Section b technology


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Section b technology

  1. 1.  Proliferation is the increase in the amount of hardware and content available to both audiences and institutions through the emergence of new and old media
  2. 2.  iPhone is a big hit so companies learn that consumers want a touch screen phone that has lots of apps. Suddenly there are lots (albeit lesser) smart phones with similar looks and attributes = Proliferation
  3. 3.  Proliferation could occur from the breakthrough in technology which allows a lot of companies to enter the market For instance technological convergence through the digital age Technological convergence = combining two or more technologies (hardware)
  4. 4.  Emerged through the digital age Trend of technologies to merge into new technologies that bring together a number of different media E.g. Smart 3D TVs – 3D technology, Internet, TV
  5. 5.  When it comes to distribution the digital age has shaped how we distribute and receive films from downloading, piracy, file sharing, and even promotion of films using online advertising Digital technology has improved things for low budget film makers and distributors as it is cheaper and easier to distribute.
  6. 6.  Today there is a proliferation in the way we can consume the content through both old and new media, and how these have converged. i.e. TV, Newspapers are now converged online with the use of the internet. Where websites have video new and also people writing on their blogs with their view
  7. 7.  Due to the proliferation of new media with more options to communicate, more user generated content people can now exchange info about films Think about YouTube clips of films fans have made, reviews on amazon, twitter
  8. 8.  Downloading – iTunes, iPod, Apple TV Digital Piracy – DVDs, File sharing Social networking sites – marketing and buzz Accessibility – EVERYWHERE Control – Industry AND Audiences
  9. 9.  Downloading from unofficial sources – Limewire, YouTube downloader Piracy – DVD recordings of films in cinema Accessibility – everywhere and anyone had the ability to so this because of convergence of technology and affordability of this Control – moves from institutions to the audience. But it is the smaller companies that are effected more why? In what ways have institution tried to stop of halt this? Think of the ways they have used technology to stop this or initiatives e.g. cheap downloads Piracy is a major concern
  10. 10.  An improved overall experience as a result of better sound and images reproduction A heightened emotional experience as a result of a stronger sense of empathy with characters who in some way seem more real Enhanced spectacle Improved ease of access New, easier and intensified ways of using film to pleasure themselves e.g. IMAX Enhanced intellectual experience The chance for new, ever cheaper and more compact devices to make films for themselves
  11. 11.  The chance to repackage and resell old products, esp cult films, thereby establishing a new audience base for an old product An opportunity to place products for sale in a new ‘window’ thereby lengthening the commercial life of each film The chance to encourage multiple purchases of essentially the same product A means of still managing to make profit on films that initially perform poorly at the box office
  12. 12.  Discuss technological convergence and proliferation in relation to production/distribution/exhibition/exchange of your focus film Think about if your focus films are benefiting from new technology and proliferation?