Future classroom with unlimited budget


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Future classroom with unlimited budget

  1. 1. Project ProposalPrepared for: ICTPrepared by: Irene Lim,UndergraduateOctober 31, 2011Universiti Brunei Darussalam
  2. 2. Executive SummaryObjectiveTo provide students with safe and comfortable learning environment.GoalsUpgrade current Science classrooms with more technology and fix minor malfunctionsSolutionThe solutions for a better future are listed into 3 categories which are seating arrangement, layout of the room andtechnology that are build into the classroom.Seating ArrangementThe teacher’s bench will be located at the centre of the room which is surrounded by the students’ bench. The students’bench are located in front and at both side of the teacher’s bench. This is so that every students can see and hear theteacher so that they don’t left out any instructions.Layout of the RoomThe room must be brightly coloured with adjustable lighting. This ensures that experiments that are needed to be conductedin the dark can be achieved. The room must be coloured with soft coloured paint to avoid fatigue on the eyes. A glass for awall ensures natural lighting fills the room. The glass wall is made up of Smart glass which can turn opaque to allow privacyor to allow some experiment to be conducted in the dark. The degree of opaque can be controlled to adapt for each lesson.Technology That Are Build Into the ClassroomEach students will have their own workstation. Each workstation is composed of iPads/laptops with high speed internet.This ensures that information can be obtained from the internet whenever the student needs it. This eliminates the need oflooking at a book which requires trees to be cut down just to be made. In simple words, It reduces pollution and saves theforest.The teacher will have a large board to show students demonstration of experiments which cannot be done in conventionalclassrooms. Such practicals are dissection of human or a nuclear reaction in the nuclear plant. The boards can be in theform of smart board, interactive white board or the prototype interactive wall that is designed by Panasonic.CCTV should be installed in the class as well to monitor progress of students remotely. This encourages the students to dotheir work and it also serves as a form of security to prevent theft.Fibre optic wires should be used so that transferring data can be smooth. Students can hand in their homework orclasswork without the lag which can corrupt the data.Future Science Classroom with Unlimited Budget 1
  3. 3. The diagram below is a sketch of the proposed classroom in bird’s eye view.Future Science Classroom with Unlimited Budget 2