English 111, August 18th, 2012


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English 111, August 18th, 2012

  1. 1. TODAY1) A different kind of icebreaker2) Advertising and the Male Gaze: the reading3) Let’s rhetorically analyze some ads!4) A commentary on rhetorical analysis of visual media5) Homework
  2. 2. Here we go!So for four weeks I asked I had youvolunteer information about yourselves.Today, I’m going to take you inside my world.Warning– this is a nerd alert. You might wantto avert your eyes if you are easily offendedby dorkery.But here’s something from my weekend.
  3. 3. One of my loves…Is Saturday Night Live. You might not knowhow great it once was– since it’s been so-soduring your lifetimes– but it was at one pointthe most cutting-edge non-comedy clubvenue for subversive comedy. You will see,in Inquiry 3, the legacy that has left (politicalsatire). But I want to show you one of theskits from this weekend’s show.
  4. 4. So… what?I chose to share that for a few reasons.1) I think it’s pretty funny2) It does some interesting critical inquiry all by itself3) I instantly started doing rhetorical analysis of the bit as I was watching.Do you all know the video it’s referencing?
  5. 5. To transition…Now I’d like to talk a bit about the readingyou did for today. It’s one way into rhetoricalanalysis of advertising. The male gaze,which it talks about, is something you canapply to almost every visual medium inWestern culture.So let’s talk just a bit about what that means.
  6. 6. The Male GazeImagine this: …meets this.
  7. 7. Resulting in ads like this… Think for a moment about the mixed messaging here. This is an advertisement– if you can even see that part of the ad– for Pantene hair products, targeted at women. But where does the eye go, thanks to the male gaze, when you see the ad? Her gorgeous hair, right?
  8. 8. Gaze. Not graze.
  9. 9. Gaze. Not graze.
  10. 10. So with all of this in mind…I want to do some rhetorical analysis of a seriesof advertisements. I’m going to go through themand give us some time to look at them and talk.
  11. 11. A number ofthese, of course,use sex to sell.
  12. 12. You’re lookingat the food,right?
  13. 13. But it’s not allsex! I promise!
  14. 14. Remembersymbolism ?
  15. 15. Okay, maybe a little more sex
  17. 17. Your eyes went here, right?
  18. 18. With all that, a commentOne of the things I have hoped to model to youwith these activities is not JUST how rhetoricalanalysis can work but also how some things donot lend themselves to a long analysis. Forexample, look back up at the Hell in a Cellposter. “CM Punk is symbolically representedas the devil.” Okay, we’re done here.You have to look at something complex, andreally dig into it, in order to do a sustained,robust analysis like what this inquiry calls for.Simple rhetorical analysis will not do it.
  19. 19. HomeworkRead for class: CCM: “Good Hair” p.99 and“Senators Use Rhetoric, Too” p. 106Tumblr question: What is one ad from thepast year that vividly remains with you? Postthe first one that comes to mind.Tumblr prompt: There are five posters onmy Tumblr. Pick one and do a rhetoricalanalysis of it. Or pick two. They’re small.