Ark of the Covenant


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  • Hi I was in Panama recently and the ark of the covenant was discovered. The lost city of El Dorado is discovered in Chiriqui Panama. It is quiet interesting to see who is now taking responsibility for the exciting news. check out their link at Chiriqui archaeological sites. Exciting new news, revealed and exposed.
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Ark of the Covenant

  2. 2. Written by GodThe holiest relic of both religions, Judaism and Christianity, the Arcof the Covenant disappeared 2,5 thousand years ago. Rights written bythe hand of the Creator that are hidden in the gold chest, may bein Ethiopia, Jerusalem, or in Scotland…
  3. 3. The Arc of the Covenant was made by Israeli masters who weresupervised by Moses on Mount Sinai according to precise instructionsof God. They made a chest out of the acacia wood. The dimensionswere about 134x80x80 cm. Outside and the inside of the Arc wascovered with pure gold. The lid of the chest was made of the samematerials as the chest itself. Two gold cherub statues were presenton the top of the chest. Apparently, God appeared between thewings of the cherubs and talked to Moses. Two stone tablets withthe Ten Commandments were inside the chest. But they weren’t theoriginal ones, because as we know Moses had broken original stonetablets when he saw Israeli people worshiping the golden calf. Butthe copy of Ten Commandments was also written by the hand ofGod, so its value for the Israeli was the same as the original one.In the beginning, the Arc of the Covenant was kept in the tentcalled Tabernacle, which look was preciely described by the God. TheArc was placed in Jerusalem, and also in a tent. Salomon ordered tobuild a shrine for the Arc. It was build by Phoenicians masters so itresembled Baal, Astrate and other gods temples. So Babylonians
  4. 4. They are unexplored as every try of exploring the catacombs washalted by Jewish or Arabian orthodox who think that exploration ofsuch object is a sacrilege. That is why we still don’t know what canbe hidden in them. The Arc was kept in the Holy Place. It wassmall, dark room covered with twenty tons of gold. The mostimportant priest entered it only once a year, and lighted an incenseto prevent of seeing the gold chest accidently. Every person whocame near the Arc was struck by the lightning. How did it work? Ina simple way – the Arc was made of 2 layers of gold (which isgood electrical conductor) were separated by the wooden isolator.That makes a perfect condenser. Such device stores the electriccharge and frees it when the charge was exceeded. In ancient Egyptsuch condensers weren’t nothing unusual. According to myth, Horus,the god of son, invented them. They were hidden in fortresses tokill any enemy who was near the walls. Besides, Egyptiansapparently knew lightbulbs and batteries. The schemes of suchdevices can now be seen in the shrine of the goddess Hathor in
  5. 5. Moses grew up in Egyptian palace so he had learnt a few tricks ofthat kind of “magic”, so when he used them among the people hegained respect. The Arc was one of the examples. The otherexample can be the cane that changed in a venomous snake. Thisphenomenon was accurately explained by zoologists- you just haveto push the right point on the snake’s body and it will stiffen andlook like a cane. Then, a sudden movement will awake the snakefrom coma. So the Arc of the Covenant was powerful condenser. So,how did it refill the energy? First, it was constantly polished. Thisis the same way children play in school- they pick up static byrubbing the floor, and then they struck they colleagues with smallelectric charges. Second, the Arc stored the energy of Earth. InEgypt and Palestine the electromagnetic energy is high so itcharged the Arc for many years. But why did it struck withlightning only intruders? As the usually walked bare foot. Nowonder the Arc of the Covenant was considered as something
  6. 6. But what happened to it? Until the death of Salomon in the HolyBible, the Arc is spoken of at least 200 times. After his death –there is no word more about the Arc in the Bible. When the Israelwas destroyed, and people were displaced the Arc was not on thelist of stolen things. Those lists, which are very exact and precise,were saved and survived to these days. It seems like the Arc wasremoved, destroyed, or hidden sooner. Later, the Arc was alsosearched by Romans and the Jews. Without a positive result. So,why did it disappear and where? We don’t know. One Ethiopianlegend says that when the son of the Solomon and Sheba, Menelikgrew up and came back to Jerusalem to visit his father, he pickedup Uzziah, the highest priest, on the way with him to Jerusalem.Uzziah secretly took the Arc to Ethiopia. When he told Menelikwhat happened with the Arc, the young king took note that ithappened from the God’s direct order. Second legend says thatMenelik asked his father to move the Arc to the safer place, asIsrael was no longer peaceful country. The kingdom of Assyria was
  7. 7. So the vision of dr Indiana Jones searching for the Arc in Egyptalong with nazi soldiers in one of Steven Spielberg movies wouldcome true. Alleged place of the resting place of the Arc of theCovenant is somewhere in Ethiopia. First, it was kept in themonastery on the lake Tana (where the river Blue Nile starts itrun). It was kept in the room called just the same as inJerusalem – the Holy Place. But the room wasn’t filled withgold, but with frescoes depicting the movement of the Arc fromthe Jerusalem. Then, it was moved to Axum, the capital ofEthiopia of that time, and put in the cathedral in Zion.Apparently, it is still there. To tame its deadly force and powerit was wound in cloth. Throughout the whole generation only oneperson can see it – specially chosen guard. No Ethiopianpatriarch nor the Emperor has ever seen it. Many people wantedto see the Arc – the most powerful leaders, ordinary people, TVcrews, but no one ever managed to do it as the entrance to theplace is heavily guarded. Even the Italian Army that occupied
  8. 8. Not only Ethiopians think that the Arc of the Covenant is inAxum. – I was so close to get inside to see the Arc and take aphoto, but… well – the guard… - says Krzysztof Kobus, one ofthe most famous Ethiopia specialist, IT teacher, press reporter,traveler and author of the great website about Ethiopia. – Askanybody who lives in Ethiopia and he will tell you where the Arcis – in Axum! But there is one minor problem – scientists claimthat the history of Ethiopia isn’t as old as 3000 thousand years,but it no older than 2000 years. They can’t explain how a bignumber of Judaism followers occurred in Ethiopia. Well, this onlygives the proof that Ethiopia really is (or rather was as majorityof these people were displaced to Israel in 1970’s) closelyconnected with Jerusalem. Maybe Beta Israel, or Ethiopian Jewsthey call them, are Jewish descendants of Menelik’s expedition,that brought the Arc from Jerusalem to Ethiopia. They claimedthat they come from Israel. However, scientists think thatEthiopian Jews came from “judaistic” South Arabia around 1000
  9. 9. He might do that in the period when Jerusalem was controlledby Crusaders and the emperor Gebre Mesqel, better known asLalibela who was the creator of monolithic churches. Hefrightened muslims that he will turn around the current of theNile. So he must knew that he had a huge power in his hands.Maybe the Arc of the Covenant gave him this power? But thereare some other facts. The place where the Arc was kept (islandon lake Tana) crosses of the Templar Knights can be found.Identical ones can be found on the monolithic churches thatLalibela ordered to build. Scientists agree that the mainbuilders of these churches were not local people, but themasters from Egypt and Jerusalem. Maybe Templar Knights wereamong them. Maybe they brought the Arc here, or they gaveEthiopians the copy of it… According to the current ordermembers Templars after discovering the Arc of the Covenant inthe ruins of the temple of Solomon, that was destroyed byRomans, made 4 identical copies of it. One of the 5 chests
  10. 10. They were simultaneously a threat to kings and popes. Templarsdidn’t want to tell about their discoveries knowing that it willbrought a misery on them. Even, if the king Phillip IV of Francedestroyed the power of Templars to gain their money, the ordersurvived nonetheless. It still exists in Scotland nowadays. Thereis a XV century temple in Rosslyn which is, according to thearchitects, the best copy of the Solomon Temple. In the opinionof few contemporary Templars the Arc of the Covenant is hiddenthere… Or at least one of its copies. So where are the othercopies? Nobody knows. They are probably in France where