A New Messaging Strategy to Build Support for Human Services


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Advocates stressed the need to start the conversation about health, human services, and early care & education in a new way. The ultimate goal is to build widespread public support and public understanding for public policy solutions that strengthen communities and our economy in Ohio.

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A New Messaging Strategy to Build Support for Human Services

  1. 1. A NEW MESSAGING STRATEGYTO BUILD SUPPORT FORHUMAN SERVICESCall-in info:Number: (213) – 416 – 1560Pin: 198 – 678 – 477 #Audio PIN: *111#
  2. 2. TODAY’S WEBINAR SPEAKERS Margy Waller Executive Director of The Mobility Agenda and Senior Fellow at Topos Partnership Teresa Lampl Associate Director of the Ohio Council of Behavioral Health and Family Service Providers Will Petrik State Director with Advocates for Ohio’s Future
  3. 3. STARTING THE CONVERSATION(IN THE PAST)• Protect Ohio’s Most Vulnerable Populations• Our state budget priorities must protect those struggling because of the current recession.
  4. 4. STARTING THE CONVERSATION(OUR NEW MESSAGING STRATEGY)• Great human services make Ohioans more competitive• Strengthen Ohio with strategic economic development.• Prepare to fill thousands of health care jobs.
  5. 5. STARTING THE CONVERSATION(OUR NEW MESSAGING STRATEGY)• We need budget solutions that Strengthen Ohio’s communities.• When Ohio’s economy is strong, everybody benefits.
  6. 6. MAKE OHIO COMPETITIVE WITH GREATPUBLIC SERVICES• Ohio’s communities are stronger when everyone can participate in our economy and democracy.• By investing in public services that make Ohio’s workforce more competitive, our economy is strengthened and Ohio Thrives.
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKE OHIOANSMORE COMPETITIVEEarly Care & Education: High-quality early learning and development helpsensure that children enter school ready to succeed.Food and Nutrition: Access to food stabilizes struggling families, supportsOhio workers, and stimulates Ohio’s economy.Children Services: Ohio’s child welfare system helps our children and youthbecome healthy, educated and productive adults able to participate inOhio’s economic recovery.Health Care: Access to affordable health care helps Ohio become morecompetitive by providing health coverage, behavioral health care and longterm services and supports for children, families, seniors, and people withdisabilities.
  8. 8. STRENGTHEN OHIO WITH STRATEGICECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT• Today, job opportunities are more limited than they need to be.• With better economic development we can strengthen our workforce and ensure that every community has jobs that provide opportunity for all and create stronger local economies.
  9. 9. OPPORTUNITIES FOR STRATEGICECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTCommunity Employment: Work supports need to be developed to supportcommunity employment for all people in all job sectors, including assistingwith education, job training, child care, personal care assistance andtransportation.Employment Supports for People with Disabilities: The Medicaid Buy-Infor Workers with Disabilities lets Ohioans with disabilities build self-sufficiency through employment.Stable Housing: Stable housing strengthens the family foundation, giveschildren the stability to learn and excel, and adults the ability to maintainemployment. Stable housing strengthens the economy by improving livingconditions and neighborhoods.Family Supports: Family-centered programs and services support raisinghealthy, well developed children and empower families so they cancontribute to Ohios economy.
  10. 10. PREPARE TO FILL THOUSANDS OF HEALTHCARE JOBS• Ohio is positioned to be a national leader in the health care industry through innovation in research, education and delivery.• Health and human services are expected to grow more than any other sector through the next five years, bringing thousands of new jobs to Ohio.
  11. 11. OPPORTUNITIES FOR JOB GROWTHHealth Care Coverage: Medicaid expansion will provide health coverageto 600,000 Ohioans, improve health outcomes, and bring $20 billion (infederal dollars) over the next six years to boost the economy and createjobs.Long-Term Care: As Ohio’s senior populations grows, Ohio can save $3,333per person per month for every individual receiving home and communityservices instead of nursing facility services. Home and community care isgood for Ohio’s economy and it is the most-preferred long term servicesand supports option for persons of all ages with disabilities.Community Behavioral Health: Behavioral health services strengthenOhio’s economy and are essential for a healthy and productive workforce,successful schools, family stability, and building attractive communities.Developmental Disabilities: Medicaid provides support services for morethan 80,000 individuals with developmental disabilities as well as jobs forthose providing services. We can strengthen Ohio’s economy by ensuringadequate provider rates that stabilize this critical workforce.
  12. 12. NEXT STEPS: WHAT YOU CAN DODownload and print our:  Talking Points and  Fact Sheets:  Make Ohio More Competitive with Great Public Services (PDF)  Strengthen Ohio with Strategic Economic Development (PDF)  Prepare to Fill Thousands of Health Care Jobs (PDF)You can also find them at our Resources Page: www.advocatesforohio.org/resources
  13. 13. NEXT STEPS: WHAT YOU CAN DOShare the info with your friends, family, your board, staff, and volunteers.Practice starting the conversation in a new way with friends, family, your board, staff, and volunteers (especially people who might be beyond the “choir.”)
  14. 14. NEXT STEPS: WHAT YOU CAN DOUse our resources to talk to your lawmakers.Share feedback with us. How did lawmakers respond? 14
  15. 15. CONTACT Advocates for Ohio’s Future 510 East Mound Street, Suite 200 Columbus, OH 43215 www.advocatesforohio.org Will Petrik | 614-602-2464 Gail Clendenin | 614-602-2463www.advocatesforohio.org