Hauran in Crisis


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An update regarding conditions in the Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Bosra-Hauran, Syria, 2012.

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Hauran in Crisis

  1. 1. Hauran in crisis A CALL TO PRAYER Adapted from a report by Monk Paul,And a message from Metropolitan SABA
  2. 2. Hauran in crisis A message from Metropolitan SABA, May 18, 2012 “I want to thank you for every thingyou get tired [doing] for the sake of mydiocese. Really the diocese is passing ,like the whole people of my country,[through a] very hard and exceptionaltime. So your prayers can help andsupport us [so very] much.”
  3. 3. HAURAN in crisis• Charitable acts by Christian organizations are officially forbidden by the Syrian government, but they are so desperately needed that the local officials turned a blind eye to Metropolitan SABA’s kindergarten, clinic, and food pantry.• During last year’s building tensions, those local officials closed the kindergarten and the Bread for All program. They did this to appear to be following the letter of the law in the eyes of the zealot fringe.
  4. 4. HAURAN IN CRISIS• But, His Eminence could not turn his back on the need, and the kindergarten is still running in a low key way.• Bread for All is still helping to supply the desperate and increasing needs of the growing numbers of poor.
  5. 5. Hauran in crisis• The Clinic was not affected since it is run by a social organization.
  6. 6. Hauran in crisis• For income, Metropolitan SABA opened a small hotel and student dorms. With the hostilities there, tourism has ceased, causing income to stop.• The dormitories are still open, but many students have returned home, and those that have stayed are unable to pay.
  7. 7. Hauran in crisis• Many churches are shuttered on Fridays since most violence occurs on this Muslim holy day.• Fridays are a day of rest in t the country, so most Christians celebrate Liturgy on Fridays, s since they have to return to work on Sundays.• Christians are forced to stay away from gatherings for worship, for fear for their lives.
  8. 8. Hauran in crisis• Recently, the Syrian pound was devalued.• Added to this, international sanctions have been imposed by the United Nations.• His Eminence is generally forced to wait three days to collect funds from his own account.• As violence increases, these restrictions will worsen and prices will climb higher, making day to day existence extremely difficult.
  9. 9. Hauran In crisis• What can we do? • Pray for Metropolitan SABA - for his health and endurance - as he deals with pressures from without, and needs from within the Church!
  10. 10. Hauran in crisis• Pray for the faithful in Hauran - for their protection during these hostile times, and for their daily needs.• Give generously to The Hauran Connection, the Sister Diocese program between the Diocese of Wichita and Mid- America and the Archdiocese of Bosra- Hauran.
  11. 11. Hauran in crisisAnd know that this service you perform isnot only supplying the needs of the Lord’speople but is also overflowing in manyexpressions of thanks toGod. [2 Corinthians 9:12]