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Senior project rough draft

  1. 1. Chase Hickey Hickey 1Ms. BennettBritish Literature16 September 2011 The Hunt Begins How is modern day hunting similar and different from the ways the Indians hunted?How did the Indians use their resources more wisely than modern day hunters? The Indians didnot have guns or any black powder weapons. Every weapon that the Indians used was handmade by them out of rocks and other natural resources. Comparing and contrasting the huntingstyles and techniques of Native American hunting, as well as the styles and techniques of modernday hunters. The Indians had different uses of their resources when they hunted than modern dayhunters. “Before Europeans arrived with iron, brass, copper, steel, fabric, and glass, the white-tail was a virtual „general store‟ to the native people of the northeast” (Trotta). The NativeAmericans used the animals they hunted for weapons, clothes, ceremonial implements, and tools.When they killed the animals that they hunted, they took it back and butchered it into smallerparts. Everything on the animals that could be used and turned into any item, was used and verylittle went to waste. For example, “Deer hides were an important source of clothing for NativeAmericans” (Trotta). After the Native Americans skinned their animals, they would remove anyfat and hair left on the animal. They used the hides that they skinned as quivers or pouches,clothing, and other tools. The Native Americans also used the hides that were skinned as a typeof camouflage, or decoy. The Natives Americans were different from the modern day huntersbecause they used what they had more wisely.
  2. 2. Hickey 2 The Indians used what they had more wisely than the modern day person could eventhink about. “Deer Bones were cleaned and processed into a wide variety of tools andimplements” (Trotta). They used the skull of a deer for a spoon, and the leg bones were carvedinto knife handles and arrows. The Longer bones would be cracked and made into needles, andbone fragments were used in arrowheads, spears, and knives. The Native American hunters alsoused bone fragments to produce spear heads and arrowheads. “Sinew, or tendon, is the verytough connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone in most animals” (Trotta). The NativeAmericans cleaned the tendons and used them mostly for sewing thread. They also used thetendons for bow strings and spear heads. They also used the sinew for sewing moccasins andclothing together. The Native Americans thought more outside of the bow than the modern dayhunters, because they used their resources the way they should. The Indian way of life and hunting was all depended on their techniques and their stylewhich are very different to the modern day hunters. “Deer were hunted by two basic methods”(Holt). The first methods consist of one man with a bow and arrow that stalks the animalsquietly and kills them. The men act as if they are their own decoy, and wear a previous killeddeer as a head dress. “Smaller game was hunted by the children” (Holt). The stories passeddown from earlier Indians describe children shooting frogs and squirrels with their bow andarrow. The children also used a “blow pipe” which was used to shoot a small arrow at birds orother small animals. The styles and techniques of the Native Americans are much more thoughtout and used more wisely. The modern day hunting styles and techniques are very different from that of the NativeAmericans. “Hunting was an almost universal activity” (Almond). For the upper class in society
  3. 3. Hickey 3 it provided food, and it was for sport, and the lower class it was for food and rawmaterials for personal use. The men and women do not show enough mercy to the animals theykill by stalking them and just doing it for sport. Most hunters are not like that though, they killthe animals for food to survive. ““Hunter-gatherers” is a term generally used to describe peoplefrom ancient society who survived exclusively by hunting, fishing, and gathering wild foods”(Hodge). The Modern day hunters usually take into account where the mostvaluable foodsource, of the animals being hunted, is around the area.Modern hunters also use bait to attract theanimal being hunted into a location. Most hunters today use a scouting technique by baiting anarea with corn or apples, and set up a trail camera to see what comes in to eat and at whattimes.The Native Americans never baited the animals in like the modern day hunter. The modern day hunter techniques are much different than the way the Native Americansdid things.“Various forms of persistence hunting have been recorded in the Kalahari”(Liebenberg).They knocked small animals down with a club and then they would kill them, but ifthe animal ran they would run it down.The babies of small mammals were run down on foot bythe people and caught and killed by hand. Many hunters looked for slow-moving animals to rundown in the open country like aardvark and porcupine.“During one trip, five days of huntingresulted in one gemsbok (antelope like mammal) and two bat-eared foxes killed by hunting withdogs” (Liebenberg).This method proves that hunting with dogs is much more efficient for thehunters.The dogs gave them the nose to sniff out where the animals were, and it also helped themtrack down wounded animals. Many hunters use them not only to track wounded animals, but toretrieve small birds, pheasants, and ducks.This just comes to show you
  4. 4. Hickey 4 the modern day hunters are different in many styles and techniques from the NativeAmerican hunters. Modern day hunters had different types of strategies than the Native American peoplehad back in their times. “When glassing, try to keep hidden using rocks or ground cover. Youwill see more action during dawn and dusk” (Ott). Good strategies while deer, moose, and elkhunting is to scan through the tree lines and the timber pockets. If you are in a good location onyour hunt, you should start to see movement within about 10 minutes, if you are glassing from adistant hill or mountain. Most animals are skittish to come into bow range so most are shot usinga gun or black powder firearms. “If you know for a fact that the game you are after is in thevicinity, you will have the confidence to wait until you spot them” (Ott). To scan correctly youshould create a system that helps you scan efficiently. Most hunters use a system like a gridwhen scanning an area. They start at any spot and use a grid method, going from left to right,and then up anddown. The strategies for killing animals in the modern days are a lot differentthan the Native Americans had. The Native American and modern day hunters have some similar strategies andtechniques in common. “Hunters would go out in groups, or individually to locate and harvestthese animals” (Trotta). Hunters from a tribe would go out in a pack and trap then kill theanimals, or they would go out individually to stalk the animals. Modern day hunters go out ingroups, when they are duck and bird hunting, but they mostly hunt alone in a tree stand. “Afteran animal was skinned, the hide was processed by first removing the hair and any residual meatand fat left on the flesh side” (Trotta). The Native Americans, just like modern day hunters,made the hides that were scraped off into rugs or carpets. Both the modern day hunters and the
  5. 5. Hickey 5Native Americans used a frame to stretch out the hides before use. The techniques of using thehide for carpet are common to both the Native Americans and the modern day hunters. The Native Americans used the deer they killed for many purposes, and similarly themodern day hunters‟ use killed animals for many things as well. “White-tailed deer providemany uses of itself after being killed by a hunter” (Trotta). The Native Americans used thewhite-tailed deer for many purposes, like; ceremonial items, hammers, and fishing supplies. Themodern day hunters use the deer that they harvest to get doe pee that hunters will put on theirboots during rut, for bucks to come in to be killed. “Native American tribes also had varioustraditions of chasing down animals on foot” (Liebenberg). The Tarahumara Indians chased deerthrough the mountains of Northern Mexico until the animals collapsed from being exhausted andvitally wounded. The Paiutes and Navajo tribes in the American Southeast were said to huntpronghorn antelope using this technique. The Aborigines Indians from Australia were alsodiscovered using this interesting technique. The modern day hunters are very similar anddifferent in many ways from the Native Americans, in the way they use their resources. The Native American Indians are very different from the modern day hunters, becausethey use their resources more wisely, make their own arrowheads, weapons, and their ways ofstalking animals. The modern day hunters are different from the Native Americans, because theyuse cover scent so that the animals will not smell them, and sit in a tree in a stand and wait foranimals to approach them.In this essay, I have compared and contrasted the modern day huntingstyles and techniques with the way the Native Americans did it.If you really think about it, themodern day hunters could have looked upon the Native Americans, and took their techniques
  6. 6. Hickey 6and twisted them into different ways. So could you answer this question now? How are modernday hunters similar and different to the Native American hunters from history?