure your a good fit forthe brand before you apply or you’ll just get frustrated and overwhelmed by it all. Also, don’ttake it personally if you don’t get approved. They are protecting their brands you would do thesame, its just business after all.Second is through the direct selling arm of the company called Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Nowtruth be told there really isn’t that much difference between being an affiliate and direct selling.So don’t confused by the different names. But there are a couple that you should take note ofand decide which one is right for you.In affiliate marketing you get paid when someone buys a product or service. The more peopleyou refer the more likely they are to buy something. When they do you get paid for that action.Its pretty straight forward and it can be done offline as well as online.In direct selling model (network marketing or MLM (gasp, you said MLM!!) are othernames for this model and they are well established and viable models that you should considerif you like the idea of having your own business.How this program works is that you get paid direct commissions on your sales. And, based ontheir commission schedule, the more you sell the greater percentage of those sales that youmake. Sounds just like the affiliate marketing model right?Here is the difference. Lets say that you start selling the chocolate in this case to your friends.And one of your friends has told someone about what you do and how they came about buyingall this wonderful candy from. That person gets your contact information and you tell them(because they asked) about your business and how happy you are not to be working for a bossor having some extra spending money to buy that cool toy you just got. Then you sponsor theminto Lindt R.S.V.P.Now here is where the residual income comes in.Residual income is basically leveraging your work over and over to build an income withouthaving to do more work to achieve the same return. In my language it means work once, getpaid often.When you sponsor someone in a network marketing model you will get commission paymentsbased off of the sales they make as well. So lets let our imagination run wild here a bit.Lets say that you sign up five people to have their own business with Lindt. Which is easy to do 2/4
  3. 3. if your using this system.Now those five people all sell $10,000 in product during a month. That $50,000 in sales for youtotal team combined. With Lindt R.S.V.P. you get a three percent sponsoring bonus for each ofyour recruits sales. So that is a $1500 check (my math be wrong, my wife is gone so she can’tcheck it) and you didn’t even have to do anything. Not a bad gig huh?Of course that is an extreme example and most likely its going to take you recruiting a few morepeople than five to get that check. But you get the idea. With this company you will make morefrom your own work versus sponsoring others in the beginning. Over time that will the otherway around.How Do You Get Started You Ask?First let me say that I am not a Lindt business owner. I know myself and I would eat waaaaaymore than I would ever sell. But if you can handle the temptation than here is how you getstarted.First you have to enroll. Doing that is nothing more than going to their website and filling in aform for more information. The start-up cost is actually $124 plus tax for a Business Starter Kit.I’ve included a picture of what you get with for you money just in case you wanted to know.After you get you kit its really all up to you to sell the products. Unfortunately I couldn’t find outif there were trainings to get going or maybe a group of other people that help each other out.That might be something you should look into to. And if they don’t, don’t worry there issome great training here to help you get started sponsoring as soon as possible.If there aren’t any groups or live masterminds going on in your area I might suggest that youset one up. You can use to organize if for your team. And what is cool aboutdoing it on that website is that other people will see what your doing and perhaps request toattend. A prime sponsoring tool if you ask me.Final Thoughts on Lindt 3/4
  4. 4. Hopefully I have answered more questions about Lindt than I have created for you. I think its pretty straight forward really. Join company, sell chocolate, make money. Or don’t join company, buy chocolate, get fat, have wife kick you out of the house and tell you not to come back until you’ve been at the gym for an hour. The choice is yours. As for me, I have to go to the gym now. Who Is Clint Butler? Currently serving in the military and after 20 years I have found that you don’t get rich in the military nor can you get rich working for someone else. So with that being said I have worked, researched, and trained Online Marketing and making money on the internet using search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video marketing. All of this is to generate traffic and leads to my clients websites as well as my own. Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Review – How Fat Will It Make You? 4/4Powered by TCPDF (