ADERANT TOTAL OFFICECase Managementformerly Client ProfilesThe Best Case Management System Is the One                     ...
ADERANT TOTAL OFFICECASE MANAGEMENTA Total Solution                                                              Access to...
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Aderant Total Office - Case Management


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Aderant Total Office allows firms to overcome the challenge of how to implement the right mix of case management functionality for a diverse
group of legal professionals. Aderant Total Office is a total solution customized to fit your needs.

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Aderant Total Office - Case Management

  1. 1. ADERANT TOTAL OFFICECase Managementformerly Client ProfilesThe Best Case Management System Is the One featuresYour Staff Already Knows How to Use • Full Microsoft Office IntegrationOne of the most significant technological challenges faced by today’s law practice • Calendaring/Docketingis how to implement the right mix of case management functionality for a diverse • Integrated with Aderant CompuLaw Rulesgroup of legal professionals. Aderant Total Office was developed to overcoming this • Workflowchallenge. If there is one thing that our 1600+ active clients have taught us, it is that • Document Assemblyuser adoption is the key to a successful case management rollout. • Document ManagementTotal Office is built on a rock solid framework of Microsoft technologies that allows • E-mail Managementyour user community to function both within the case management environment • Practice-specific Case Informationand Microsoft Office. Case management functionality is embedded within Microsoft • Time Entry and Cost TrackingOffice and can link your staff directly to detailed case information without havingto manually switch programs. Designed to increase your office’s productivityand profitability, Total Office enables users to better perform their jobs and meetclient demands. A powerful solution, Total Office represents the most completeand comprehensive case management application available in the marketplace.Total Office also gives you the ability to automate reports to be sent to clients,management, and staff. With Total Office, you’ll be better prepared to make well-informed decisions for your law organization and clients.
  2. 2. ADERANT TOTAL OFFICECASE MANAGEMENTA Total Solution Access to Aderant CompuLaw Rules with one-clickTotal Office has eliminated the need for firms to manage silos By having all functions in one place, users gain maximum efficiencies,of information and functionality to meet their diverse business save resources, and are able to spend more time on the firm’s strategicand practice needs. When implemented in conjunction with the initiatives. With a tightly integrated solution firms are assured thatenterprise performing Total Office law firm financial management when a rule is changed, they will get the updates automatically. Totalsystem, Total Office can even expose executive information, Office matters are registered by the firm’s staff with CompuLaw andperformance, and financial data to your professionals at the rules-based deadlines are calculated automatically within Total Officeindividual or case level. To Do packages. If any rule changes for an open case, notification of the change will be emailed and can be updated easily. This seamlessCustom-Built To Fit Your Needs process reduces errors within the firm and allows law firms to focusTotal Office is fully configurable. You establish views, information, on the substantive issues of the case instead of researching court rulesand workflow tuned to the diverse needs of your office community. and manually calendaring deadlines.Different users, departments, and offices can configure the softwareto their specific needs. Each staff member and office professional willfeel as if the firm acquired a solution just for them and the specific file Benefits:on which they are currently working. • Calendar management and legal docketing functionality, availableWhether you are a high volume litigation law firm, business to either individuals or groups of users, practice areas, or firm-transaction practice, corporate legal department, or government wide scheduling.entity, Total Office is built to fit your needs and improve • Design, launch, and manage individual To Do items, To Doorganizational performance. Total Office is a case management packages (Workflow), To Do items connected to appointments,solution that will work for every user in your group. documents, court rules, and other transactional events. Individual, group, practice area, or firm-wide reporting is available to manageIntegrations the To Do items for the practice or department.Our Microsoft Office integration allows users to associate emails • Firms also have the ability to place jurisdictional rules in theirand documents to matters with a single click. Users can save new Total Office To Do packages with the integration of Aderantdocuments and create new versions directly from Office. In addition, CompuLaw Rules.users can associate outgoing emails, existing emails, calendar items, • Contacts are organized in a central database by party types orand contacts. We also maintain a direct link with Microsoft Outlook categories with powerful search capabilities.that allows users to enter appointments, personal contacts, and • Users the ability to attach or associate email messages to client,emails one time in either Total Office or Outlook and associate them matter, or case the case. Total Office also has connectors for virtually all major • Total Office includes a full featured document managementlegal-specific applications. system. All the case related documents are attached to a file and organized by document type, sub-type, version, and user orInstant Access practice group.Imagine having an entire case file right at your fingertips—every • Eighty pre-defined case information tracking screens that aredocument, every e-mail, and every contact—everything relating to a standard components and the unlimited ability to create customfile instantly available to every user at the same time. No longer will law have to share hardcopy files among your team. Can’t find what • Robust suite of reports and data queries that are available out ofyou are looking for? Total Office provides global searching within the box.each module. Just type in the keyword(s) you are searching from andview the results.Learn MoreContact us today to see a demonstration of the powerfulcapabilities in Aderant Total Office that can help you better Copyright © 2012 Aderant Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.manage, grow, and protect your firm. | | +1 888 604 2366