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How to craft a killer elevator pitch
How to craft a killer elevator pitch
How to craft a killer elevator pitch
How to craft a killer elevator pitch
How to craft a killer elevator pitch
How to craft a killer elevator pitch
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How to craft a killer elevator pitch


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How to craft a killer « Elevator Pitch » Know how to pitch yourself in less than 2 minutes and 120 words… Copyright 2010
  • 2. Personal branding: 6 key questions to ask yourself to prepare your elevator pitch 1. What is the focus of your speech? What is THE key message you want people to remember about you? 2. Who is the target person to make a hiring decision about you? 3. What are the problems faced by your target audience? 4. What is it that you are offering that would solve these problems? 5. What is it that differentiates you and makes you different from your peers? 6. What are the benefits of your speech (you offer) as experienced by your target audience? To create your elevator pitch, you now must put these elements all together in a 2 minutes and 120 words presentation Copyright
  • 3. Call to Action: if they show interest, ask for a meeting! Engagement: an open ended question starter… Solution: what’s your offer? Keynote, workshop, master class… Content: the customer benefits in one short sentence (25 words)! Lead-in: Who are you? Your target, your vision… Facts Future Form Feelings « Elevator Pitch » 5 levels Copyright
  • 4. Summary Start with a killer summary sentence (25 words max!) Don’t get lost in the how, focus on the “WHORU” Memorize it and rehearse it (rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…) Listen to the audience (God has given us two ears and one mouth!) Copyright
  • 5. « He that has no silver in his purse should have silver in his tongue » Thomas Fuller Copyright
  • 6. Any questions? Contact: Christine Morlet Skipe ID: formation.negociation Tel.: +33(0)971 222 971 - Mobile: +33(0)674 020 424 Email: Address: 125 allée du Bois - 06140 Vence – France Websites: - - - Social networks: Follow me on Espeakers Follow me on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Facebook : Copyright