PHP Dependency Management with Composer
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PHP Dependency Management with Composer



A soup to nuts presentation on using Composer and repository servers to manage and leverage shared code libraries for personal projects to the largest enterprise.

A soup to nuts presentation on using Composer and repository servers to manage and leverage shared code libraries for personal projects to the largest enterprise.



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    PHP Dependency Management with Composer PHP Dependency Management with Composer Presentation Transcript

    • Sharing is Caring
    • Who Am I? • Selling Source Direct Lead Developer • Coupla CTO • Founder/Organizer of Las Vegas PHP Users Group • Co-Organizer of Las Vegas Developers Users Group • PHP Machinist Maintainer • #VegasTech Enthusiast Adam Englander @adam_englander
    • What is Dependency Management? Dependency management for this context is best described as the resolution and installation of library dependencies for a software project. This includes resolving potential conflicts between libraries and providing the dependencies for all libraries on the dependency tree.
    • Simple Example of Dependencies  My Project  PHP >= 5.5.0  Monolog >= 1.3.0, < 2.0 ○ PHP >= 5.3.0 ○ PSR Log >= 1.0, < 2.0
    • Sharing used to be hard
    • Legacy Solutions PEAR  PECL  Version Control System Sub-repositories (SVN, Git, Mercurial)  Directly adding dependencies to your codebase  Custom dependency manager  Write monolithic code bases 
    • PEAR – PHP Extension and Application Library     Multiple Repositories Private Repositories Sub-dependency version resolution Hundreds of libraries      One package install per server No common format for defining project dependencies Not extensible Each server had to be aware of repositories Publishing required
    • PECL– PHP Extension Community Library    Highly trusted libraries Hundreds of libraries Sub-dependency version resolution      One package install per server No common format for defining project dependencies No private repos Each server had to be aware of repositories Publishing required
    • VCS Sub-Repositories    Project based dependencies Private Repositories Potentially millions of libraries    Normally requires using the external library’s VCS No deep dependency management Need to monitor patches and updates to external libraries
    • Directly adding dependencies to your codebase    Project based dependencies Private Repositories Potentially millions of libraries    Project codebases have dependency code making them large and unwieldy You have to manually resolve all dependencies You have to test interoperability of all dependent libraries
    • Custom Repository Manager  If you can dream it, you can do it.   Difficult to write You must implement every feature and fix every bug
    • Monolithic Code Base   No need for dependency management Private Repositories      Harder to manage Harder to test Re-writing the same code in multiple projects. Maintaining the the same bug fixes in multiple projects. No leveraging of community code
    • DRY – Don’t repeat yourself or anyone else for that matter.
    • The Platform Composer – The fully self-contained and completely extensible client  Satis – The app for generating static servable repository data.  Packagist – The server for managing and maintaining dynamic repository data.  – The public Packagist server for open source libraries and projects. 21K+ packages. 
    • The alpha and the omega
    • Composer Overview  Command line client application for:      Searching repositories for packages Installing project skeletons Executing install/update hooks Managing project dependencies Managing project metadata Base code for servers  The only product on the platform necessary for managing dependencies in a project 
    • Installation There  Download the composer.phar from  Use the installer script from  Install from your *nix distro package manager (yum/apt/pkgsrc/homebrew)
    • Search the repositories vagrant:/$ composer search monolog monolog/monolog Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services symfony/monolog-bundle Symfony MonologBundle symfony/monolog-bridge Symfony Monolog Bridge flynsarmy/slim-monolog Monolog logging support Slim Framework logentries/logentries-monolog-handler A handler for Monolog that sends messages to kamisama/monolog-init Very basic and light Dependency Injector Container for Monolog ddtraceweb/monolog-parser A parser for monolog log entries lexik/monolog-browser-bundle This Symfony2 bundle provides a Doctrine DBAL handler for Monolog and a web UI to display log entries graze/monolog-extensions Monolog extensions for use within Graze bazo/nette-monolog-extension Nette monolog compiler extension fancyguy/wordpress-monolog WordPress Monolog Integration kmelia/monolog-stdout-handler A handler for Monolog that sends messages to stdout (with color). support
    • Installing Project Skeletons vagrant:/$ composer create-project laravel/laravel --preferdist Installing laravel/laravel (v4.1.0) - Installing laravel/laravel (v4.1.0) Downloading: 100% Created project in /tmp/laravel Loading composer repositories with package information Installing dependencies (including require-dev) - Installing filp/whoops (1.0.10) Downloading: 100% - Installing psr/log (dev-master 65f363a) Downloading: 100% …
    • Executing install/update hooks vagrant:/$ composer create-project laravel/laravel --prefer-dist Installing laravel/laravel (v4.1.0) - Installing laravel/laravel (v4.1.0) Downloading: 100% … Writing lock file Generating autoload files Generating optimized class loader Application key [TzvXWZSq0MTEuqAEhzO0Vsq3yMbJZHP0] set successfully.
    • How to Setup Install/Update Hooks { "scripts": { "post-install-cmd": [ "php artisan optimize" ], "post-update-cmd": [ "php artisan clear-compiled", "php artisan optimize" ], "post-create-project-cmd": [ "php artisan key:generate" ] } }
    • Managing Project Dependencies: Overview A project can be initialized with the init command  Project dependencies can be configured by the command line or directly in the composer.json file.  The validate command will validate the composer.json file.  The composer.lock file will lock the revision/change number of the dependencies. 
    • Managing Project Dependencies: Overview (continued) The install command will install locked versions if composer.lock is present or act like the update command if not.  The update command will update the library versions and the composer.lock file.  Running the Composer binary without any commands will list the available commands.  Running the help command will provide help 
    • Managing Project Metadata: Overview  The composer specification allows for the following metadata:        Description – package description Type – I.E. project or library Keywords – Aid in searching repositories Homepage – Project homepage License – License type for the package Authors – Information about the authors Support – Information for obtaining support regarding the library
    • Managing Project Metadata: Example { "name": "composer/composer", "description": "Dependency Manager", "keywords": ["package", "dependency", "autoload"], "homepage": "", "type": "library", "license": "MIT", "authors": [ { "name": "Nils Adermann", "email": "", "homepage": "" } ], "support": { "irc": "irc://", "issues": "" } }
    • Managing Dependency Conflicts  You can manually resolve conflicts between in dependencies when:  Changing the version of one of the dependent packages that causes the conflict is not an option  The version you choose will not negatively effect either dependent package. "monolog/monolog": "1.7.0 as 1.6.0"
    • Applying Forks as Dependencies Alternate repositories can be used to provide versions with aliases  One of the following must be true for Composer to use an alternate repository:   The repository specifying the alias is listed before the repository containing original package in the composer.json file.  The repository containing original package does not have a version specified by the alias (risky)
    • Applying Forks as Dependencies: Example { "repositories": [ { "type": "vcs", "url": "" } ], "require": { "symfony/monolog-bundle": "2.0", "monolog/monolog": "dev-myfix as 1.0.x-dev” } }
    • Managing Repositories  Repositories hold package information in multiple types:       – Default repository Composer (Packagist/Satis/Manual) VCS (git/mercurial/subversion) PEAR – Using PEAR channels Artifact – Pre-built artifacts Package – Using libraries that All repositories except “Package” require a composer.json file.  Repository additions must be on the root package. 
    • Repository Will be the final repository searched  Enabled by default but can be disabled:  { "repositories": [ { "packagist": false } ] }
    • Composer Repository Provides a packages.json file.  Defined by URL. Path contains file.  Example inclusion:  { "repositories": [ { "type": "composer", "url": } ] }
    • VCS Repository Composer client will scan VCS repositories to find branches and tags with a composer.json file in the root.  Package name from the composer.json file.  Version is from the branch/tag name. Branch versions will be prefixed with dev-. 
    • Pear Repository  Composer access to existing PEAR channels. { repositories: [ { "type": "pear", "url": “”, “vendor-alias”: “phpunit” } ] }  Access repository packages via channel or alias  “”: “>=3.7.0”  “phpunit/PHPUnit”: “>=3.7.0”
    • Artifact Repository   Scans directory of zip files with composer.json files in the root of the zip. Uses package and version in composer.json file. { "repositories": [ { "type": "artifact", "url": "path/to/zips/dir” } ] }
    • Package Repository Defines the package and versions in the composer.json file.  Uses the same format as packages.json file from Composer repository.  Allows for providing shared code that is not available by any of the other means. 
    • Package Repository Example {“packages”: [ { "type": "package", "package": { "name": ”smarty/smarty", "version": ”3.1.7", "dist": { "url": "", "type": "zip” } } } ]}
    • Simple repository management for small organizations
    • Satis: Easy as Pie Maintain a JSON based meta-data file with the list of repositories to scour.  Execute the command and it will provide:   Composer compliant packages.json file  HTML file with instructions on adding the repository to a composer.json file as well as a filterable list.
    • Satis: Repository Cache If the archive section is configured in the Satis meta-data file, Satis will scan all repositories defined and create local archives  If options require-dependencies is set to true, it will also cache dependencies. This only works on known packages in the defined repositories.  Here’s a link to an excellent article on how to affectively cache 
    • Satis Metadata Example { "name": "My Repository", "homepage": "", "repositories": [ { "type": "vcs", "url": "" } ], "require-all": true }
    • Satis Conclusions      Simple to use Easy to deploy Full PHP implementation Uses static files for hosting Can cache repositories from VCS and Packagist     Requires management of a config file Becomes unwieldy for large numbers of packages Limited search and package information Requires shared disk for HA
    • The enterprise repository manager
    • Packagist…and a bag of chips Web based package management  Optimized search via Solr  Allows for high availability via MySQL  API for remotely triggering package scans  Package statistics 
    • Packagist Conclusions     Web based management interface Solr based search HA capable Virtually unlimited package management     No archives for non Github/BitBucket VCS repositories Complex architecture Requires MySQL and Solr knowledge and management Only VCS packages
    • Your one stop shop for open source projects and libraries
    • One Repository to Rule Them All 21,762 packages (1/7/2014)  Default package manager for Composer  Free accounts to register/maintain packages  Contains nearly every widely used open source PHP package  Just use it! 
    • Registering a package       Get a user Log in Click “Submit a Package” Enter the URL for your public repository Click “Check” Optionally but suggested: Register a commit hook to scan for updates on commit.  Github has a pre-configured hook  BitBucket can use a POST hook