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  • Taste israel general

    1. 1. We invite you on a culinary journey: A trip where all senses enjoy a world of aromas, a world of colours, and a world of flavours…brought to you all the way from Israel.
    2. 2. The Israeli Food Industry brings you a unique variety of products with a unique variety of advantages…
    3. 3.  Exclusive innovative products Melting pot effect – unique combinations Ideal for worldwide trends: health, organic, etc. Suitable for premium and ethnic demands Range of industrial production and hand-made products Perfect for "private label" products Flexible in tailoring flavour and packaging for local consumers
    4. 4.  Wide range of gluten-free and lactose-free products Advanced, high-end technology Based on leading-edge research Comply with international standards - HACCP, BRC, etc. Free-trade zone with the European Union High quality ingredients State-of-the-art production processes
    5. 5. Let’s taste each Israeli product one by one.Let’s experience each product
    6. 6. Gourmet & Specialty Products
    7. 7. 2BFRESHProducts: Fresh micro leaves - gourmet vegetable confetti2BFRESH introduces micro leaves, healthy greens used by topchefs serving the consumer market around the world. Withintense flavour, these young leaves come ready to serve andhave a long shelf life.www.2bfresh.com
    8. 8. Beth ElProducts: 100%-fruit-based jams and saucesBeth El’s select jams and preserves, branded under AuntBerta’s, are produced from 100% fresh choice fruit. Orchard-freshness and top quality are preserved with Beth El’simmediate pick-to-prep process.www.be-food.com
    9. 9. Beth El (continued)Products: Hand-made cookies and baked goodsAunt Bertas delicate, hand-made cookies and baked goodscarry on the family tradition of quality and unique taste. Theyare produced with loving care using the family’s secret heritagerecipe.www.be-food.com
    10. 10. Elsa’s StoryProducts: Premium cookies and baked goodsElsa’s Story cookie brand is considered one of the market’sbest by a former Harrods and Selfridges buyer. Withprofessional product development and unique commercialquantity cookie and cake-baking skills, Elsa’s Story preservesall the authentic elements of home-made baked goods.www.elsastory.com
    11. 11. Karat CaviarProducts: CaviarOne of the finest farmed raised caviars available on anymarket today. Caviar Galilee Osetra Prime features mediumgrain pearls with dark to slate colour and a firm texture witha finished hazelnut flavour.www.karatcaviar.com
    12. 12. Lin’s FarmProducts: Honey & honey spreadsLin’s Farm offers branded honey and honey productsnaturally sourced from Israel’s fertile regions and diverseterroirs, climate, and landscape: Jerusalem Hills, Negev Desert,the Galilee (Nazareth).www.linfarm.co.il
    13. 13. LiveOProducts: Olive oil, olive products, antipasti & spreadsLiveO developed a wide range of fine gourmet products based onthe purity of extra virgin olive oil. Located in the Negev desert ofIsrael, LiveO products bring together east and west, tradition andinnovation, culinary pleasure and design.www.liveo.co.il
    14. 14. Nina BakeryProducts: Premium pita breadNina Bakery’s pita breads come in all sizes, including exclusivemini bite size. Thick and fluffy, they taste outstanding and holdup well when filled with a variety of gourmet delicacies—truly ina different league than European competitors’ products.www.pita-nina.com
    15. 15. OliaProducts: Highest quality olive oil and olive productsOlia olive products are made and branded by olive variety, fromthroughout Israel: Nabali, Souri, Barnea and Askal. They areproduced by people from a range of cultures and religions:Arabs, Jews, Druze, and Circassians, whose traditions andnative terroir inspire Olia’s products.www.olia.co.il
    16. 16. Roy ChocolateProducts: Artisan chocolatesRoy Chocolate creates handmade gourmet chocolatemasterpieces. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, RoyChocolate offers signature chocolate collections forinternational holidays and special occasions.www.roychocolate.co.il
    17. 17. Wissotzky TeaProducts: Tea ProductsFounded in 1849, Wissotzky tea is the largest tea company inIsrael, producing highest quality tea products as well asbeautiful tea gift items.www.wtea.com
    18. 18. Yamit IndustriesProducts: Dead Sea saltNowhere else in the world can you find sea salt from the DeadSea, the sea known for its minerals and healing properties.Product lines include natural salt and flavoured products, aswell as products with 50% less sodium than other salt on themarket.
    19. 19. Fine Sea Salt Low-Sodium Sea Salt Sea Salt with Pepper Herbal Sea Salt
    20. 20. Ethnic Products
    21. 21. Al ArzProducts: Premium tahini paste and halvaConsidered one of the best quality tahini and halva producersin Israel, Al Arz uses only premium ingredients. The Nazareth-based Al Arz manufacturing process recreates traditional qualitymethods from centuries ago.www.alarz.co.il
    22. 22. Cohen-OrProducts: Frozen pastry productsCohen-Or’s frozen pastries are a melting pot of ingredientsfashioned from original blends of regional cuisine – Balkan,Arabic, and Mediterranean. What emerges are unique pastryvarieties not found anywhere else—pastries that promote thehealthful food trend.
    23. 23. Mahroum SweetsProducts: Ethnic Middle Eastern sweets and baked goodsMahroum’s delectable ethnic candies and bakery products areall handmade in Nazareth by gourmet artisans. The Mahroumfamily has earned its outstanding reputation for quality for 4generations—since 1890.www.mahroum-baklawa.com
    24. 24. Subhi Nakhleh & SonsProducts: Arabic black coffeeSubhi Nakhleh and Sons features strong, aromatic, flavourfulcoffee roasted in the heart of Nazareth using an authentic 500-year-old Bedouin technique.
    25. 25. Health, OrganicGluten, & Lactose Free Products
    26. 26. Angel’s TouchProducts: Gluten & Lactose free Quiches, Pizza & SoyaMealsAngels Touch specialises in developing and manufacturinghealthy, high quality and tasty prepared foods for specialDietary Needs: gluten and lactose intolerants, diabetics, aswell as vegetarians.www.angtouch.com
    27. 27. Carmit Candy IndustriesProducts: Manufacturer of confectionery productsCarmit is a major international exporter of chocolate coins andgluten free confectionary products. They are the number onesupplier of chocolate coins to the US market, and offer greatquality and service.www.carmitcandy.com
    28. 28. Desert LabsProducts: Ice cube dietThe most highly effective all natural choice to quick andeasy weight loss. Based on the Hoddia plant grown in theArava Valley of the Negev desert region, one refreshingHoodia Ice cube a day allows to control appetite with noknown side effects.www.icecubediet.com
    29. 29. EffectiveatProducts: Natural, healthful food: granola, snacks, snackbars, salad toppings, and rice seasoningsEffectiveat presents natural, healthful products bursting withflavour. The company’s exclusive snack bars, granola, andsnacks, as well as its unique lines of salad toppings and riceseasonings prove that food can be tasty and healthy.www.effectiveat.co.il
    30. 30. GreenLiteProducts: Gluten Free bakery GoodsGreenLite gluten free products will change everyonesperception of what gluten free is: these GF baguettes, rolls,breads and pastries absolutely taste like the "real thing".GreenLite products are produced in a state-of-the-art facility.www.greenlite.co.il
    31. 31. HasadehProducts: Organic whole grain baked goodsHasadeh Organic, one of Israels leading organicfood companies, produces a delicious line of organiccertified, whole grain baked goods. Thin, crisp whole wheatwafers rolled around a creamy chocolate or carob filling,whole wheat and whole spelt petit beurre, chocolate filledwafers. All products are vegan, and contain no trans fats,lactose or casein.
    32. 32. Lin’s FarmProducts: Energy gels & sports drinksLin’s Farm features a truly exclusive, innovative line of naturaland tasty energy gels and sports drinks targeted to the broadand growing athletic and ―power boost‖ market.www.linfarm.co.il
    33. 33. SanlakolProducts: Prepared fruit, vegetable and tomato productsSanlakol offers innovative food packaging, such as personalsingle-serving sizes. Sanlakol products such as tomatoescan be merchandised on canned-food shelves, not just inthe chilled-food section.www.sanlakol.com
    34. 34. Actual size: 9/6 cm
    35. 35. Zen SoyProducts: Soy milk-based productsZen Foods has developed a delicious line of soy milk-based, non-dairy cream cheese, sour cream and cheesecake alternatives.Customers will have a hard time believing that these products aredairy, lactose, gluten casein, cholesterol and trans fat free.
    36. 36. General Products
    37. 37. Barth Ltd.Product: Gourmet crackersBarth crackers are paper-thin with a crispy texture. Theycome in a variety of addictive exotic flavours that appeal toboth sophisticated and simple palates.
    38. 38. DorotProducts: Natural frozen seasoning productsDorot’s products include frozen crushed garlic, ginger, chilli,coriander, parsley and herb mixes. Packed in easy to usecubes, Dorot’s products are 100% all natural and offerexcellent taste and maximum convenience.www.dorot.co.il
    39. 39. El VientoProducts: Ready-to-drink, all natural fruity margaritaEl Viento is the worlds first ready-to-drink, all-natural frozenmargarita for automatic frozen smoothie makers.www.elvientomargarita.com
    40. 40. Gan ShmuelProducts: Fruit concentrates, fruit bases, fruit and vegetable mixconcentrates, clear concentrates, and custom productsGan Shmuel, the largest food exporter in Israel and a leadingcitrus company. Gan Shmuel Foods supplies many of the mostprominent food and beverage companies in over 30 countriesworldwide, including Coca-Cola, Tropicana, Parmalat, Kirin,Carrefour, Pokka, and Suntory.www.ganshmuel.com
    41. 41. HadiklaimProducts: Fresh and dried datesIsraels leading dates export company. Supplying theleading supermarkets in the world and in particularly the UKe.g M&S, Tesco, Waitrose etc.www.hadiklaim.com
    42. 42. Kvuzat YavneProducts: Pickles and olive productsKvuzat Yavne features a wide variety of unique pickleditems such as mini aubergines (eggplants) as well assalt-cured products, a surprisingly refreshing culinarytwist on traditional pickled products.www.pickles.co.il
    43. 43. Strauss GroupProducts: Sweets, Chocolate, Coffee & Mediterranean dipsIsrael’s second-largest food and beverage company, is builtaround three core businesses: Strauss Israel, focusing onHealth & Wellness and Fun & Indulgence products; StraussCoffee and Strauss North America, which incorporates theMediterranean dips and spreads company Sabra, withproduct lines that target the health and wellness trend.www.strauss-group.com
    44. 44. Ta’am VareachProducts: Spices, herbs, and Mediterranean blendsTaam Vareach produces and distributes herbs,spices and special blends to enhance and enrich the fullrange of cooking traditions
    45. 45. Contact info: Yifat Alon- Perel Commercial Affairs Embassy of Israel, Madrid t: +34 917829520/29e: comercial@embajada-israel.comw: http://comerciohispanoisraeli.com