CHICAGO AMA l Lead Generation l Consulting & Prof Services SIG March 1 Event


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  • You won’t be very successful in a room full of competitors.Where can I find some decision-makers or influencers who aren’t in defensive mode?
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  • CHICAGO AMA l Lead Generation l Consulting & Prof Services SIG March 1 Event

    1. 1. Lead Generation forProfessional Services March, 1 2012
    2. 2. Three take-awaysTargetFish where they ain’tManage the pipeline
    3. 3. CBD is a b2b and b2c marketing services agency that clarifies andarticulates whats most meaningful about your brand, product or service and helps you build more intimate and profitablerelationships with your customers.
    4. 4. CBD Integrated Approach• Brand• Demand• Targeted media• Measurement and performance analysis• Maximize successes
    5. 5. Experience
    6. 6. Common ComplaintsI don’t have enough leadswe don’t close enoughonce we get a client, we keep them forevercan we get prospects to call us who are______________
    7. 7. Maybe there’s a reasonWho are you? (Product)what are you saying about you? (Promotion)where are you promoting yourself? (Place)are you targeting?
    8. 8. “Room full of prospects” doesn’t exist
    9. 9. Do you know who they are?Who is your current customer?Who is your aspirational customer? new verticals new size
    10. 10. B2B vs. B2C Business Consumer Emotion plus data Emotion Long buy-cycle Short to medium buy cycles Low to high value Low to medium value Multiple audiences Few audiences More information for different Typically less information. audiences Look at CLV when analyzing ROI and audiences.
    11. 11. Increase your oddsCBD CriteriaWin-able versus Do-ableType, geography, size, intangibles, opportunity Local—everyone Midwest—cold with strong verticals Coast—must be good friends
    12. 12. Is marketing speaking with sales?Are you aligned on…What IS a leadCommon language What does “qualified” mean?Who nurtures leadsHow marketing supports salesProcess with inbound leads
    13. 13. Takeaway #2Mantra—Fish where they ain’tExamples Trade shows Associations
    14. 14. Content MarketingTake one idea and cook it a number of ways.White paperPresentationMultiple blogsVideo
    15. 15. Vertical ExpertiseBecome an expert in a new vertical—how does my businessinfluence or affect this vertical? • Thought leadership? • Smarter than your current provider. • Make us plan b. • Is there a back-door (smaller project, different division)*back-door does not mean loss-leader
    16. 16. Getting found onlineSocial media—thought leadership is a mustSearchNew content—thoughts on new topicsTwitter, Linkedin, Youtube
    17. 17. Opportunity knocks—manage your funnelDo we want to work with them?Right size?Right services?Right circumstance?Are we a good fit?Winnable versus doable?Profitable?How will this affect other business?What defines success with this client?
    18. 18. MeasureTrack inquiries, sources, results.Cold calling—low resultsDirect mail—expensive, targeting a must. 2012 OpportunitiesProspect Date In Source Final Est. Date Result Cost Deliverable Budget Out
    19. 19. Managing the funnelBe realistic True opportunities Value Closing ratio TimingA nice maybe=NO Pipeline ReportProspect Est. Revenue Close Next Date Internal Probability ContactStage One: Initial MeetingStage Two: Second Meeting/RFPStage Three: Decision
    20. 20. Stalla Case Study
    21. 21. Doug CBD_dougdavila Thank you!