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Ccih2019 usaid-new-partnership-initiative


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USAID's New Partnership Initiative focuses on working with new and underutilized partners. This presentations explores what that means and which types of USAID agreements and awards are involved.

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Ccih2019 usaid-new-partnership-initiative

  1. 1. 1 The New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) Focusing on the Missing Middle
  2. 2. “We will help our partners by prioritizing programs that show measurable impact, incentivize reform, diversify our partner base, foster local capacity-building, and mobilize domestic resources.” -USAID Administrator Mark Green Why Diversify our Partner Base?
  3. 3. ● NPI is the first recommendation of USAID’s procurement reform plan ● Designed to engage the Missing Middle -- new and underutilized partners ● Working through Regional Bureaus, Missions, and Pillar Bureaus Strategic Vision 3
  4. 4. ● New Partner ● Underutilized Partner ● Leverage ● Locally Established Partner (LEP) ○ Long-term presence ○ Demonstrated links to the community. Definitions 4
  5. 5. ● Built on past efforts. ● Empowers our Bureaus and Missions to: ○ Choose partnering approaches. ○ Target multiple types of organizations. ○ Operate free from centrally-driven targets. Context 5
  6. 6. ● Direct awards to new/underutilized organizations ○ Local entities ○ Locally established partners ● Sub-awards to new/underutilized organizations ● Direct awards to partners to leverage private/non-USG funding NPI Partnering Approaches 6
  7. 7. ● Facilitative ● Transition Awards Mentorship Partnering 7
  8. 8. ● Global APS / Local Addenda oriented to mission strategic intent ● Co-creation ● Multi-step review process (Concept/Co-creation/Application) ● Evergreening ● Flexible use of a variety of assistance instruments A&A Innovations 8
  9. 9. ● Fixed Amount Awards ● Cooperative Agreements ● Cooperative Agreements/Grants with Continuing Application ● Cooperative Agreements/Grants with Adaptive Modules ● Grants ● Leader with Associates APS Award-Types 9
  10. 10. Africa ● Tanzania ● Mozambique ● Nigeria ● Mali ● Burkina Faso Demonstration Projects NPI is currently finalizing plans with other pillar bureaus and with the following missions: Middle East ● Iraq ● Libya Asia ● Bangladesh ● Indonesia 10
  11. 11. 11 Conflict Prevention and Recovery Program • Objective • Why focus on areas susceptible to conflict? • Exploring new partners and programming models for the Bureau for Conflict Prevention and Recovery. • NPI APS released on April 30, 2019
  12. 12. 12 CPRP Process and Current Status • Unfunded • Lowers barriers to application and promotes co-design: – 5 page Concept Notes • Flexibility via addenda • Global Development Lab addendum is coming
  13. 13. Thank You 13