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Kosher fest2014 presentation


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KosherFest Exhibition

Published in: Food
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Kosher fest2014 presentation

  1. 1. Kosherfest 2014 November 11-at 12, 2014, New Jersey
  2. 2. WELCOME We invite you on a culinary journey A trip where all senses enjoy a world of aromas a world of colors and a world of flavors brought to you all the way from Israel
  3. 3. TASTE THE ADVANTAGES a unique variety of products with a unique variety ofadvantages…
  4. 4. TASTE THE ADVANTAGES: Exclusive innovative products Melting pot effect – unique combinations Innovative gluten lactose free products Ideal for worldwide trends: health, organic, etc. Suitable for premium and ethnic demands Range of industrial production and artisanal products Perfect for “private label” products Flexible in tailoring flavor and packaging for local consumers
  5. 5. andNOW! Let’s taste each Israeli product one by one. Let’s experience each product waiting for you at the Israeli Pavilion…
  6. 6. Baron Int. Trading Products: Specialty and frozen foods Why visit Baron Trading Baron International trading is a single-source supplier that offers a comprehensive line of food products from Israel for private label with the flexibility to satisfy retailer's specific needs. The company also imports to the U.S.A a line of fine foods from Israel under the BARON'S RUSTIC FARMS brands. Booth: 500
  7. 7. Shimurey Eden Food Industry Products: Prepared vegetables and vegetable products Why visit Shimurey Eden Food Industry Shimurey Eden offers the finest tomato pastes, pickled cucumbers and olives, and canned lentils, beans and corn. The culture of quality and good taste has been integral to our company since it was established almost 40 years ago. Booth: 409
  8. 8. Sons of Baheeg Kawar Products: Premium Arak and Vodka Why visit Sons of Baheeg Kawar Kawar Arak is produced from natural Syrian aniseed, alcohol made from sweet white grapes from the Galilee, and purified water. Production of our premium vodka adheres to the same high standards. Annual production is about 300,000 bottles, all produced under ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and GMP, and holding OK and Rabbinate of Israel kashruth certificates. Booth: 506
  9. 9. Kvuzat Yavne Food Products Products: Pickles and Olive Products Why visit Kvuzat Yavne Food Products Kvuzat Yavne Food Products is a leading kibbutz enterprise, renowned for its product line of cucumbers in brine / vinegar, green and black olives, pickled vegetables and pure extra virgin olive oil. Our products are manufactured under exacting international quality standards and packaged in a range of sizes of cans and jars. Booth: 401
  10. 10. Matzot Aviv Products: Manufacturer of high quality matzot, flat breads, cookies and biscuits Why visit Matzot Aviv Matzot Aviv is a leading manufacturer of Matzot, crackers, cookies and biscuits. The company combines a 127-year-old baking tradition with state-of-the-art equipment in order to produce superior quality matzot and cookies. Products are sold in Israel exported to over 35 countries under the Aviv, Hagada and Aviva brands. Booth: 504
  11. 11. Pereg Gourmet Products: Seasonings, grains and lentils Why visit Pereg Gourmet Pereg Gourmet offers a wide variety of spices, flavored grain mixes, gluten-free quinoa pastas, couscous, lentils and beans, and quinoa popped cereal. All are 100% pure and never include additives or preservatives. In addition many are non-GMO and gluten-free. Booth: 508
  12. 12. Ta’am Vareach spices Products: Spices, herbs, and Mediterranean blends Why visit Ta’am Vareach Spices Ta'am Vareach produces and distributes herbs, spices and special blends to enhance and enrich the full range of cooking traditions. Booth: 405
  13. 13. Top Gum Sweets Industries Products: Candies Why visit Top Gum Sweets Industries Top Gum Sweets Industries, founded in 2003, is the leading manufacturer of candy in Israel. Our products are exported around the globe. Innovation, quality and premium raw materials are top priority. We encourage a healthy life style through our transition to natural materials and natural food coloring. Booth: 407
  14. 14. Maadaney Yehiam Products: Meat products Why visit Maadaney Yehiam Maadaney Yehiam produces more than 450 tons monthly of high quality ready-to-eat kosher delicatessen meats and sausages in a state-of-the-art facility. Maadaney Yehiam sees innovation as a key to its growth in the years to come. Booth: 509
  15. 15. Additional Participants Solomon A. Angel - , Booth: 509 Natural Cakes - , Booth: 509 Pie HaKfar - Booth: 509
  16. 16. See you at Kosherfest 2014 November 11-12, 2014 Meadowlands Exposition Center at Harmon Meadows, Secaucus, NJ STANDS : 500-510 401-409
  17. 17. For Further Information : Ms. Caroline Nave Manager, Food Beverages The Israel Export International Cooperation Institute Tel +972 3 514 2859 Fax +972 3 514 2985 Email Web