Pepsi Brands POS Concepts


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Concepts for three Pepsi brands targeting Millennial auto drivers with higher incidences for C-store purchases

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Pepsi Brands POS Concepts

  1. 1. FuelingEngagementfor Pepsi
  2. 2. PositioningOutcast is the only intelligent touch point interacting with drivers in the top 25 DMAs,accurately casting their path and direction post-refueling, connecting brands to theirtargets at the right time, before important purchase decisions are made.
  3. 3. InsightRefueling is functional and emotional event moving driversforward, as they navigate to new destinations.
  4. 4. Advantage Intelligent Idle Accelerating Simple
  5. 5. StrategyConvergent pathways of content, entertainment and brand. Refueling Technology
  6. 6. Idea Objectives•  Driving awareness, sales, preference, loyalty•  Evolve Pepsi’s brand targets•  Create new iconic meaning for Pepsi brands•  Activate greater depth of engagement and participation•  Invoke new rituals and social influencers•  Develop new scalable concepts and platforms
  7. 7. Success
  8. 8. BriskIdea 1: Brisk Rally ChallengeDrivers are given a timed-mission at Outcast pumps: complete a sequenceof simple, but creative objectives, extending from pump-to-store-to-beveragecooler. Complete the challenge in the time limit and win instant redeemableproducts from Brisk.
  9. 9. BriskIdea 2: Brisk ManeuversA smarter-than-you-think Outcast pump application that streams “in theknow” traffic intelligence, arming Brisk drinkers with vital information, gettingthem out of jams before they get into them. Updates on construction,accidents, alternate routes, and road conditions. A traffic app that choosesthe road less traveled.
  10. 10. BriskIdea 3: ClaytivityA simple touch-screen based activity, creating original clay art for Outcastpumps. Think Subservient Chicken for claymation.
  11. 11. BriskIdea 4: Brisky MovesBring “Punk’d” to the C-store. Brisky Moves are personal expressions ofdrinker’s creative edges – the emotional values they share with Brisk.Encourage drivers who have wingman’s in tow, to prank their friends,capturing the footage with phone. Upload and feature on Outcast pumps asoriginal programming from Brisk.Extends “Get Spotted” promotion.
  12. 12. BriskIdea 5: “The Brisk”Create :90 short film series developed by, and featuring, Brisk drinkers, whocapture the essence of the brand on film, through innovative storytelling.Feature on Outcast pumps.Think a micro version of HBO’s “Green Light.”
  13. 13. BriskIdea 6: Brisk Celebrity Driving Mistake of the DayQuick video feeds of celebrities making obvious driving infractions. A guideof what not to do. Featured only on Outcast pumps and in partnership withpaparazzi or gossip magazine.
  14. 14. BriskIdea 7: Fantasy Claymation Bowl IA claymation football league parodying the NFL and fantasy football.Broadcast on Outcast pumps during Super Bowl LVX.
  15. 15. BriskIdea 8: BriskimsQuotes of the day from Brisk drinkers, uploaded and displayed on Outcastpumps. Think Twitter for the gas pump.
  16. 16. BriskIdea 9: Brisk Friday Night FightsLife-size claymation figures fight it out, live, on-site at C and G-stores.Outcast to rebroadcast event at pumps.
  17. 17. Mt. DewIdea 1: Green LightA digital weather application located at key Outcast pumps, with closeproximity to mountains or beach, delivering accurate weather, snow and surfinformation and forecasts. Helping Dew drinkers climb to the top of theirmountain, by giving them a “head’s up” on the weather and conditions theywill face today.
  18. 18. Mt. DewIdea 2: Dew Mad DashTeams compete in a virtual relay race, completing tasks dispensed at C andG-stores with Outcast. Teams race against a virtual clock and other teamsto win Dew products and access to the Dew Tour.Think “Amazing Race.”
  19. 19. Mt. DewIdea 3: Dew It Now!“Don’t put off what you can do today” list. Randomize user-generated listsof “things to do.” Sooner or later when at Outcast pumps, they will bereminded of what they still haven’t done.
  20. 20. Mt. DewIdea 4: Dew CrawlHelp Dew drinkers hit the right high peaks during long road trips, by steeringthem towards the fun. Outcast feature quick tips, views and opinions ofDew Tour athletes talking about their home markets, and what to do whilethere (a markets they travel too).
  21. 21. Mt. DewIdea 5: Dew Something!A list of “never-though-of-that-before” ideas and things to do while standingat the pump. Submitted by Dew drinkers featured only on Outcast.
  22. 22. Mt. DewIdea 6: Dew the UnthinkableRecruit Dew drinkers to submit a 140-word testimonial video for somethingthey have been dying to do, but for some reason haven’t. Dew will help thedo it.Dew will select 10 winners. Winners notified at pump on Outcast. Instantredemption program.
  23. 23. SoBeIdea 1: SoBeautiful Virtual Art GalleryThe sights, sounds, and motions of SoBe, inspired its flavors, colors,packaging and graphics.
  24. 24. SoBeIdea 2: The Ride of Your LifeA nationwide promotion where SoBe drinkers film their unconventional roadtrips and commutes by car. User-generated content is displayed at Outcastpumps. Participants win SoBe lifestyle accessories and beverages.
  25. 25. SoBeIdea 3: SoBe MeSoBe drinkers capture themselves on film defining and displaying theiroriginal style and personality. A photo documentary of SoBe drinkers in theirelement featured on Outcast.
  26. 26. SoBeIdea 4: SoBe ItMagic 8 Ball the SoBe way, only on Outcast. Get creative answers tocreative questions you’re afraid to ask.
  27. 27. SoBeIdea 5: Range FinderSimple, touch-screen advice from Outcast pumps dispenses reliable andeasy information. SoBe drivers can find the most relevant points of interest,can’t miss landmarks, local trivia, and insider tips for alternative routeplanning while commuting.
  28. 28. SoBeIdea 6: Left or Right?A fun trivia game at Outcast pumps, where drivers touch the screen to selectif a car’s fuel tank is on the left or right. Get all correct and receive SoBoproduct as POS.
  29. 29. SoBeIdea 7: SoBe Skinsuit Emagazine2011 SoBe skinsuit models featured with editorial content, only on Outcast.
  30. 30. PortfolioIdea 1: Pepsi Game DaySaturday and Sunday MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL game coverage on Outcastpumps. Scores, highlights, stats, commentary, graphics.Partner with Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Yahoo! Sports.Event capable: Outcast Jumbo-tron, stadium seating, tailgating.
  31. 31. PortfolioIdea 2: Pepsi MilesA mileage (reward/loyalty) program for frequent drivers.Think Delta Sky Miles with Citibank.Use Outcast media terminals to inform and engage participants.
  32. 32. PortfolioIdea 3: Virtual Under the Cap MatchFrom pump-to-store promotion. Outcast pumps feature digital and printed“Under the Cap” codes. Players purchase a Pepsi product a match. Instantvalidation and redemption.
  33. 33. PortfolioIdea 4: CarpoolOutcast pumps bring riders going the same way together. An online postingservice that uploads to Outcast pumps, displaying and matching riders tocarpool to work or shopping.
  34. 34. PortfolioIdea 5: The PCN – The Pepsi Culture NetworkA virtual entertainment network consisting of music, film, internet, etc tobroadcast only on Outcast, where different Pepsi brands represent distinctchannels.Partner with XM or Sirrus for nationwide coverage.
  35. 35. PortfolioIdea 6: Handy GamesCreate a series of pump-sensitive games and activities based on thepressure applied to the gas pump handle. Think Wii meets the gas pump.-  Carnival games, Dave & Buster…-  Horse racing-  Steering a car thru an obstacle course-  Stress relief-  Build claymation characters and objects (Brisk)-  Design artwork (SoBe)-  Climb the mountain and balance on top (Dew)-  Play sports: shoot baskets, kick soccer ball, hit baseball, etc
  36. 36. PortfolioIdea 7: PepcityVirtual local communities listings brought to you by Pepsi.Think Yelp meets Google local.
  37. 37. PortfolioIdea 8: Pop-Up Test DrivesTest drive new car launches and Pepsi products on-site at C and G-stores.Promote on Outcast.Partner with local car dealers.
  38. 38. PortfolioIdea 9: Gas Station GamesEvery Outcast pump at a location is a game controller. Drivers play a gameagainst each other – cards, scrabble, checkers, tick-tack-toe, etc.Think X-Box, only bigger.
  39. 39. PortfolioIdea 10: Winning KeysEnter to win a chance to win a new car. Outcast pumps become the portalto enter and win a new car. Contestants text a “Under the Cap” code fromthe wireless device at-retail to attempt to start car.