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Ccih2019 fbo-leadership-chitimbre


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Vuyelwa Sidile-Chitimbire, MSc, MBA, Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Association of Church-related Hospitals shares what it means to have good governance, leadership and management in faith-based health care.

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Ccih2019 fbo-leadership-chitimbre

  1. 1. FBO GOVERNANCE LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Presenter Vuyelwa T. Sidile-Chitimbire Executive Director ZACH BA/MSc/MBA(USA) CMC(SA) 6/21/2019 VTS 1
  2. 2. Definitions Governance ■ Vision, Purpose and Values - making sure that they remain relevant and making sure that the organisation achieves its stated purpose Authority, Power, Law , Statutes, Constitution and Institutionalism. Leadership ■ Guidance, Direction, Superintendence and Supervision (lead process).Someone who creates inspiring vision of the future. motivates and inspires people to engage with that Vision Mission and goal for positive results/Outcome Management ■ Process of controlling people or things making sure there are the drivers of the vision of the organization to meet required results or outcomes using agreed upon management systems 6/21/2019 VTS 2
  3. 3. Governance and leadership Cuts across sectors and has the following indicators:  Constitutionalism –Institutionalized mechanisms of power control  Common Vision and Mission  Social Systems culture, values, principles, practices, etc. Good Governance  Rule of law , Transparency , Accountability, Responsiveness, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Equity and Inclusiveness Religious Good Governance has other unique additions  Religious Diversity  Ecclesiastical polity , Autonomy, Multi religious societies/ groups  Separation of Church and State  Religious influence vs State and vis versa  Human Rights, Dignity, Equality and Morality 6/21/2019 VTS 3
  4. 4. Leadership FBOs have been playing critical role in shaping Political, Economic, Social and Cultural views and opinions throughout history.  Respect to GOD and Humanity  Visionary leadership (Christianity)  Participatory Democracy ( public representative)  Integrity and Credibility  Rights Issues  Sharing of Power  Respect of Dignity of individuals  Promotion of a Cohesive society  Equitable distribution of resources among the people  Promotion and protection of society Following the Teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and his message to the disciples( Worship, Teach, Lead , Heal) 6/21/2019 VTS 4
  5. 5. STRATEGIC DESIGN ZHOCD ■ Interfaith ■ Common Vision ■ Values ■ Constitution ■ Formation of ZACH 1973 and registered 1974 ■ Management Board ■ Board of trustees ■ Strategic Plan ■ Laws/ by laws/policies, regulations etc. ( Manuals and SOPs) ■ HRH ■ Human Rights ■ Value of Life 6/21/2019 VTS 5
  6. 6. Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations ( ZHOCD) Church Health Authority Structure and Leadership Dr Shingi Manyeza Chairman Dr Kennedy Mtata Secretary General Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) Fr. Fredrick Chiromba Secretary General Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) Rev. Blessing Makwara Secretary General Evangelical Fellowship Zimbabwe ( EFZ ) Rev Tsvakai' The Union for the Development of Apostolic Churches in Zimbabwe Africa (UDACIZA) 6/21/2019 VTS 6
  8. 8. BUILDING OF LASTING RELATIONSHIPS GOVERNANCE ■ Political Good Will ■ National Vision ■ Shared values ■ Respect of Religious Differences ■ Acknowledge Principles of Governance ■ Ecumenical Constitution ■ Guard Against Religious Polarization ■ Respect of Religious Organizational Systems MANAGEMENT ■ Interfaith Dialogue ■ Create Synergies. ■ Civic Education ■ Preserve the Identity of Each Religious Community ■ Agree on Equal Representation ■ Formation of inclusive structures ■ Creation of linkages among religions ( Ecumenism/Interfaith ) 6/21/2019 VTS 8
  9. 9. SECRETARIATE STRUCTURE Heads of Christian Denominations Council (Membership ) AGM ZACH Management Board Secretariat ZACH Office HARARE Membership 135 Mission Hospitals and Clinics Communities/ ZACH Board of Trustees (Pension Fund) 6/21/2019 VTS 9
  10. 10. Efficiency Strategy F1. Project proposal to funding partners F2. Fundraising (membership & well wishers) F12. Utilize Synergies F11. Improve cost structures Technical Assistance Finance & Admin Systems Stakeholder Relations ManagementP1. Develop and provide Practice Guidelines K10 IP7. Governance & Leadership Advisory K11 Promoting Universal Access to Health P3. Capacity Dev - Right Skills & competences Client/ Patient Relations Management P1. Attractive Workplace / Health & Safety P5. Total Quality Mngt Advisory F0. Sustainable Growth Providing Quality Clients / Patients Health Care Providing Health Institutional Support Nurturing Client Relations Nurturing Partners / Stakeholders Relations Lobbying & Advocacy Initiatives P4. Build ICT capacity in Data Mgnt e.g DHIS2 , DATIM TechnologyCompetenceCulture FinancialInternal(Process)PeopleExternal(Clients) ZACH Service Scorecard and Strategy Map Resource Mobilisation Health Care Finance Diversity F3.Grant Aid F10. Equitable distribution (Finance & Commodities F4. Finances Mapping F5. Community Health Insurance F6. PPPs- PBF, HSF F7. BOT F8. NCD Financing F9. General Medical Aid (Mission Hosp) F13. Improve asset utilization HOCD, MOHCC, PPPs, (Refer to stakeholder analysis) Cross-border Disease management & monitoring K1. Accessibility, Affordability & Accountability P24 K2. Care treatment & Support K3. Commitment to community K5.Transparency , accountability & Efficiency P9. Strengthening Human Resources for Health K8 P11. Procurement Management / Tendering Systems Advisory P10. Strengthenin g health Information Systems P8. Strengthening Health Financing P4. Project & Programme Mngt P6. M & E P14. Operational Research Initiatives P13.Capacity Dev In Advocacy, Lobbying & Gender EquityK6 P16. Customer Relationship Management P2. ZACH Values STARCAPE: Sustainability, Transparency, Accountability, Responsiveness, Christianity, Accessibility, Professionalism and Equality K4. Equitable Resourcing P12. Efficiency, Economy, Effectiveness, Environment Promoting an enabling working environment P3. Health Systems Strengthen ing IP2. Disease & population tracking system P15. Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Preparedness 6/21/2019 VTS 10
  11. 11. INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS Ministry of Health and Child Care(Head Quarters) Central Hospitals X 6 Quaternary Care Training Schools and specialist s services Provincial Hospitals x 8 Tertiary Care Mission District Hospitals x 78 Secondary Care Rural Mission Clinics x 54 Primary Care COMMUNTY 68% RURAL 45% NATIONAL Rural Health clinics MOHCC 1444 Primary Care Govenrment MOHCC x106 Secondary Care Rural Health Clinics Council lx 96 Primary Care Private Hospitals x 32 secondary Care Private x 69 Primary Care Mission Private Hospital x3 ( Bulawayo and 2 Harare) National Health Structure and Systems- The FBO Fit 6/21/2019 VTS 11
  12. 12. CHAs Politics and Leadership ■ Manage the Structure and Autonomy(politics) ■ Church Principles, Practices and Beliefs ■ Government - MOH and other government departments ■ Stakeholders/Partners and Agencies ■ Membership ■ Manpower (conditions of services/salary packages) ■ Manage International and National Policies ■ Advocacy and Networking ■ Growth and Sustainability 6/21/2019 VTS 12
  13. 13. MANAGEMENT ■ Action Plan/MOUs ■ Resource Mobilization ■ Annual Reports MOHCC/MLSW (registration authority, Partners/stakeholders ■ Annual General Meetings ■ Advocacy and Communication ■ Capacity Building (Staff development) ■ Systems Strengthening ■ Advocacy ■ Politics, Economics, Social, Environment, Legal(PESTEL) 6/21/2019 VTS 13
  14. 14. Thank You 6/21/2019 VTS 14