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Online Web Development Ideas: 2013 Trends for web and app developers.

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Web Development IDeas for Companies - 2013 Trends

  1. 1. WEB DEVELOPMENT IDEAS Full credit to Hongkiat.com 20 hottest trends in 2013
  2. 2. 20 HOTTEST TRENDS* TO WATCH OUT FOR IN 2013 *Trends represent favorable ideas in the web design community
  3. 3. RESPONSIVE LAYOUTS  Responsive web design has been changing to ultimately come to a threshold where layouts are designed to match all forms of digital media. The idea is to support all devices from laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and anything released in the future.  A uniform web design where the goal is to have a single set of codes which run perfectly on all environments. Responsive websites are often thought to cater towards mobile browsers, but that isn’t the sole purpose.  The big idea here is to think about website design as a single canvas which is dynamic and fluid by nature. CSS3 media queries allow developers to customize layouts based on limited or expanded screen real estate.
  4. 4. RETINA SUPPORT  Apple first engineered this idea with the iPhone 4 and has since applied this screen display onto their other devices, including the iPad and some MacBooks.  Retina screens are basically twice as dense as any average LCD.  This means pixel-perfect web designers supporting retina devices will need to create two sets of images.  First you need to sample your image at double the resolution, then save a “standard” version at half the size. The larger image will be scaled down to the standard resolution and will look very crisp on retina screens. (tip: use retina.js)
  5. 5. FIXED HEADER BARS  Using the CSS position: fixed; property is a great way to staple a header bar onto your website. As visitors scroll down your page this will offer constant support for navigation and a trip back to the home page.  This bar also provides an exceptional user experience without needing to look very far to navigate the website.
  6. 6. LARGE PHOTO BACKGROUNDS  It’s anexcellent way to capture your visitor’s attention and it can look great when done properly.  Consider the ever popular design portfolio of Kerem Suer  When blended into your layout, this design technique can give your website a major edge in marketing.  Consider the file transfer website wetransfer.com which displays large aesthetic ads in the background as your file is uploaded.
  7. 7. CSS TRANSPARENCY  The new CSS3 properties have allowed for opacity edits on any webpage element.  This trend of web design transparency was recently discussed on Codrops with some very enlivening talking points.  One excellent example is on the Squarespace Blog where the central wrapper is given abackground: transparent property.  Another interesting design technique for manipulating transparency is through rgba() color syntax.
  8. 8. MINIMALIST LANDING PAGES  You have access to a large consumer base from anywhere in the world.  Creating a landing page online is all about capturing new leads for your product or service. New trends are following the idea of minimalism: keep everything simple and focus on your core product.  This is exemplified on the PictoPro webpage which offers a beautiful resource for cheap icons. The page is fairly crafty using vector icons as a background effect.  Recommended Reading: Beautiful Landing Pages: Tips And Examples
  9. 9. QR CODES  In some websites, these codes are built right into the design.  This isn’t something you would normally consider since they are often found in print. But QR codes could become trendy as data transmission becomes quicker over time.  You can see a brilliant example of this technique on Keith Cakes contact page.  Read Also: A Look Into: Product Marketing With Quick Response (QR) Code
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA BADGES  You can position these badges pinned to blog posts and articles anywhere in your layout. These are still used actively by readers and fans who want to share content quickly on places like Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.  Try these in your own web layouts:  StumbleUpon Badges  Google +1 Button  Pinterest Buttons  LinkedIn Share Badge  Hacker News Vote Badge  Dzone Vote Buttons  Free Social Media Icon Sets – Best Of  100+ Remarkably Beautiful Twitter Icons And Buttons
  11. 11. DETAILED ILLUSTRATIONS  Newer design trends are all about catching and holding one’s attention.  MailChimp is probably the most definitive example with its trademark chimp mail carrier.  Recommended Reading: 50 Beautiful Hand-Drawn Web Design
  12. 12. INFINITE SCROLLING  Pinterest has adopted this loading technique for their layout and it works beautifully.  Pagination is basically a non-issue and doesn’t even work as a detriment into the user experience.  An excellent technique which does not work on every layout, but for the right websites this can look and behave phenomenally.
  13. 13. FOR MORE IDEAS CLICK HERE http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/web-design-trend-2013/
  14. 14. THANK YOU Created By: http://www.cygnismedia.com/