Virtualise with confidence
The cost reduction benefits of virtualisation are well
known, and now organisations are looking...
VMware vSphere ® with Operations
Management™ and Trend Micro Deep Security
vSphere with Operations Management (VSOM) combi...
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Trend Micro & VMware Datasheet


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Trend Micro & VMware Datasheet

  1. 1. Virtualise with confidence The cost reduction benefits of virtualisation are well known, and now organisations are looking to expand their virtualisation platforms to deliver even greater cost savings, more flexibility and increased reliability. But as they virtualise business critical applications and deploy virtual desktop infrastructures, organisations have to be confident that applications will be available and secure, performance will be maintained while at the same time maximising efficiency and controlling cost. VMware and Trend Micro’s many years of technical co- operation have resulted in tightly integrated technologies which work hand in hand to deliver virtualisation solutions that have the performance, security, scalability and ease of management businesses require. Two new bundles make it fast and simple to get your hands on the technology to confidently deploy server and desktop virtualisation – and of course it’s great value compared to buying the components as standalone products. One attractively priced order gives you everything you need. VMware and Deep Security ££££ SAVINGS
  2. 2. VMware vSphere ® with Operations Management™ and Trend Micro Deep Security vSphere with Operations Management (VSOM) combines the world’s leading virtualisation platform with best-in-class management capabilities. This new solution enables IT to gain operational insight into the virtual environment providing improved availability, performance, and capacity utilisation. Deep Security is the leading virtualisation security solution and the world’s first security platform specifically designed for VMware. Its agentless architecture operates at the hypervisor level eliminating the need for agents in virtual machines which boosts performance, reduces management and increases security with always-on protection. VSOM and Deep Security Benefits Improve application performance and efficiency Virtual machines can suffer from being under powered which affects application performance or over provisioned which is inefficient and increases costs. VSOM’s detailed analysis enables organisations to get the most out of their virtualisation platform by rightsizing virtual machines and reclaiming unused capacity. Deep Security’s agentless architecture safeguards application performance by dramatically reducing the resource overhead consumed by security and improves efficiency by enabling higher virtual machine consolidation ratios. Increase business continuity VSOM can reduce the downtime of applications by 36% through automating the enforcement of service-level agreements. Health monitoring and use performance analytics minimise downtime, outages and failures. Deep Security effectively stops malware reducing downtime caused by infections. Its resource management also eliminates downtime caused by “AV storms” where simultaneous scanning by virtual machines can cause application failure Simplify IT operations VSOM can reduce diagnostics and problem resolution time by 26% by collecting and analysing performance data, correlating abnormalities, and identifying problems before they impact the business. Deep Security hugely reduces management by eliminating security agents and the need to deploy, configure and update each one. Tight integration with vCenter enables automation of security management such as automatically applying security policies to virtual machines as they are provisioned. Reduce cost and increase ROI VSOM delivers capacity management and optimisation to ensure the most efficient use of virtualised resources, reducing costs and increasing returns on virtualisation investments. Deep Security’s agentless architecture delivers significantly more efficient resource utilisation and up to seven times higher VM densities than legacy agent-based security products. VMware Horizon View with Trend Micro Deep Security Virtualise desktop services right the first time using VMware and Trend Micro. VMware Horizon View and Trend Micro Deep Security combine to provide a truly flexible, massively scalable and robust foundation for organisations to take advantage of the benefits of VDI. Horizon View and Deep Security Benefits Reduce TCO IDC Research reports that Horizon View customers have been able to lower TCO for their desktop infrastructure by 50%. Deep Security’s agentless architecture significantly increases VM density reducing hardware and on-going management costs. A better desktop experience Horizon View gives the best end-user experience across locations and devices providing a rich, high-quality customised desktop experience wherever users are. By removing the need for an agent in each VM and controlling security resource consumption, Deep Security improves the user experience by ensuring that security does not negatively impact desktop performance Better manageability Horizon View lets you easily manage tens of thousands of end users from a centralised administrative interface. Deep Security’s agentless approach means there are no agents to deploy, configure and manage. Tight integration with vCenter allows real time visibility of the VDI estate and automation of security tasks. Stronger security Horizon View allows IT to maintain control over data and intellectual property by keeping it secure in the datacenter. Encrypted protocol traffic provides secure end-users access to virtual desktops inside or outside of the corporate network. Deep Security provides always-on protection for VDI ensuring that new and re-activated images always have the most up to date protection. By not having an agent in the VDI, the solution is also tamper proof. VMware and Trend Micro bundles