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CCIH 2012 Conference, Plenary 5, Adam Taylor: Opportunities and Imperatives for the Faith Community in International Health
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CCIH 2012 Conference, Plenary 5, Adam Taylor: Opportunities and Imperatives for the Faith Community in International Health


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Adam Taylor of World Vision discusses the Christian calling to advocate for the world's vulnerable populations and what that means to the global health community.

Adam Taylor of World Vision discusses the Christian calling to advocate for the world's vulnerable populations and what that means to the global health community.

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • Something new – but something old.... We are all working towards the same aim – healthy and happy children. The Child Health Now campaign is one way of achieving this. Programming has been trying to achieve the same thing for years. Integration is crucial. That is one of the main motivations behind this meeting, for example.  Unique opportunity of learning together how we do advocacy and how we can make the most of the lessons learnt from our health programming. It is because of that programming that our campaign has been so successful so quickly, especially at the global level. World Vision speaks with authority = we are being listened to because of our experience and field experience.  
  • Transcript

    • 1. Faith-Inspired Advocacy ForGlobal HealthRev. Adam Taylor
    • 2. Isaiah 65A New Heaven and a New Earth
    • 3. Advocacy Integral to Mission and Discipleship A project, program or programmatic approach that seeks to address the structural and systemic causes of poverty by changing policies, systems, practices and attitudes that perpetuate inequality and that deny justice and human rights.• Seeking justice• Increasing the sustainability of our work• Critical for achieving WV’s vision to improve the well being of 150 million children by 2016• Building movements for change
    • 4. Overcoming False Choices
    • 5. Biblical Basis for Justice (Health)Misphat and TsedeqGod’s character and natureExodus NarrativeSanctity of Life and Human DignityThe Kingdom of God
    • 6. Biblical Basis for AdvocacyProphetic TraditionGod as our advocateHoly Spirit or paracletos as counsellor and comforterVoice for the VoicelessPersistent WidowEsther, Nehemiah, Moses….
    • 7. Overcoming ObstaclesRadical individualism vs. communal collectivismProcedural vs. distributive justiceAdvocacy as too political or partisanCorruption and poor governance.Public misperception of aid levels
    • 8. Principles for Faithful Political EngagementEngaged but never usedPolitical but never partisanPrincipled but not ideologicalThe church (Christians) is called not be the master or the servant of the state, but to be the conscience of the state.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    • 9. Spiritual Advocacy: The Pastoral and the PropheticMinister to people in power.Discern and cast God’s visionExpose and Name the LieNurture and Sustain LeadershipGod’s Kairos
    • 10. Pragmatic Solidarity and Hopeful Activism
    • 11. Getting to the Root Cause of Health Injustice and InequalityUnjust Economic StructuresUnjust DominationUnjust ViolenceUnjust Exclusion from Community
    • 12. Defeating Modern Day Goliaths
    • 13. Five Smooth Stones for faith-inspired ActivismRe-configure the battlefield (Mapping)Cut the diamond (Analysis and Strategy)Public Narrative (Hope and Urgency)Build a winning coalitionEvaluate, Celebrate and Recalibrate
    • 14. WHAT IS THE CHN CAMPAIGN?World Vision’s first Global Advocacy An innovative wayCampaign focused on a single issue: of working on an reducing the preventable deaths issue that is also of children under five being addressed by our health An affirmed programs on theinstitutional priority An opportunity to ground - adding for World Vision, develop advocacy value to existing with significant methods that suit programmes and investment in the organisation’s leveraging our health identity and presence inprogramming over tradition the field 5 years
    • 15. THE PROBLEMWhy are children dying? Lack of political will to prioritise child health Financial gap between funding needed and aid received No formal political voice for children and women Failure to address other social determinants of health Decisions about health exclude families in real need
    • 16. CHN Campaign Goal:• Achieve a 2/3 reduction in child mortality figures by 2015 in line with MDG 4 through…• A single national plan to achieve MDG 4• A full and timely donor response• A focus on equity and neglected diseases• A comprehensive monitoring and accountability framework
    • 17. Why launch a child survival call to action? Because we have the power to end preventablechild deaths by accelerating progress on neonatal, child and maternal survival. Butaccelerating progress requires a focused, business like approach Under-Five Mortality Decline 1970- 2040 180 In 2000, there In 2010, there 160 were 9.6 mm were 7.6 mm • Great progress made under-five deaths under-five 140 globally deaths globally over the last 20 years Under-Five Mortality Rate (/1000) in child survival 120 By • Despite that, on 2035, we current trajectory, 100 can many countries need reduce to 80 to accelerate action to 2.0 mm achieve MDG 4/5 60 • We want to bend the 40 In 2010, the gap represented curve – accelerating six million children’s deaths progress to prevent 20 neonatal, child and maternal deaths 0 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 • Maximize progress to 2015 and create a Year platform for action Industrialized Countries 1970-2010 thereafter Developing Countries 1970- 2010 Projected (Industrialized Countries - assumed constant) Projected- Developing Countries (Annualized Rate of Change -2.5%) Projected- Developing Countries (Annualized Rate of Change- 8%) -5.5%) 17
    • 18. CHN Progress in Brazil In August 2011, published research on adolescent pregnancies reaching 60 million people through TV, radio and press. Through CVA adapted model called Youth Monitoring of Public Policies, achieved visible results in decreasing child mortality in municipalities that have some of the worst national indicators, including Vale do Jequitinhonha. Strengthened its partnership with the Ministry of Health and is leading the organization of the International Youth Conference on Health, which will be funded by Pan- American Health Organization and attended by youth delegations from 14 Latin American countries.
    • 19. CHN Progress in Armenia Through lobbying and participation in government budget hearings, secured an additional $10 million for child and maternal health programs. Implemented the Child Health Certificate Program Advocated for the “Promotion of breastfeeding and marketing of Breast-milk substitutes”, which is under discussion to become legislation in Parliament. Promoted grassroots mobilization during May 2011 - January 2012, 12 events/meetings/workshops have been organized with ADPs, local CBOs and youth.
    • 20. Other CHN Success Stories Bolivia –24 municipalities with some of the highest U5 mortality rates adopted municipal health plans and budgets for FY12 that prioritize maternal, newborn and child health Kenya – Monitored the local level funding for MNCH, supported the implementation of the MNCH key National strategy and monitored healthcare services at the local level
    • 21. Uganda Health Fairs
    • 22. World Vision US and Global Advocacy G8 Muskoka Maternal and Child Health Initiative Global Health and International Affairs budget Pastors Advocacy Summit G20 Advocacy on Nutrition and Health
    • 23. Building a movement for Global Health