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Brand Positioning for Financial Services
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Brand Positioning for Financial Services


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Brand positioning spec strategy for a financial services consultancy

Brand positioning spec strategy for a financial services consultancy

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  • 1. Wealth Management: Creating a New Brand Case Study - Version A
  • 2. The Culture of Stars
  • 3. The is the most visible icon in the universe.
  • 4. Its energy provides vision as we seek our future in new frontiers.
  • 5. Man has used the sky to conquer the world, to get from A to B.
  • 6. By looking upward he progressed.
  • 7. Constellations are ancient strategic mapping systems of stars, designed to aid decision making.
  • 8. The most powerful stars are clusters. Patterns formed by the most prominent stars in the galaxy.
  • 9. Their tremendous energy is created by mutual gravitational power.
  • 10. Today, Constellation Sports Marketing has created a new galaxy for human stars to burn brighter and longer than ever…
  • 11. A wealth management advisory for the professional celebrity, with a singular vision: future potential.
  • 12. Our investment strategies discover eternal investment horizons for future financial security.
  • 13. With 10 billion trillion stars in the universe, only Constellation advises the most prominent.
  • 14. We’ve aligned the stars to create the brightest constellation of human and financial potential in the universe.
  • 15. Advising the Modern Celebrity 3 Truths
  • 16. 1. Money Does Not Come with a Manual.
  • 17. 2. You Have More to Lose than the ‘Other’ Guy.
  • 18. 3. Your True Earning Ability is Concentrated.
  • 19. Advising the Modern Celebrity 1 Reality
  • 20. Relative Earning Potential Time
  • 21. Advising the Modern Celebrity Proof
  • 22. $2.9MM/5.6 Seasons $3.4MM/4.7 Seasons $1.8MM/3.5 Seasons $2.1MM/5.5 Seasons Within 3.5 years of post-retirement almost 50% of NBA and NFL players are under financial duress.
  • 23. Variable Variable Variable Variable Pay-for-Performance professional are only as good as their last competition. There are no guarantees.
  • 24. Planning for the future is not the current focus, playing the game is…
  • 25. Advising the Modern Celebrity 4 Classic Mistakes
  • 26. 1. Ill-advised Investments in Start-Ups.
  • 27. 2. Ponzi Schemes & Money for Nothing.
  • 28. 3. Lack of Business Acumen and Competency.
  • 29. 4. Investing in Illiquid Assets.
  • 30. Advising the Modern Celebrity Hall of Fame
  • 31. 10 9 8 7 6 John Arne Riis Kenny Anderson Scotty Pippen Mushin Muhammad Marion Jones ELTE: $20MM ELTE: $60MM ELTE: $120MM ELTE: $20MM ELTE: $20MM Bankruptcy: 2007 Bankruptcy: 2005 Seeking Employment Selling home on eBay Incarcerated: 2007 5 4 3 2 1 Latrell Sprewell Michael Vick Dick “Night Train” Lane George Best Mike Tyson ELTE: $50MM ELTE: $130MM ELTE: $5MM ELTE: $100MM ELTE: $400MM Foreclosure: 2008 Bankruptcy: 2008 Died in 2002 broke Drunk and broke Net Worth <$5MM