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Kosherfest 2015


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Kosherfest 2015

Published in: Food
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Kosherfest 2015

  1. 1. at Kosherfest 2015 November 10-11| Meadowlands Exposition Center | New Jersey | Booth Number 504
  2. 2. WELCOME Weinviteyouonaculinaryjourney: Atripwhereallsenses enjoyaworldofaromas aworldofcolors andaworldofflavors… broughttoyouallthewayfromIsrael
  3. 3. auniquevarietyofproductswith auniquevarietyofadvantages…
  4. 4. Exclusive innovative products Melting pot effect - unique combinations Ideal for worldwide trends: health, organic, etc. Innovative gluten & lactose free products Suitable for premium & ethnic demands Range of industrial production & artisanal products Flexible in tailoring flavor and packaging for local consumers Perfect for "private label" products
  5. 5. Let’stasteeachIsraeliproduct one byone  Easy Line  Kvuzat Yavne Foods Products  M.A Shimurey Eden Food Industry Ltd.  Maadaney Yehiam  Mahroum Sweets Ethnic Sweets from Nazareth  Malka Beer Ltd  Manamim Food Industries Ltd  Matzot Aviv 2014 Baking Ltd  Neptune Food Products  Pereg Natural Foods  Sobhi Nakhly  Sons of Baheeg Kawar Industrial Ltd  Top-Gum
  6. 6. Back to Companies Easy Line Our products are manufactured in Israel while Easy Line company has revolutionized the nutritional supplement and nutraceuticals market in Israel utilizing the highest standards of quality and packaging in accordance with internationally recognized standards by ISO 9001:2000, Haccp, and GMP. Easy line company is the only company that manufacture medical food with the highest Kosher of BADAZ HEDA HAREDIT. Booth 514
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  8. 8. Back to Companies Kvuzat Yavne Foods Products Kvuzat Yavne Foods leads in the production of piquant pickled vegetables. It is one of the largest producers of its kind in the Israel. Our olives are grown and processed by members of the kibbutz in the surrounding fields, or, like the cucumbers, may be brought from greater distances. In both cases, however, pickling is started within a few hours of harvest. Booth 401
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  10. 10. Back to Companies M.A Shimurey Eden Food Industry Ltd. Shimurey Eden produces and distributes products in the food industry. The company deals with a variation of products such as: Tomato paste, pickled cucumbers, olives, peppers, beans, and corn. The company has invested a lot of effort in high quality, technology and improving marketing. Booth 409
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  12. 12. Back to Companies Maadaney Yehiam Maadaney Yehiam produces more than 450 tons monthly of high quality ready-to-eat kosher delicatessen meats and sausages in a state-of-the-art facility. Maadaney Yehiam sees innovation as a key to its growth in the years to come. Booth 509
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  14. 14. Back to Companies Mahroum Sweets Ethnic Sweets from Nazareth Mahroum Sweets exports its kosher parve ethnic sweets to Europe and the United States. Among the products, sesame halva, baklawa, knafeh , kataife thick and crunchy strings of dough twisted around chopped nuts such as pistachios, pine kernels and cashews and mamoul, a delicate and sweet semolina cookie filled with dates, pistachios and walnuts. Booth 502
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  16. 16. Back to Companies Malka Beer Ltd Malka Brewery Maintains a tradition of hand-crafting small batches with state of the art brewing touch with local Israeli beer. Malka brewery specializes in making traditional ale beer with a modern and local flavors twist using natural water from the GA'Aton springs. Booth 508
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  18. 18. Back to Companies Manamim Food Industries Ltd Manamim is one of the largest Israeli producers of wafer products. Founded 63 years ago by an expert European chocolate manufacturer, the family-run enterprise produces all types of wafers, including flat sugar wafers, wafer cubes, wafers with no added sugar, coated wafers, chocolate-coated wafers, and ice cream cones, rolled or molded. Booth 500
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  20. 20. Back to Companies Matzot Aviv 2014 Baking Ltd Matzot Aviv, established at 1887, is a leading manufacturer of Matzos, Crackers, Cookies & Biscuits for Passover & all-year-round. For this year, we have a new line of Gluten Free products including Matzos, Flatbread energy bars and biscuits. In addition, we have a line of Sugar Free light cookies & a line of natural, fat-free crackers. Booth 506
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  22. 22. Back to Companies Neptune Food Products Neptune Food Products is among the most established producers of spices, seasoning mixes, sauces & pastes in the Middle East. Main sectors we serve are: gourmet and specialty, food industry and private label Booth 510
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  24. 24. Back to Companies Pereg Natural Foods Healthy, all natural ancient grain side dishes including quinoa, farro, couscous and new quinoa pasta. Premium line of herbs, spices & spice blends, breadcrumbs & panko bread crumbs. Booth 413
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  26. 26. Back to Companies Sobhi Nakhly Subhi Nakhly is one of the biggest producers of Freekeh and black (Arabic coffee) in Israel. Established in the 1980's the company started with a small coffee roaster, creating the famous Red labeled Subhi Nakhly coffee. In recent years the company has expanded into other areas including spices and grains. We are proud to introduce at the show our locally grown Freekeh, grown and produced in the hills of the Galilee. Booth 405
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  28. 28. Back to Companies Sons of Baheeg Kawar Industrial Ltd. Established in 1940, the leading products are Premium Arak and Vodka, branded as Kawar, Velvet. The flagship Products are Kawar 53, Vodka Velvet, with an annual Production of 300,000 bottles. The company has the quality & assurance systems, ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, GMP as well as kosher certificates by the Rabbinate of Israel . The company export 30% of total production to Europe & North America. Booth 512
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  30. 30. Back to Companies Top-Gum "Top Gum Industries" is an Israeli based company founded in 2003, since then it has become the leading manufacturer of candy in Israel. Innovation, quality & premium raw materials are top priority. Our products are exported around the globe & part of our future plans is to encourage a healthy life style by making a transition to natural materials and natural food coloring. Booth 407
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  32. 32. Back to Companies Additional Participants Solomon A. Angel – , Booth: 509 Pie Hakfar – Booth: 509
  33. 33. See you at Kosherfest 2015 Meadowlands Exposition Center Booth No. 504 For further information: Mrs. Caroline Nave Manager, Food & Beverages The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Tel +972 3 514 2859 M +972 54 457 8127 F +972 3 514 2985