Aderant ExpertWorkflowAutomated workflow design provides greater ease of use                                              ...
Aderant ExpertWORKFLOW                                                                       Additionally, notes provide a...
Aderant ExpertWORKFLOWthem quickly find relevant information, access other Aderant Expert       Expert Design Studio – Wor...
Aderant ExpertWORKFLOW The Expert Assistant provides increased organization and efficiency. Processes such as new employee...
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Aderant Expert - Advanced Workflow Design


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Aderant’s workflow capabilities allow firms to streamline and automate
key business processes resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Aderant Workflow provides
intuitive tools to build, review, test, and deploy workflows across the firm.

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Aderant Expert - Advanced Workflow Design

  1. 1. Aderant ExpertWorkflowAutomated workflow design provides greater ease of use BenefitsAderant’s workflow capabilities allow firms to streamline and automatekey business processes resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. • Simplified applications make workflowFrom simple processes such as Leave Requests to one of the firm’s most design an intuitive processcomplex processes, client and matter opening, Aderant Workflow provides • Drag and drop workspace and inlineintuitive tools to build, review, test, and deploy workflows across the firm. property definition limit the need forThrough advances in workflow technology, Aderant Core Workflow has a dedicated developer-level resourcetaken the existing workflow functionality and improved its usability, • Increase organization and efficiencycustomizability, and enhanced the advanced capabilities of the program • Streamline and reduce manual, paper drivenas well. processes with online routing and tasks
  2. 2. Aderant ExpertWORKFLOW Additionally, notes provide an auditable and discoverable trail of Features information and provide valuable context for decisions. • Expert Design Studio SmartForm Wizard • SmartForm Wizard • Domain Wizard Within Aderant Expert, SmartForms are a section of the application user interface that is connected to business data. • Workflow Tasks They may include a combination of Expert business data such as • Expert Assistant client or matter details; custom data from custom columns or tables; • Advanced Workflow and workflow-specific data. SmartForms are used by workflow processes through exposure in workflow tasks as well as by other applications (e.g., Timer). There are three types of SmartFormsExpert Design Studio supported: Single SmartForm, Grid SmartForm, and Formsets (combined SmartForms).At the core of Aderant Expert’s workflow functionality is theWorkflow Designer which allows firms to open Aderant’s existing Aderant Expert’s product workflow templates (e.g., file openingproduct workflow template processes. Aderant’s Workflow Designer and employee intake) include a set of standard SmartForms thatis a Visual Studio Extension that provides a simplified layout are representative of common information used throughout thesetargeted at business and system analysts. Alternatively for those business processes. Under Core Workflow, the SmartForm Wizardusers familiar with navigating and using Visual Studio, the advanced allows firms to modify existing SmartForms.view can still be used for workflow development giving them the fullfeatures of Visual Studio 2010. The tool’s intuitive design surface, Domain Wizard“drag and drop” workspace, and inline property definition makes The Domain Wizard extends Microsoft’s Windows Workflowit easy for firms to modify workflow processes without the need Foundation technology to be aware of Aderant domain (businessfor dedicated developer-level resources. Aderant’s core workflow data) customizations that firms have implemented. Specifically,capabilities allow firms to modify the workflow process by adding, custom columns and custom tables that firms have created to extendremoving, and/or reorganizing the standard workflow activities. the standard Aderant Expert Data Dictionary can be easily identifiedFirms can also modify activity property settings in the Workflow and included for the purposes of workflow and SmartFormDesigner. development. For example Aderant’s file opening workflow process is inherently aware of clients, matters, employees, and all relatedWorkflow Tasks information necessary to fulfill the new client and matter intakeAderant Expert’s core workflow capabilities come with several native process. Using the Domain Wizard a firm can extend this standardworkflow specific task actions, including: set of data to include custom tables and columns associated with clients and matters. This exposes this data for use in workflow• Accept generation, SmartForm construction, scripting, and more.• Complete• Cancel Expert Assistant• Share Expert Assistant is a multi-use application that provides users with a• Reassign context-sensitive launch point for Aderant Expert and is included asThe core workflow capabilities of Aderant Expert also support part of the application suite’s core workflow capabilities. The systemcollaboration through the use of notes. Users can record notes tray application works as an electronic assistant for users, helpingand link them to specific workflow processes, clients, and matters.Key documents or references can also be attached to the notes.Importantly, other users can comment on notes, turning theminto threaded discussions that significantly improve collaboration.
  3. 3. Aderant ExpertWORKFLOWthem quickly find relevant information, access other Aderant Expert Expert Design Studio – Workflow Designerapplications and functionality, and review and manage workflowtasks. Aderant Expert’s advanced workflow capabilities allow firms to create new workflow processes in addition to modifying existing processes.Expert Assistant provides users with a controlled, configurable, and The Workflow Designer’s intuitive user interface lets businessconsistent entry point to Aderant Expert, making it easier for them to analysts, administrators, and general IT staff customize workflowaccess application functionality, find information, and take action on data, add or remove workflow steps and activities, and changetasks. For example, users can get matter details, initiate a new matter process flows.request, launch a new Timer, and more. The advanced workflow capabilities also allow firms to create customExpert Assistant also serves as a workflow inbox, providing users with workflow activities including sub-workflow activities.a listing of the workflow processes, showing status and associatedtasks for which they are responsible, either to perform or to manage. SmartForm WizardPredefined filters enable users to quickly view workflow processes by The advanced workflow capabilities enable firms to create andstatus, including: incorporate new SmartForms within their workflow processes. This allows firms to create customized standard SmartForms or• My Active design new workflow forms to meet their specific user interface• My Initiated requirements.• All• Active The SmartForm wizard provides technical and non-technical users an• Completed intuitive, step-based approach for constructing new forms, including• Faulted form layout specification, form property definition, attribute• Suspended selection, attribute property definition, preview capabilities, scripting,• Canceled and an advanced method for complex user interfaces.Users can see information about—and take action on—each workflowprocess. Users can either see all the tasks that have been assignedto them or filter on the tasks marked as important. Users can alsomanage the tasks from workflows that involve them, were initiated bythem, or where they are acting as someone else’s proxy.Expert Assistant allows users to see detailed information about theworkflow processes initiated by the user, including percent completestatus, involved personnel, workflow notes, associated issues, andmore. Users can also subscribe to task alerts, including being notifiedby email when a workflow task has been assigned to them.Advanced WorkflowAderant Expert Advanced Workflow capabilities extend the Automated workflow design providing greater ease of use.application suite’s core workflow functionality and deliver addedflexibility, customization, and further workflow development.Aderant’s Advanced Workflow capabilities include:
  4. 4. Aderant ExpertWORKFLOW The Expert Assistant provides increased organization and efficiency. Processes such as new employee intake are made simple with automated workflows.Learn MoreContact us today to see a demonstration of the powerfulcapabilities in Aderant Expert that can help you better © 2012 Aderant Holdings, Inc. Aderant Expert is a registered trademark of Aderant Holdings, Inc.manage, grow, and protect your firm. All other brands and products are property of their respective owners. Rev. 102012 | | +1 888 604 2366