Aderant CompuLaw Web Portal Case Study


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An international law firm with 11 United States offices and four overseas locations, Pillsbury Winthrop turns to Aderant's CompuLaw solution to handle the complex task of managing court calendars and professional liability.

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Aderant CompuLaw Web Portal Case Study

  1. 1. ADERANT SUCCESS PROFILEADERANT COMPULAWCOMPULAW’S WEB PORTAL IS CORE IN PILLSBURY WINTHROP’SDUAL COURT CALENDARING RISK PREVENTION SYSTEMAs an international law firm headquartered in San Francisco, with 11 United States “...with the firm’s global proportions,offices and four overseas locations, Pillsbury Winthrop faces a highly complex they needed feature-rich software thattask in managing court calendars and professional liability. The firm has a general would allow communication amongcounsel who advises on malpractice issues, and they also maintain a professional all offices, but still be simple enough forresponsibilities committee made up of lawyers from all offices and practice areas. As their lawyers to use easily.”manager of the firm-wide calendar/docket, Bill Makinney is responsible for the courtrules in all fifty states, and his department must be ready to defend a claim anywhere.In the 1980s, a group of large firms in the Bay Area (including Pillsbury Winthrop)formed a self-insured Malpractice Consortium that sets requirements to guardagainst malpractice errors that could lead to costly lawsuits. To prevent court date anddeadline errors, the consortium mandates that each member firm create and maintaina dual calendaring system. In this system, lawyers bear the foremost responsibility forprofessional risk, but are backed up for accuracy by a centralized system.Pillsbury Winthrop installed their first automated court calendaring system in 1989.However, with the firm’s global proportions, they needed feature-rich software thatwould allow communication among all offices, but still be simple enough for theirlawyers to use easily.
  2. 2. ADERANT CASE STUDYADERANT COMPULAW WEB PORTALTHE PROCESS:Bill Makinney wanted a court rules-based calendaring program thatwould eliminate the cost of maintaining an in-house departmentof lawyers to update rules. More importantly, the software shouldmanage the entire system as the firm grows.In September 2003, Pillsbury Winthrop installed CompuLaw’s WebPortal court calendaring software. Although the consortium does notrequire that a firm use court rules-based software, Makinney believedit would strengthen accuracy, decrease cost and managementburdens and, most importantly, enable the firm to take advantageof Web-based technology that would facilitate communication withlawyers at all offices. The conversion and integration of CompuLawfrom the legacy system went smooth, with no technical difficulties.CompuLaw has a full-time staff of qualified lawyers who update rulesand provide databases for each state and special jurisdiction in whichPillsbury Winthrop practices. CompuLaw is now the department’score application. The docketing staff uses it daily to input informationand run reports.THE SOLUTION:CompuLaw’s Web Portal allows attorneys at Pillsbury Winthropto communicate and access their calendars on desktop or laptopcomputers from remote locations. Communication through theportal is rapid, and the calendar information is accessible to lawyersanywhere they have an Internet connection.In addition, the system is so easy for the lawyers to use that theyreadily maintain their end of the calendaring process, ensuring theintegrity of the system. Attorneys can view their calendars or send acalendar request directly through the program.Pillsbury Winthrop knows that they can depend on the up-to-the-minute accuracy of the rules databases and knowledge of thecalendar/docket staff. The Malpractice Insurance Consortiumperforms a bi-annual outside audit on each member firm. Thiscreates a double “watch dog” system, which, combined with PillsburyWinthrop’s firm-wide dual court calendaring system based on Vision,creates maximum risk protection.LEARN MOREContact us today to see a demonstration of the powerfulcapabilities in Aderant CompuLaw that can help you better Copyright © 2012 Aderant Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.manage, grow, and protect your firm. | | +1 888 604 2366