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This Isn't Food, It's Grilling


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Exploratory brand positionings for Burger King

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This Isn't Food, It's Grilling

  1. 1. Taste is KingStrategic Thinking: Brand & CreativeDevelopment: Oct. 14, 2012The Pitch AgencyCHAPPY
  2. 2. Objective:Design and demonstrate how thestrategic idea of, It’s not fastfood, it’s grilling, creates newpathways to talk about BurgerKing’s brand experience.
  3. 3. This isn’t fast food,it’s grillingBurger King breaks the routine of daily fast food grinds by fire-grilling its burgers notfrying them. This approach takes a bit more time but the small sacrifice is worth theenormous gain: Whopper, Kuro, onion rings, sweet potato fries, chicken wraps,Cinnabon, popcorn chicken, real fruit smoothies round out cookout/BBQ-style mealsunrivaled by everyday fast and casual food menus. Food makes Burger King ‘BurgerKing,’ it’s not about the closest or most convenient choice.Food says a lot about a person, where they are heading in life, their taste and judgment.People who take bigger bites out of life eat at BK and sometimes they bite off slightlymore than they can chew but that’s okay, they learn as they go forward, alwaysadapting. Your cool uncle or nana takes you to Burger King - you learn early on thatthere is something very different about this place. What’s not to love?Grilling is more than a style of cooking, it’s an approach to living life with your ‘mouthwide open,’ savoring, sampling, tasting the worlds of opportunities. It’s the vitality andvigor of a full-on hunger for ALL of life; new experiences and creative discovery ‘openup’ opportunities and those opportunities, if taken, pay of in aces for the rest of life.There is texture in grilling, its real, proof that mankind eats good.
  4. 4. Creative directions:  Eat Life Up  Kings versus Clowns  Good Eating  Feed Your Flame  Hunger - Occasion  Get Lit!  It Suits You  Eat Life, Whole
  5. 5. Eat Life UpYou gain nothing by leavingfood on your plate. Life is toodelicious for small bites, bitebigger and savor it all.
  6. 6. Kings vs. ClownsThere are two kinds of peoplein the world, those who havetaste and those who performas if they have taste.
  7. 7. Good EatingHumans are the only speciesthat can cook food. Why wouldyou choose to eat it poorly?
  8. 8. Feed Your FlameFire produces flame. Someflames show you the way, theyburn the brightest andlongest…imparting new flavorswe never knew were there.
  9. 9. HungerWhen your flame goes outhow do you restart it?
  10. 10. Get Lit!The one-of-a-kind fire-grilledeating experience where yourtaste buds explode with flavor.
  11. 11. It Suits YouYou wouldn’t eat someoneelse’s food would you? Turnyour taste back on withBurger King.
  12. 12. Eat Life, WholeDo you eat life or does lifeeat you?
  13. 13. Support:The following images describecertain elements of the creativedirections set forth in this deck.These candid consumer realitiesexpress the fun and good-naturedmoments of eating premium foodwith the King.