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Aderant Found Time


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Aderant Found Time

Published in: Technology
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Aderant Found Time

  1. 1. ADERANT EXPERTFOUND TIMEAUTOMATICALLY RECONSTRUCT MISSED TIME ENTRIESTO INCREASE BILLABLE HOURS AND BOOST FIRM REVENUE BENEFITS • Identifies potential time entries from day-to-In the sheer volume of activities that busy professionals undertake each day— day activities such as phone calls, emails, andmeetings, phone calls, emails, document creation and review, and more—even more.the most diligent timekeepers may not capture all of their billable time. The • Gives timekeepers one-click access to a list oftraditional method of compiling potential time entries, such as looking at calendars, potential time entries.handwritten notes, emails, etc., is time consuming and often results in inaccurate • Enhances firm revenue by maximisingtime capture or duplicate data entry. And not capturing all possible time can make billable hours and minimising lost more difficult for timekeepers to meet their billing targets. An automated time • Improves the accuracy of time capture.capture product, such as Aderant’s Found Time, quickly identifies missed time • Speeds time entry creation with automaticentries to maximise billable hours and revenues for the firm. association of clients and matters to activities. • Provides immediate statistics, improvedFound Time automatically reconstructs a timekeeper’s day, minimising lost analytic visibility, and direct access to dailyor unaccounted for time, and increasing firm revenues. The system tracks time totals, details, and targets.timekeepers’ interaction with key business systems—BlackBerry®, Microsoft® • Seamlessly creates time entries in AderantExchange, Microsoft® Office, phone systems, document management systems, and Expert.more—and lists these activities chronologically for easy review and conversion intotime entries. Timekeepers can reconcile their activities against time already enteredinto Aderant Expert to verify that all billable activity has been accounted for, and toidentify and process billable time that may otherwise have gone unrecorded.
  2. 2. ADERANT EXPERTFOUND TIME SMART FILTERS FEATURES Timekeepers can quickly categorise potential time entries for easy • Access to key connectors such as Microsoft Exchange, review. They can view a single day or multiple days and can sort by BlackBerry, Microsoft Office, and more. type, date, duration (greater than), and applications logged. Entries • Extract vital information to pre-populate time card can also be filtered by key activity data including client, matter, details. document name, document ID, email address, and phone number. • Merge multiple activities into one time entry or merge an activity into an existing time entry. LINKED ASSOCIATIONS • Remove and block irrelevant activities. • Smart filters categorise activities with easy to review, Found Time features Smart Linking, which connects activity data searchable classifications. (e.g., phone numbers, document IDs, emails) to clients and matters to • Connect a client and matter to activity data. provide automatic association on subsequent activities. • Reconcile existing time entries to found time activities. Users can link clients and matters with activity data for faster sorting and time entry creation. Email addresses, phone numbers, document IDs, and more can be associated with activities, which enables timekeepers to create new time entries even faster. REAL-TIME INTERACTIONAUTOMATICALLY RECONSTRUCT MISSED TIME Found Time is embedded in Aderant Expert so that new time entriesTimekeepers can view one day or multiple days and sort by type can be seamlessly written to the database. Timekeepers can monitorof activity, duration, date, client, matter, and more, to speed the key time statistics and view daily totals. Time entries can be reviewed,review of potential time entries. Document names or IDs, phone edited, and reconciled quickly. It rapidly converts activities intonumbers, and email addresses can be linked to clients or matters new time entries or merges them into existing time entries using anand automatically associated in the future for maximum efficiency. intuitive drag and drop motion, all providing users with real-time,Irrelevant items can be blocked to eliminate them from future easy to use data.tracking.Users simply double-click an activity to bring up the time card, or EXTENSIBILITYdrag and drop the activity into the Time Entry list to automatically Firm level configuration enables firms to monitor applications,create the entry. Integration with Aderant Expert enables the duration, and users. Found Time has the ability to create customimmediate submission, review, and reconciliation of new time entries connectors. Found Time forms, including activity details, time card,and gives timekeepers real-time access to key statistics including and statistics, can be customised to meet specific firm requirementsdaily billable and non-billable totals. and preferences. Using Found Time timekeepers can practice law smarter, more efficiently, and with the peace of mind that all of their billable time will be captured.LEARN MOREContact us today to see a demonstration of the powerful new capabilities inAderant Expert that can help you better manage, grow, and protect your firm. Copyright © 2012 Aderant Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. | | +1 888 604 2366