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  • Sahana Eden gives you a common platform to manage your People, Resources and Projects throughout mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery phases.
    This holistic solution improves information sharing, engage stakeholders and strengthen resilience.
  • Used by real organisations for their daily needs.
    These systems can connect up easily adding additional value, such as approved Red Cross projects being automatically uploaded to ADPC's DRR Projects Portal.
  • Integrate with different systems, using Open Standards wherever possible, but being driven by necessity.
    Sahana Software Foundation is a member of the standards body, OASIS where we help shape standards like EDXL.
    REST Interface allows the easy building of web services.
  • Themeable
  • Reports and Graphs can easily be created from the data.
  • Numbers on spreadsheet are tedious and time-consuming to read and analyze. On a map you understand the same information in a split second.
    Here is an example. The data is from Timor-Leste census conducted by UNFPA in 2010.
    Here you can see in few seconds the sucos (level 3 admin layer between a subdistrict and a village in Timor-Leste) that have worst situation in terms of access to safe water sources. This helps drastically to decide e.g. where to start a new WatSan project.
    Green: 100-75% of households have access to safe water source
    Yellow: 74-50% of households have access to safe water source
    Orange: 49-25% of households have access to safe water source
    Red: 24-0% of households have access to safe water source
  • Mapping brings together many different elements from Crowdsourced reports to GIS datasets. The holistic view allows better planning of responses to target the biggest gaps.
  • Introduction to Sahana Eden

    1. 1. Introduction to Sahana Eden Fran Boon SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    2. 2. What is Sahana Eden? Open Source software platform built specifically for Disaster Management Highly Configurable so that it can be used in a wide variety of different contexts Easy to modify to build Custom Solutions to adapt to changing environments SahanaCamp Viet Nam 2
    3. 3. What is Sahana Eden? Data is easy to share with flexible Import/Export options Flexible Access Control Free to use without restrictions: MIT license SahanaCamp Viet Nam 3
    4. 4. Mitigation Preparedness Recovery Response
    5. 5. Users Red Cross UN World Food Programme Asia Disaster Preparedness Center Philippines Government: DSWD Nepal Government: DHM Timor-Leste Government: NDMD City of Los Angeles India, Japan, Taiwan, Portugal SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    6. 6. Community Sahana Software Foundation (501c3) Google Google Summer of Code Google Code-In Commercial Companies Documentation:   Wiki Book Mailing List IRC SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    7. 7. Deployment Options Host locally in the command center on a Laptop Host in the Cloud Synchronize these 2 together... SahanaCamp Viet Nam 7
    8. 8. Integration SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    9. 9. i18n Themes SahanaCamp Viet Nam 9
    10. 10. Analysis SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    11. 11. Communications, Social Media SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    12. 12. Human Resources Management Skills Training courses Certification Mission Record Credentialling Search Assign SahanaCamp Viet Nam 12
    13. 13. Data Collection & Sharing SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    14. 14. Asset Management Vehicle Management Monitor Fuel efficiency Keep track of Service & Insurance dates Electronic Filing System of key documents GPS Tracking SahanaCamp Viet Nam 14
    15. 15. Incident Tracking Record Incident Details & place on a Map SahanaCamp Viet Nam 15
    16. 16. Dispatch Assign Vehicles & People Send a notification to them which includes the map location SahanaCamp Viet Nam 16
    17. 17. Dispatch Message can be read on any kind of phone Basic Phone: Read text, copy Coordinates to GPS Smart phone: Click on URL to open Maps Android with App: SahanaCamp Viet Nam 17
    18. 18. Geographical Information System (GIS) Maps... and more SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    19. 19. Why Map Data? Takes 5 seconds Much faster to understand SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    20. 20. Bring aid to where it's needed most SahanaCamp Viet Nam
    21. 21. Resources, Vulnerabilities, Hazards...
    22. 22. Weather, Hazards SahanaCamp Viet Nam 22