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Brand quiz


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Published in: Business

Brand quiz

  1. 1. BRAND QUIZ Thanks to Mr. Joseph Francis
  2. 2. •Which financial Institution is nicknamed The Big Board?
  3. 3. New York Stock Exchange
  4. 4. •In Economics, What is referred as Lipstick effect?
  5. 5. • The theory that when facing an economic crisis consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods. Instead of buying expensive fur coats, women will buy expensive lipstick
  6. 6. • What is the contibution of Momofuku Ando to the fast food indutry?
  7. 7. •Inventor of Instant Noodles
  8. 8. • According to a Japanese Poll in 2000, Which product was considered the most important Japanese Invention of the century?
  9. 9. Instant Noodles
  10. 10. •What was popularised as the Ultimate Job Interview?
  11. 11. The Apprentice, a reality show by Donald Trump.
  12. 12. •Who filed a trade mark application for the phrase “ You are Fired “?
  13. 13. Donald Trump.
  14. 14. • What is common to Héctor Sandarti, Howie Mandel, Madavan, Mandira Bedi and Rishi?
  15. 15. Anchors of different versions of Deal or No Deal
  16. 16. •Who coined the Phrase “ Irrational Excuberance” about the stock market boom of the 1990s?
  17. 17. Alan Greenspan
  18. 18. •In business parlance, What is a “ Boiler room”?
  19. 19. •Boiler room refers to a place , often selling questionable goods by telephone.
  20. 20. •What is the contibution of Charles Dow and Edward Jones to the world of stock market?
  21. 21. Dow Jones Index of the NYSE
  22. 22. •Which financial institution was formed as a result of Buttonwood Agreement?
  23. 23. New York Stock Exchange
  24. 24. •Which company was formed when Toshio Iue, Brother-in-law of Konosuke Matshushita was lent an unused Matshusita plant in 1947 ?
  25. 25. Sanyo Electric co.
  26. 26. Thank you!