The Journey of Documentary

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An outline for an interactive documentary

An outline for an interactive documentary

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  • 1. The Journey of Documentary presented by Atalanti Dionysus
  • 2. Defining Interactive Documentary• An interactive documentary can take many forms and be more flexible in its storytelling by making use of a range of multimedia assets such as: photos, text, audio, animations, graphics• They can offer an interactive journey that the viewer can control and become immersed in. For example the Participatory doco The Virtual Revolution audiences helped shape the outcome, the Crowd sourced doco 18DaysinEgypt uses audiences content of which is uploaded directly to website.• There are linear productions like Alma, user-navigated journeys such as Prison Valley and The Places We Live, which uses photographs and audio recordings and web based archives such as Mapping Main Street. And then we have Docu games like Warco, making the game player the war correspondent writing the outcome of their own story.
  • 3. Making my web seriesThe Challenges & Opportunities Linear Vs Non-Linear Pre-production The production process Post Production Online Broadcast Carrier Social Media Marketing The Screening
  • 4. Making An Interactive Doco• What is the story – the power of the story is in the story• Think of a creative way to tell the story – research other web docs• What components could make it interactive, interviews, photos, audio, gaming• Think long term, consider educational resources for schools• Keep audiences in mind, use simple easy to navigate technology• Make sure technology is adaptable & accessible to all• What will keep audiences coming back – a call to action• Include social media tools• How many platforms can the project move across• Allow time for testing and re-testing the site• You are only limited by your mind!
  • 5. The Challenges• Creative Collaborations – will differ for each project as different types of experiences require different types of skills – The producers needs to be aware of who to bring on board – Each platform needs to be managed as a separate project – The producer needs to understand the language that each collaborator speaks, otherwise they may find themselves in a costly mess as a result of misunderstandings – The producer may have to hire a digital media producer when working on convergent productions who speaks the language
  • 6. The Challenges cont…• Bandwidth - until Australia has NBN (National Broadband Network) installed our internet speeds will have an impact viewing of web docs.• Budgeting is difficult to ascertain as there are many variables – e.g. producers constantly have to keep interacting and keeping content alive by spreading it.• On going production costs such as web costs, hosting etc.• Impact of the film is not as great on a small screen• Limited distribution opportunities on the internet
  • 7. Advantages• Convergence - flow of content across multiple media platforms• Can be made cheaply and without the need of funding bodies• Can be independently distributed by filmmaker allowing them to recoup all the profits• Accessibility for audiences worldwide is only a click away• Instant contact to audiences/fans/advocates via social media platforms• You can tell a story is a much richer more enhanced way
  • 8. Recap - Interactive Doco• The Idea – the story is the key• The crew - are now collaborators of a different type, web developers, user experience designers, software designers• Common Language – make sure you are clear about the different type of terminology used• Technology needs to be accessible to your audience base• Budgeting – be sure you are aware of the costs associated with making interactive content. Web developers and flash designers all charge their own prices, do not assume anything.• Lifespan of a project – longer and wider audience exposure, can be limited to the Internet• Consider cross platforms