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Interactive documentaries


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Interactive documentaries

  1. 1. INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTARIES Charlotte, Joe & Bradley
  2. 2. WHAT IS AN INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTARY?An interactive documentary consists of the film maker having a role in the documentary and shows the engagement between film maker and the subject. The documentary acknowledges the presence of the camera and the crew. The interviewees are being filmed responding to questions asked of them and they can then make their personal case. There is synchronous sound recording due to the question and answer dialogue by the interviewees; the interviewees may be edited to look foolish or deluded by their personal interpretation of events, which creates the interactive documentary to be untrustworthy in some cases. This interaction means that the focus is on the exchange of information rather than the creation of an objective view. The audience may read interactive documentaries as being more honest because there is no attempt to hide the camera and crew.
  3. 3. CONVENTIONS OF AN INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTARY Long take interviews dominate but tend to be informal, ‘on the run’ questioning. Location shooting- Handheld camera. Use of archive material- stills, news footage, newspaper headlines, letters etc. Synchronous direct sound recording. Voiceover, usually by the documentary-maker. Documentary maker is visible to the audience, they intervene and participate in the action.
  4. 4. DOCUMENTARY DIRECTOR Elaine McMillion ‘Hollow’ is an interactive documentary that merges cinematic techniques with web-based storytelling to encourage a dialogue about the issues that small-town America faces. (2013) Nick Broomfield work, such as Kurt and Courtney (1998) investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain and allegations of Courtney Love’s involvement.
  6. 6. CONVENTIONS USED Handheld camera, to give the realism effect and to engage the audience Some direct address but usually the interviewees speech is edited to only give little information; usually clips and images are shown whilst the interviewee is speaking. Subtitles Cuts/jump cuts to keep the audience interested in the action. Sound effects- gun shot symbolises death, police sirens represent crime (links to genre)