SahanaCamp NYC Day 2 AM: Introduction to SEMS


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SahanaCamp NYC Day 2 AM: Introduction to the Sahana Emergency Management System; system developed by New York City Office of Emergency Management for managing its all-hazards sheltering plan

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SahanaCamp NYC Day 2 AM: Introduction to SEMS

  1. 1. Welcome toSahanaCamp NYC Wednesday, May 23, 2012 SahanaCamp NYC
  2. 2. Thanks to our SponsorsPlatinum Sponsors:Gold Sponsor: Host: SahanaCamp NYC 2
  3. 3. SahanaCamp NYC AgendaDay One: Tues., May 22nd Day Two: Weds.,May 23rdSahana Software Solutions Deploying Sahana Software Morning Morning Introduction to Sahana & Sahana Emergency SahanaCamp NYC Management System Case Studies & Partnerships with SSF Demonstrations Afternoon Afternoon Sahana Eden Disaster Simulation Resources Required Requirements of Local Managing the Project Organizations SahanaCamp NYC 3
  4. 4. SahanaCamp NYC Daily Schedule8:45 AM Breakfast Tuesday & Wednesday9:00 AM Morning Program begins10:15 AM Morning Break (15 min)12:00 PM Lunch (Downstairs)1:00 PM Afternoon Program begins3:00 PM Afternoon Break (15 min)5:00 PM Adjourn SahanaCamp NYC 4
  5. 5. SahanaCamp NYC Introduction to theSahana Emergency Management System (SEMS) Sahana Mayon & Sahana Kilauea May 23, 2012 SahanaCamp NYC
  6. 6. What is the Sahana Emergency Management System (SEMS)? SahanaCamp NYC 6
  7. 7. The Sahana Emergency Management System (SEMS)A suite of programs designed to assist EmergencyManagement with staff and facility resourcemanagement in the event of an emergency The Sahana Resource Management Program Planning and preparedness tool used to prepare the coordination and deployment of staff and facilities Includes staff, organization, facility and scenario-based planning The Sahana Registry Program Tracking and reporting tool for staff and client registration Can be used in emergency facilities: evacuation centers, emergency shelters, PODs, etc. SahanaCamp NYC 7
  8. 8. SahanaCamp NYC 8
  9. 9. Sahana Resource Management ProgramManages staff and facility resources, responseplans, and assists emergency managers with eventresponse through activating scenario plans.Prepare: Allows emergency managers to prepare by assigning resources to facilities based on different scenarios. Scenario planning should complement an organizations existing emergency plans.Respond: Events are responded to by activating a scenario. SahanaCamp NYC 9
  10. 10. SahanaCamp NYC 10
  11. 11. SahanaCamp NYC 11
  12. 12. Sahana Resource Management Program Video Tutorial Planning with theSahana Resource Management Program SahanaCamp NYC 12
  13. 13. SahanaCamp NYC 13
  14. 14. Sahana Registry ProgramProvides tools for registering both clients and staff atemergency facilitiesUser functions focus on easy input of client information: Entering client information Grouping clients Searching for clients and staff and exporting searches Registering and tracking staff Checking staff in and out for shifts Facility reporting SahanaCamp NYC 14
  15. 15. Sahana Registry Program Administrator ToolsAllow emergency managers to control access to featuresand monitor the status of the activation.Designed to be run by an emergency manager overseeingspecific facilities or by a general manager.Administrator Tools include Reporting Dashboard Access Control Lists Facility Module to allow importing facility information from the Sahana Resource Management Program* Maps for visual display of facility information* The Sahana Resource Management Program provides facility information to the Sahana Registry Program; the Sahana Registry Program cannot register staff and clients in facilities without facility information SahanaCamp NYC 15
  16. 16. Sahana Registry Program Video Tutorials Registering Clients Registering Staff Dashboard and Reporting Facility ManagementManagement and Administration SahanaCamp NYC 16
  17. 17. Installation of theSahana Emergency Management System SahanaCamp NYC 17
  18. 18. Sahana Emergency Management System Video Tutorial Installation System Requirements SahanaCamp NYC 18
  19. 19. SEMS System Requirements: Server SoftwareSEMS is built around a LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySQL and PHP) application service stack runningUbuntu Linux.Server Software Requirements: MINSOFTWARE VERSION COMMENTSUbuntu 10.04 Most current 11.10 recommendedApache 2.2.14MySQL 5.1.41 MySQL 5.3 compatiblePHP 5.2.12 Most current 5.3 version strongly recommendedPHP-MySQLPHP-GDPHP-APC 3.1.3 Versions prior to 3.1.3 have known issues SahanaCamp NYC 19
  20. 20. SEMS System Requirements: BrowsersClient web browser: Support for HTML and PNG images required Cookies and Java Script must be enabled Latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explore 8 (IR) are supported Older versions of IE (5.5, 6 and 7) are not supported Other browsers, including Chrome and Safari, may work with SEMS but are not supported. SahanaCamp NYC 20
  21. 21. SEMS System Requirements: Time SynchronizationCritical to have precise system date and time onthe server hosting SEMS.Recommended that system administrators installtime synchronization such as ntpd (populardaemon that synchronizes hosts time with othermachines). SahanaCamp NYC 21
  22. 22. SEMS System Requirements: Hardware & System ConfigMinimum Recommended (sufficient fordevelopment and testing environments): Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon CPU 200 MB Available Disk Space 512 MB RAM Access to the internet (preferably broadband)More robust hardware configurations whichsupport scalability and high-availability arerecommended.Production databases require several gigabytes ofspace. SahanaCamp NYC 22
  23. 23. SEMS System Requirements: CPUDeployment CPU CPU / Database Staff Pool FacilitiesType Memory File Size Count CountTesting & Pentium 4 512 MB 100 MB 50 10DevelopmentSmall AMD Athlon, 2 GB 300 MB 500 50(32 or 64 bit) Intel XeonMedium Intel Dual 4 GB 1 GB 10,000 100(32 or 64 bit) Core XeonLarge (64 bit) Intel Xeon 8 GB 5 GB 300,000 1,000 Quad Core SahanaCamp NYC 23
  24. 24. Questions andFeedbackSahanaCamp NYC 24
  25. 25. Excuse Me..... Ahem....I have a question... SahanaCamp NYC 25
  26. 26. The Sahana Emergency Management System hastwo main programs: The Sahana Resource Management Program The Sahana Registry ProgramThese are installed on a server environment andare accessed via the internet (or local network)using a web browserIn an emergency: Internet (or network) access might not be available from shelters, PODs or other emergency facilities I need something that works offline and on a laptop! SahanaCamp NYC 26
  27. 27. Standalone Sahana Registry Program Sahana Kilauea SahanaCamp NYC 27
  28. 28. What is Sahana Kilauea?Sahana Kilauea is the Sahana Registry Program: As a portable app - on a USB stick – it can be run off of the stick or installed on computers hard drive Includes compatible browser software (firefox) Pre-configured with a database and settings exported from your production SEMS settings (staff, facilities, organizations, events, etc.) Provides all of the functionality (registration of client/staff, searching, dashboard, reporting) of the Sahana Registry Program in a standalone and offline mode SahanaCamp NYC 28
  29. 29. Hands-On Demonstration Sahana Kilauea SahanaCamp NYC 29
  30. 30. How do I get SEMS?SEMS is being distributed to local jurisdictionsthrough a federally funded Regional CatastrophicPlanning Team that supports ~30 county-leveljurisdictions in four states: Connecticut, New York,New Jersey and Pennsylvania.The SEMS package includes a DVD that includes allrequired server and application software, andinstallation, systems and user documentation,video-based training.The software, support documentation and trainingmaterials will be available from the SahanaSoftware Foundation. SahanaCamp NYC 30