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OhioSPEAKS Webinar 11.16.11


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Ohio Speaks is a new collaborative project of local and statewide health and human service organizations working to collect and highlight stories of struggle and hope. The stories will illustrate the value of human needs programs that support Ohio's most vulnerable children, families, seniors, and people with disabilities. Ohio Speaks will also put a human face on budget cuts and show the effect of budget cuts in our communities. The stories will be used in our advocacy and education work with lawmakers, the media and the public to highlight the impact of human needs programs.

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OhioSPEAKS Webinar 11.16.11

  1. 1. OhioSPEAKS: Stories of Struggle and Hope Featuring: Gene King, Director, Ohio Poverty Law Center (OPLC) Jen Yoder, Field Director, UHCAN Ohio Mary Jo Hyde, Advocacy Coordinator, O4A Nora Nees, Director of Child and Senior Nutrition, OASHFSuzanne Gravette Acker, Communications and Development Director, COHHIO Will Petrik, Outreach Director, Advocates for Ohio’s Future (AOF)
  2. 2. Ohio Association of Area Agencies on AgingAdvocacy. Action. Answers on Aging.
  3. 3. Project is part of our Unified Long Term Care System strategy since 2007 Purpose: highlight for Ohio’s legislators the care management role that our case managers play in coordinating and assuring quality care for our PASSPORT consumers
  4. 4. What we asked from each of 12 Area Agencies on Aging: One 150-250 word story annually .jpeg photo of featured PASSPORT consumer and case manager consent form on file either at o4a or at Area Agency on Aging
  5. 5. Method: In the PASSPORT consumers’ stories, feature the role of the case manager in working with family members, health professionals, and community resources to create a comprehensive care plan that effectively care manages the consumer’s needs. In the photograph, feature the case manager with the consumer, if possible. Conclude the story by comparing the annual care plan cost with the annual cost of nursing facility care in Ohio. In 2010, that estimated cost was over $51,000.
  6. 6. See additional stories online at:Sample:
  7. 7. Mary Jo Hyde Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging Learn more online, visit: www.ohioaging.orgFacebook: Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging – o4a Twitter: @o4aadvocacy
  8. 8. Nora NeesDirector of Child & Senior Nutrition Ohio Association ofSecond Harvest Foodbanks (614) 221-4336, ext 230
  9. 9. Paper Plate Project Record numbers of children,families, seniors, veterans,unemployed and underemployed Ohioans are suffering from silence.
  10. 10. Media Wants Real People “Whenever we talk about helping those in need, theres a tendency to set up a false dichotomy of us versus them. Keeps the road between us long, and the weeds tall, so that we can tell ourselves they were never us, and we could never become them… Im done talking. Here are some of the people -- in their own words…” --Connie Schultz, Syndicated Columnist for The Cleveland Plain Dealer k_needs_our_hel.html
  11. 11. People in Power Listen “Rugged individualism produces a heartless bill like this..Heres a little note from somebody in my district. She says--shesigned this plate at the foodbank, the local foodbank. She said: Without help from the foodbank, I would be on the streets. I struggle every day tomake ends meet so mykids have a place to lay their heads at night. I have a job, but with two kids, its still very hard. I have a lot oftrouble paying rent and bills. I just wish there were more help to parents like myself.”
  12. 12. Suzanne Gravette AckerDirector, Communications & Development Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio 614-280-1984, est. 11
  13. 13. How a story can jump-start a legislative campaign
  14. 14. HB 185: From 6 years to 6 months.How a story moved a piece of legislation (and an entire General Assembly!) “I just hope this bill will help somebody down the road have a better chance at redoing and reliving the American dream,” -- Larry Clay, June 19, 2006
  15. 15. Ohio Speaks need stories that can make the Governorthink long and hard about the mid-term biennial review
  16. 16. What is OhioSPEAKS?Advocates for Ohio’s Future and anumber of coalition partners arecollecting stories to show the value ofstate and federal human needsprograms and to put a human face onbudget cuts.
  17. 17. What is the Purpose?The stories will be used to:• Educate lawmakers, the media and the public about the value and impact of vital human needs programs• Give a voice to vulnerable Ohioans• ID new leaders and spokespeople for public testimony and media interviews
  18. 18. What Types of Stories?We will ask people to send us a short videoclip or written story explaining how publicinvestments have made a difference in theirlife, community and/or business and whatcuts would mean to them.• Stories about the value of health, human services, and ECE programs• Stories that put the reality of budget cuts in human terms
  19. 19. What Should Be Included With Your Story Submission?• Who you are (parent, student, provider, job seeker, community leader…)?• Where—what city and county do you live in?• What are the programs you value?• How? Specific examples of how the program has helped…• Why are these programs important to you and your community? How might cuts to these programs affect you and your community? For more tips on submitting your story:
  20. 20. How do I submit?Go to:• Read and agree to the Terms of Use, the Guidelines and Rules, and acknowledge the Privacy Policy.• Fill in the required fields, upload your video or written story, press submit.
  21. 21. How will the stories be featured? Two Website Resource:• Half in Ten Inspiration••
  22. 22. Next Steps?• Survey at the end of this webinar to give us an idea of how you want to be involved• Submit your story!• Share the project (this 1 pager) with your staff, board, and clients. erch/resources/OhioSpeaks.pdf• And encourage them to get involved with OhioSPEAKS and tell their story!
  23. 23. Other Ways to Help With the LaunchYou will receive an email from me with all the detailsabout the OhioSPEAKS tomorrow morning.• Please forward the email— • If you’re an Executive Director, forward it to your staff • If you’re a community activist, forward it to your 10 closest colleagues • If you’re a student, forward it to 5 of your classmates• Share a more personalized email • Fill out the survey and let us know which stories you are interested in • We will personalize an email template to fit your organization!
  24. 24. Questions? Contact Us Advocates for Ohio’s Future 510 East Mound Street, Suite 200 Columbus, OH 43215 Fax: (614) 228-5150 Will Petrik Scott Britton Outreach Director 614-602-2464 614-602-2463