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Dec. 2011 Wolfpack newsletter
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Dec. 2011 Wolfpack newsletter


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Dec. 2011 family newsletter from Task Force Wolfpack on Forward Operating Base (FOB) Salerno, Afghanistan. Task Force Wolfpack is part of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade serving in Regional …

Dec. 2011 family newsletter from Task Force Wolfpack on Forward Operating Base (FOB) Salerno, Afghanistan. Task Force Wolfpack is part of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade serving in Regional Command-East.

Published in: News & Politics, Sports

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  • 1. Wolfpack DispatchVol 1, Issue 3 FOB Salerno, Afghanistan Christmas Edition December 2011
  • 2. Dear Families and Friends of the Wolfpack,We hope you enjoy the third edition of the Wolfpack Dispatch,our unit newsletter from Afghanistan. The intent of this publication is tokeep everyone on the home front up to date with the unit activities at FOBSalerno.The Wolfpack continues to be exceptionally busy, and December wasanother thirty days that flew by. We surely missed our families and friendson the home front over the holidays, but sincerely appreciated the literallyTONS of stocking stuffers, decorations, cookies and cakes, decorations,and holiday music and movies. The support of everyone back home hasbeen absolutely fantastic and is the strongest I have seen for a deployedunit. We almost became overwhelmed by the number and size of boxesand holiday wishes from home. Thank you FRG and friends of theWolfpack!The weather here is still pretty nice. It is cold in the late evening and earlymorning and pleasant during the day. The relatively clear skies have keptus flying 24 hours a day without respite. We are not complaining - this iswhat we all deployed to Afghanistan to accomplish. Task Force Wolfpack,along with the entire 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade team, continue on arecord setting pace of flight hours and support to ground forces. We are allproud to be part of such a remarkable unit.All the Way, Airborne!V/rLTC John M. CyrulikCommander, Task Force WolfpackWolf 6
  • 3. Happy Birthday CSM Inniss From the TF WOLFPACK FamilyTask Force Wolfpack surprised CSM Inniss with a birthdaycake presented by SGT Evans.
  • 4. Dear Wolfpack Families, December has been a busy and interesting month. First of all, we would like to sendout a special thank you to the Wolfpack FRG. Your hard work and dedication produced ahomemade stocking filled with goodies for every Soldier in the Task Force. For that, we aretruly thankful. Dec. 10, we had the pleasure of witnessing a total lunar eclipse. The rare eventbegan at 6:16pm and grabbed the attention of all that exited their doors that evening. The weather was great for viewingthe celestial event as the skies were clear and air was cool. The moon appeared to be close enough to reach out and grab asit neared its peak of totality at 07:36pm with several Soldiers viewing it from the rooftops. A little over two hours after itspeak, the eclipse came to an end at 09:48pm. The December Soldier of the Month and NCO of the Month Board proved to be a challenge for several of ourWolfpack Soldiers. Our winners, SSG Paul Austin and SPC Crystal Brown, were chosen to compete at the BrigadeTrooper/NCO of the Quarter Competition at Bagram Airfield. SPC Brown fared well, but didn’t come out on top. SSGAustin didn’t return from his well deserved R&R in time to compete, but we are confident that he will make anotherappearance in the future. Kudos goes out to these two Soldiers from Delta Company. Brigadier General Volesky visited FOB Salerno to present the Combat Action Badge to two deserving aviators aswell as CJTF-1 coins to three dedicated maintainers. 1LT Curtis Dotson and CW2 Erik Schuster received CAB’s. Theiractions above the battlefield saved the lives of several Soldiers and was instrumental in the mission success of the groundforce commander. The recipients of the CJTF-1 coins were SGT T.J. Madden, SPC Michael Carter and SPC RicardoGonzalez. Their daily maintenance expertise keep our aircraft flying and the Soldiers on the ground safe. Our own CSM Kirk Inniss celebrated his birthday in a surprising fashion. After the conclusion of a farewell dinnerfor Cowboy Dustoff, a birthday cake by LTC Cyrulik and MAJ McQuown was presented to CSM Inniss. CSM Innisshumbly spoke about getting older and challenged all of the Soldiers half of his age to excel physically and be modelSoldiers. We would like to send our farewell wishes to Cowboy Dustoff (MEDEVAC Company) as well as TF Duke. All ofyour hard work and dedication to the mission has not gone unnoticed. Dustoff has been the saving grace for countlessSoldiers and has performed their mission in the most austere conditions. Thank you for never leaving a fallen comrade. TFDuke has been the guiding force behind operations in our part of RC-East and has conducted hundreds of groundoperations. They have made Eastern Afghanistan a safer place and will be missed. Last, during this month in 1962, 1st Battalion 82nd Aviation was activated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina asCompany A, 82nd Aviation Battalion, an element of the 82nd Airborne Division. A Co assets significantly increased theDivisions mission capabilities and provided a highly mobile and responsive source of combat power to the DivisionCommander. The unit first saw combat in the Republic of Vietnam and A Co became known as the "Wolfpack" adoptingthe name as its call sign. Thank You for your support-you are in our hearts. Until next month, PFC Erin M. Dierschow, TF Wolfpack PAO Photo taken courtesy of 1LT Dan Liebetreu on 10 Dec. 2011
  • 5. December Issue Cowboy DustOff Great Moments“I’m going to miss the gym.” -On the radio, “Morphine 06, this is Shark 6, I need you to come get an ear plug out of my“I’m going to miss the gravel.” ear.” -On 2 separate occasions.“I’m going to miss the big birds.””10 year supply girl scout cookies that we havenot gotten to the bottom of.”“Nebraska belt buckle.”“Russ Graham’s 45 packages a day and his100lb box of Beanie Babies.”“Listening to Mr. Oelrich run into a gator in themiddle of the night, the sound he made.”“Practical jokes’, freezing SPC Buettner’s I.D.card in cherry-flavored Jell-O.”“Losing a sked on an urgent medevac mission(no ones life was compromised due to the lossof the sked, there was a back up).”“pilots saying things they do not know the -On the radio “Shark 6, what are his vitals?”meaning of, for ex: LZ is cherry” “Pilot flying around with a pretty female CPT“Accidentally taking a shower in the female 3km from Wilderness gets a chip light and setsshower upon arrival (no one was violated it down in the Wadi.”during the accidental incident and there arenow coded locks on every shower and latrineon the installation).”“There is no dancing on the FOB, ‘HEYYOU! GET OFF THAT ROOF!”-On the radio, “Anyone that calls themselves aCowboy, this is Tigershark 6.” In response,“I’m a cowboy”.“SFC Kowlok’s face while eating a piece ofcrystallized ginger.”“Watching another soldier eat 2 tubs of frostingover $20.00,” “Cowboy butts drive me nuts” 5
  • 6. Farewell From Cowboy DustoffFrom Cowboy Dustoff... Cowboy Dustoffs time on deployment is getting short. We welcomed ourreplacements, F/5-159th Devil Ray Dustoff (Army Reserve from Clearwater, Florida)about a week ago. We were so happy to see them, we had a cheering section by ourcommand post as the Devil Rays main body arrived. We have been training them up on the MEDEVAC missionhere at Salerno, and the Devil Rays are doing well and learning quickly. You will be hearing from theircommander, CPT Daneault, in the next Wolfpack newsletter.Heres a recap of the accomplishments of Cowboy Dustoff over the last 10 months on Active Duty: January, 2011, Cowboy Dustoff is mobilized in Cheyenne, WY. We moved to Ft Hood, Texas, on 13 January forpost-mobilization training, and started moving to Afghanistan around the second week of March. On 23 March2011, Cowboy Dustoff assumed the MEDEVAC mission from Witchdoctor Dustoff of the West Virginia ArmyNational Guard. Since then, we have flow over 1000 hours on three UH-60 aircraft performing the combatMEDEVAC mission in Eastern Afghanistan. The Cowboys have transported about 650 patients, with half of thosepatients critically wounded that would had not have survived without rapid transport to the medical treatmentfacility, while our flight medics performed lifesaving medical care en route. We will be done with our missionaround the first part of January, and will be headed back to Ft Hood, Texas, to de-mobilize. We will be at Ft Hoodabout a week, then will be going on terminal leave and will return back to our homes. The Cowboys are spreadout, and have homes in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. Our team will be conducting monthlyweekend drills for a stabilization period of 90 days. After the stabilization time, some of the Cowboys will bemoving on to different assignments within the State and National Guard Bureau, and some of the Cowboys will begoing back into Charlie Company to continue their MEDEVAC career. Cowboy Dustoff is privileged to have the opportunity to work as a part of the Wolfpack team. TF Wolfpack hasprovided excellent support to the Cowboys over the past three months. Thanks to TF Wolfpack for all they havedone over the past three months! Thanks to the Devil Rays for relieving us and taking on the extremely importantMEDEVAC mission here at Salerno. Good flying and best of luck to TF Wolfpack and their new Devil RayDustoff MEDEVAC team!LTC Dane Rodgers
  • 7. December Issue RedHawksRedhawks,Happy Holidays from FOB Salerno. Despite our expectations, Decemberhas been a great month for flying over the beautiful scenery of NorthEastern Afghanistan. We are taking advantage while we can andconducting training flights along with our daily missions. We continue tofly more hours per airframe than any other OEF predecessor.SPC Kurt Jamrus’ hard work got him recognized by LTC Cyrulik as beingthe “Maintainer of the Week.” SPC Kurt Jamrus received an ArmyAchievement Medal for his mission dedication and work ethic.We said farewell to two outstanding officers. CPT Kiel Towns and CPTJoel Duque-Estrada both left the Redhawks in order to fill positions as StaffOfficers.We also welcomed 1LT Benjamin Winner and the incoming Commander,CPT Christopher Rossi.Seeing as this will be the last newsletter that I write as Redhawk 6, I wouldlike to thank all of you for your support during my command. It has beenan honor to lead your troopers in combat.All The Way,CPT Jesse HillRedhawk 6 7
  • 8. December Issue Greywolves This is the time every year, where families get together and celebrate thevarious winter holidays. Since we can’t be with our families this year, we look toour brothers and sisters in arms for support during this time when we want to beat home with our families. I guess you can say that our stockings are hanging with care as we receiveda very generous gift of individually named stockings for each of us from thegenerous folks at Stockings for Soldiers–Delaware, and of course our very ownFRG. These wonderful people prepared more than 85 stockings for the Soldiersof HHC to help them with a little holiday spirit in Afghanistan. For Christmas, our very own Chaplain Shenton gave a Christmas Dayservice as well as a joint Christmas Eve Service that many waited withanticipation to attend. Congratulations are in order as SPC Andrea Clausell was inducted into theNCO Corps. Her hard work and dedication paid off, and we look forward toseeing her grow as a leader. I would like to take a moment to highlight the efforts of a whole lot of sweatand hard work from the Soldiers of HHC. Many of us have been getting andkeeping ourselves physically fit, despite our busy schedules and crazy hours. Allof this hard work has paid off, and it is with pride that I announce that we haveraised our Company’s PT score average by 50 points and have dropped a total of70 inches and approximately 350 lbs! A few of our Soldiers have already madeit back from R&R and it seems that the average time it is taking for Soldiers toget home is 5 days. A big THANK YOU goes out to our wonderful FRG for our beautifulChristmas tree and decorations!! It definitely helped to make it seem more likethe holidays.Until next time….take care of each other,CPT Alicia Stahlberg– GW061SG Nathan Mahaney– GW07“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forgeyourself one.”-Henry David Thoreau“Without sweat and toil no work is made perfect.”-Latin proverb 8
  • 9. December Issue RoughnecksRoughneck Friends and Family, We are grateful to the people who have The Holiday season came to Alpha Troop gone out of their ways to make our daily livesfaster than any of us expected, bringing with and the Christmas season special withit the arrival of some new pilots from Fort bountiful amounts of care packages. We allBragg, 1LT Mike Phillips and CW2 Adam appreciate the gifts and treats from all theEpley. Mike hails from the Merchant Marine families and friends of our Troopers thatAcademy, and is obviously confused about bring us a little bit of home. We’d especiallyhow he ended up here; while Adam is a like to thank the Nail and Wetzel families, theformer Air Defense Artilleryman looking to Martins, Pfirrmans, Kawoczkas, Kruegers,finally do “real” army work. While we Henrys, Clarks, DeMiccos, Imhoffs,greeted them, we also welcomed back SPC Callaghans, Bill Nelson and our friends atDelwin Cosmo Samuelson, who hit the HBO, the American Foreign Legion, theground running and jumped right into our fast Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Knights ofpaced twenty-four hour maintenance. They Columbus, and the Rockingham Wesleyanarrived just in time to catch the beginning of Church, NC. Also, special props to Laceythe incentive flight program, which lets our Ash and her entire office for the awesomecrew chiefs and other non-aviators participate banana bread. Thanks to you all, the troop hasin flights with pilots near the airfield, getting been able to decorate the office, stuffa feel for the aircraft, a new stockings, and drive ourselves crazyperspective on Salerno, and an understanding wondering what’s in the mystery boxesof what driving a convertible with the top (“What’s in the BOX?!”).down in Alaska must feel like. We appreciate the outstanding support This month we had a Non-Commissioned and continued encouragement that youOfficer induction ceremony and celebrated provide, and we thrive on knowing that youthe promotion of SGT Zachary Zochol and are behind us and give us our drive andSGT Venkata Satram to E-5. These guys have purpose. ROUGHNECK Troop succeedsdone a phenomenal job leading and motivat- because of the families and the great soldiersing the troop and we’re happy to recognize who comprise it, and I am daily humbled andtheir achievements. We look forward to more honored to serve with them.great work from them. We would also like tocongratulate SFC Robbin Kadish on his David Kruegerselection for promotion to Master Sergeant. Roughneck 26 We’re excited to continue sending someof our boys on leave, letting them rechargeand spend time with family in the States.From those of us who are taking our leave abit later, we wish you all a Merry Christmasand know that you’re in our daily thoughts.We wish our friends and families the best aswe all enjoy the Holidays. 9
  • 10. December Issue RedWolves Alpha Company REDWOLVES When asked, how do you feel aboutwould like to say thank you to all of the the Iraq war being over, a REDWOLF pilotfamilies, friends and supporters for the Thanks- responded “I feel what I did there made agiving Day treats and decorations. With all your difference in that country.”support, the REDWOLVES had a greatThanksgiving holiday. It is always nice to be With Christmas almost upon us, theserved turkey dinner by the Task Force REDWOLVES would like to thank ourCommander and Sergeant Major. families, friends, FRG, and all of the supporters for the Christmas treats and decorations. Thanks Even with holiday season upon us, the to all of you, we have a nicely decorated treeoperational tempo has not slowed down one bit. with delicious cookies underneath it. TheThe pilots and crew chiefs are working around REDWOLVES motivation is at an all time highthe clock to keep Apaches in the air to support due to the number of care packages we havethe ground forces. received. A special thanks to Mrs. Sickler for all the delicious salsa. The REDWOLVES would The month of December brought us a like to wish everyone back at home a verynew ground unit to FOB Salerno. We will be Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.saying goodbye to TF Duke and welcomingTask Force Spartan. This will give the RED- CPT Robert SicklerWOLVES another opportunity to show anotherunit that we are the best Apache Company in REDWOLF 06the Army. One soldier in particular is showingjust how tough and motivated the RED-WOLVES are. SSG William Rivard, 1stPlatoon Sergeant, suffered a broken arm thismonth, but continues to work at a pace thatwould be tough with two arms. This just goes toshow how mentally and physically tough theREDWOLVES are. We would like to con-gratulate SPC Franklin Perry for receiving Miranda Isabelle MoralesMaintainer of the week for the first week ofDecember. The REDWOLVES would like toannounce our newest Pilot in Command,Captain Kyle Tomasino. We would also like towelcome a new edition to the REDWOLFfamily, SPC Morales was blessed last monthwith a new baby girl, Miranda Isabelle Morales. With most of the REDWOLF aviatorsbeing on their first deployment as pilot, theycontinue to show their skill and maturity indealing with the difficult flying conditions thatAfghanistan has to offer. Due to excellentmaintenance and accident free flying, theREDWOLVES have completed every missionasked of them. Speaking about completing missions,December brings the official end to the war inIraq. With many REDWOLVES also seeingdeployments to Iraq, this month brings amoment to reflect on accomplishmentsREDWOLVES have made in Iraq. 10
  • 11. December Issue Zeppelin Happy Holidays from the Members of It is certainly an exciting time for BB Co 7-158th Aviation Regiment. Co 7-158th. We continue to work hardWhile it is not comparable to being through the holiday season with thehome with our loved ones, we find thoughts and prayers for our loved onessolace amongst our fellow Soldiers back home. We look forward to comingduring the Holidays. Many of us are home soon and seeing the smiling facesmarking the Holiday season as a last that we know so well.major time hurdle before coming homewhich in of itself, makes the holidays avery joyful event. To add to the CPT Christopher M. Ruffpleasant atmosphere, leadership is be-ginning to plan the demobilization proc- ZEPPELIN 06ess. The light at the end of the tunnel isdefinitely coming into view and welook forward to being back with youevery day. We continue to remain very busycarrying out the missions we areassigned. Presently, 1st Infantry Divi-sion, Duke Brigade is moving out of ourArea of Operation and is being replacedby 25th ID Spartan Brigade. We areresponsible for moving the troops inand out of the outer lying ForwardOperations Bases (FOBs) back toSalerno for their preparation to gohome. Staying busy is the trick tomaking time go by faster, so weembrace the challenge whole heartedly.We continue to effectively support theSpecial Operation missions as well. Weknow that the 82nd Aviation BrigadeCommand appreciates our enthusiasmfor the missions they assign to us. One of the greatest morale enhancersin Army Aviation is awarding unit andindividual medals. Our leadership teamis currently creating and submittingpaperwork for a Unit award that everySoldier will be able to honorably wear.The majority of Soldiers that deployedwill receive individual awards for thehard work and sacrifices they made. 11
  • 12. December Issue Timberwolves Delta Company would like to start this Soldiers to the rank of Sergeant. SPCmonth’s news letter by wishing all of Covarrubias, and SPC Ghimire joinedour family and friends back in the states the ranks of the NCO Corps. For theira Merry Christmas and a Happy New outstanding maintenance support andYear. The Timberwolves continue to technical expertise, SPC Hoganprovide outstanding maintenance received the Army Achievement to the Task Force. The Timber- SPC Brown won the Battalion Soldierwolves have had a productive month of the Month Board, and will representwith our Soldiers receiving awards, the Task Force at the 82nd CAB Soldiergetting promoted, and winning boards. of the Quarter Board. We would like to thank all of the Joining the Timberwolves family arefamilies and friends for the support that SGT Bloodworth from Fort Hood, TXthey have been giving to their deployed and SPC Howard from Fort Stewart,troopers. Thank you to Janet Cox, GA. Both soldiers are currentlyBobbie Kiser, and Valerie Chisnell for working in the Tech Supply section.the handmade blankets that they sent We would like to say good bye to SGTout to some of our Soldiers. Thank you Rubothin and SPC Brough, bothto Alison White for her continued work troopers have redeployed back to theas the D Company FRG Leader. To all states to start their clearing process toof our family members who continue to get out of the Army.send care packages we thank you somuch, and please continue to support CPT Kirk K. Shandsyour Soldiers. TimberWolf 06 Congratulations go out this month toseveral of the Timberwolves.Congratulations are in order to SFCStewart and SFC Lendeborg for makingthe list to Master Sergeant. Stewart andLendeborg are both outstanding NCOs,and the promotions are well deserved.Additionally, SGT Austin and SGTThow were promoted to the rank ofStaff Sergeant. We also promoted two 12
  • 13. December Issue LonewolvesLONEWOLF FAMILY AND FRIENDS Assistance Force in supporting the Government of the Islamic Republic ofGreetings and salutations from the Afghanistan.Lonewolves! Upon the completion of athird of the deployment, we along with the I would like to hail PV2 Jeremy Phynonrest of Task Force Wolfpack are doing well. (92L Petroleum Laboratory Specialist),The company’s overall morale remains high SGT Heather Gibson, SSG Eric Decker,as we spend a majority of our “off time” PV2 Andrace Jones (89B Ammunitionwatching movies, working out, taking Specialist), and the incoming companycollege courses to further our educations, commander, CPT Michael Simmons and alland sharing stories with one another; build- of their families to the the esprit-de-corps within the company. Additionally, I would like to welcome the newest Lonewolf babies: KolsynThe winter is officially here. We are Almendariz, the son of Kellie and SPCstarting to see the temperature plummet in Gahman, and Destiny Marie Knox, thethe first days of December. The highs are daughter of Christiane and SGT Knox.around 72 degrees and the low is a wintry Welcome to the world!33 degrees Fahrenheit. The snow hasbegun to pileup on the mountain peaks and As I relinquish command after 18 months, Ithe frost is coming out of the Soldiers’ would like to thank all of the Lonewolvesmouths. and their families for their steadfast loyalty and dedication. The successes we have beenThe Troopers are continuously staying fortunate to experience are a direct result ofbusy. Headquarters Platoon has been the extraordinary effects of our outstandingcompleting administrative actions and Troopers and leaders. To my FRG team,receiving/distributing the wealth of mail you truly understand that the strength of theduring the holiday season. From the start, Nation is our Army; the strength of ourour Distribution Platoon has been setting Army is our Soldiers; the strength of ourrecords by refueling 3,000 aircraft, issuing Soldiers is our Families. I salute you all andmore than 700,000 gallons of fuel, and wish you the best as you continue on withissuing thousands of tons of ammunition. your rendezvous with destiny.The Maintenance Platoon has beenconducting scheduled and un-scheduled Airborne, All the Way!maintenance on over 65 vehicles andproviding FOB security, ensuring a safe and CPT Scovellsecure work environment. Lonewolf 06As a team we haveunrelentingly stayed focus onthe mission in support of fullspectrum aviation operationsin order to expand stabilityand security, neutralizeinsurgent forces, and assistInternational Security 13
  • 14. Congratulations!!! Listed below are the Troopers who were promoted, received an award, or reenlisted. Below those are our Troopers with recent Birthdays! Promoted Awarded SSG Austin, Paul Army Achievement Medal Task Force Wolfpack NCO of the Month SSG Thow, Pia CPT Duque Estrada, Paul SGT Adzoble, Koku SGT Austin, Paul CPT Towns, Kiel SGT Clausell, Andrea SGT Covarrubias, John CPT Derda, Lukaz SGT Ghimire, Arun Task Force Wolfpack 1LT Roberts, Brett Soldier of the Month SGT Satram, Venkata SGT Zochol, Zachary SGT Way, Patrick SPC Brown, Crystal SPC Allen, Paris SPC Adams, David SPC Brown, Raymond SPC Hogan, Jessica Commanding General Coin SPC Burt, Ryan SPC Taber, Daniel SPC Holder, Robert SGT Madden, TJ PFC Acosta, Elysse SPC Forgotch, Kelly SPC Carter, Michael PFC Guttierez, Jose PFC Khounborinh, Justin SPC Franklin, Perry SPC Gonzalez, Ricardo PFC Olson, Brandon SPC Jamrus, Kurt PFC Stewart, Delano SPC Mann, Brandon Combat Action Badge PFC Watkins, Ronald SPC Murdock, Lucas 1LT Dotson, Curtis SPC Pabo, Lanupakai CW2 Schuster, Erik PFC Watkins, Ronald Happy Birthday!!PFC Broome, Earnest SPC Sanders, Damian SSG Pirlot, DanielPFC Brown, Raymond SGT Brandenburg, Ricky SSG Tann, VictoriaPFC Patrick, Donald SGT Burke, Stephen SSG Tune, JohnPFC Paynter, Austin SGT Busanet, Monica SSG Whight, BenjaminSPC Atencio, Thomas SGT Gamble, Terrance SFC Khoonsrivong, AlexSPC Buwalda, John SGT Jackson, Seandale 1SG Edwards, KelvinSPC Chan, Jonathan SGT Joseph, Syria CSM Inniss, KirkSPC Durham, Michael SGT McCaskill, Chad CW2 Hoover, GriffinSPC Efurd, Jesse SGT Roberts, Lakisha CW2 Hunt, JonSPC Gomez, Bridgett SGT Sullivan, Adam CW2 Lambert, EdwardSPC Hardy, Kevin SGT Thow, Pia CW2 Saylor, BarryeSPC Leffler, Gregory SGT Zabala, Ismael CW2 Uber, JacobSPC McDonald, Eric SSG Frederick, Rasheek CW3 Meads, ByronSPC Ochs, Daniel SSG Gille, Brian CW4 Erdmann, BrandonSPC Pentycoffe, Aubrey SSG Kowlok, John 1LT Liebetreu, DanielSPC Rogers, Nathan SSG Maldonado, Jose CPT Vance, Jeffrey 14
  • 15. RE-ENLISTMENTSPC BLACK35F Intelligence AnalystReenlisted for 4 years 15
  • 16. TF WOLFPACK RST Grace and peace from the Wolfpack God So Loved the WorldReligious Support Team. Praise God for his continuedblessing and protection on us each and every day. Our Father up in heaven, long, long years ago, Some ministry highlights since our last Looked down in His great mercycorrespondence include a spirit-filled Thanksgiving upon the earth belowDay service which included tremendous worshipthrough song, prayer, testimony and thanksgiving. And saw the folks were lonelyPastor Ferguson, of the Gospel service, brought us an and lost in deep dispair,inspiring message. Furthermore, we continue our wayreading through the Bible at the E100 Bible study on And so He said, “I’ll send My SonMonday and Thursday nights. We are just about to walk among them therethrough the Book of Exodus. We have also shown two So they can hear him speakingof Lee Strobel’s movies, “The Case for Faith” and “TheCase for the Creator.” Wednesdays during lunch we and feel His nearness, too,gather for our midweek prayer meeting and fellowship. And see the many miricles that faith alone can do.We continually offer prayers for all you back home. For I know it will be easier to As week look forward to Christmas, we have afull complement of services to accommodate all faith believe and understandtraditions. Although I will greatly miss worshiping with If man can see and talk to Himmy family and friends back at Ft. Bragg, I am excited and touch his healing hand.”about leading our collective Christmas Eve and ChapelNext Christmas Day services here. I am expecting So whenever we have troublesnothing less than a mighty work of God across our and we’re overcome with cares,ranks. We can take it all to Jesus, for He Understands our prayers. ~Helen Steiner Rice Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! Chaplain Shenton 16
  • 17. SPOTLIGHT ON Troopers Every month each 1SG picks an outstanding Trooper to represent his Company/Troop.C/5-159, SPC Wendt, JesseMOS: 15N – Avionics MechanicHometown: Minneapolis, MNSPC Wendt has a daughterQ. What recreational activities do you participate in here onFOB SalernoA. Lift weights and Skype with my fiancé and other family rela-tives.Q. What do you like most about this deployment?A. The fact that I get to do my Army job everyday and not justdrill weekends.Q. What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A. It is a great FOB for a first time deplorer.Q. How does your MOS impact this deployment?A. I help maintain aircraft for the MEDEVAC missions.3 Goals for DeploymentEducational – “Become a better poker player”Professional – “Have a better understanding of my MOS”Personal – “Go home in one piece” HHC/1-82, Tiffany Rupp MOS: 92Y – Supply Specialist Hometown: South Bend, IN SPC Rupp has a husband and two sons Q. What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno A. I focus on my education and Skype with my family. Q. What do you like most about this deployment? A. The experience and the extra pay. Q. What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A. From what I’ve seen and heard, Salerno is the resort of Afghanistan. I can’t complain. Q. How does your MOS impact this deployment? A. 92Ys ensure that needed equipment and supplies are on hand and available. This not only contributes to success in completing missions, but also boosts mo- rale. 3 Goals for Deployment Educational – “Complete my bachelor’s degree in Psychology” Professional – “Earn my promotion to SGT and work on my OCS packet” Personal – “Communicate as much as possible with my family, especially my boys. Improve physical fitness.” 17
  • 18. A/1-17, SGT Sutton, Brandon “Pug”MOS: 15S - CrewchiefHometown: Dallas, TXSGT Sutton is married with no kids.Q. What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB SalernoA. Go to church (everyone is invited), go to the gym, play basketball, and hang outwith other Soldiers in the Troop.Q. What do you like most about this deployment?A. Hanging out with the guys.Q. What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A. Not bad. It has a nice gym and the chow is pretty good.Q. How does your MOS impact this deployment?A. 2 Scoops.3 Goals for DeploymentEducational – “Study for A & P”Professional – “Advance in career by getting a promotion”Personal – “Have a Christ like influence on my guys (Troopers), 2 Scoops” A/1-82, Perry Franklin MOS: 15R – Attack Helicopter Repairer (Crew chief) Hometown: Lexington, NC SPC Franklin is married and has a son due in March. Q. What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno A. Go to the gym. Q. What do you like most about this deployment? A. That I am deployed with people I enjoy being around. Q. What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A. It’s my second time here and I would rather be here than any other FOB Q. How does your MOS impact this deployment? A. It has one of the biggest impacts for AH-64’s by helping to provide protection for the ground guys and locating IED emplacers. 3 Goals for Deployment Educational – “Take online courses and get ASE certified” Professional – “Develop as a leader and earn the respect and confidence of others” Personal – “Get Swole” 18
  • 19. A/2-82, CPT Hill, Jesse MOS: 15B - UH-60M Pilot Hometown: Centerville, TN CPT Hill is single Q. Awards you have received? A. Bronze Star, Air Medal, Arcom, AAM, CAB, AV Badge, Parachuters Badge. Q. What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A. Working out, Flying. Q. What do you like most about this deployment? A. That I am in Command Q. What do you like least about this deployment? A. That beside the fact we are an assault company we are conducting V.I.P. missions. Q. What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A. Is not Bagram and the facilities are more operable. Q. How does your MOS impact this deployment? A. As a Black Hawk Company Commander we enable COL Toner to conduct Battle Field Circulation on a daily basis enabling him to engage his leaders. 3 Goals for Deployment Educational – “Apply to Embry Riddle in Arizona next fall and get a Masters in Aeronautical Safety”. Professional – “Lead Company from the front and set the example for my Soldiers physically and professionally”. Personal – “Do more muscle ups than CW3 Lindgren”.B/7-158, SPC Clark, ArthurMOS:19D – Calvary ScoutHometown: Omaha, NESPC Clark is singleQ. What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOBSalernoA. Fantasy Football and Killing Zombies.Q. What do you like most about this deployment?A. The camaraderie with my fellow Soldiers and the beautiful Afghanistanscenery.Q. What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A. Best FOB in Afghanistan.Q. How does your MOS impact this deployment?A. Knowledge of weapons on the aircraft.3 Goals for DeploymentEducational – “Learn as much as I can about the aircraft”Professional – “Exceed at everything the Army tells me to do”Personal – “Get a 300 on my PT test” 19
  • 20. D/1-82, SPC Cantu, AbrahamMOS: 15R – Apache MechanicHometown: McAllen, TexasSPC Cantu is married with no kidsQ. What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOBSalernoA. Attend College trying to get Bachelor’s in Business before I leavehere. I go to the gym a lot and I do p90x.Q. What do you like most about this deployment?A. I work with the most professional cut throat Soldiers I know.Q. What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A. It’s a great little FOB.Q. How does your MOS impact this deployment?A. (We) get aircraft ready to fly to protect the ground Troops.3 Goals for DeploymentEducational – “Obtain Bachelor’s in Business before I leave”Professional – “Obtain SGT before Feb and get a 300 on the PT Test”Personal – “Learn Greek and German” E/1-82, SPC Adams, David MOS: 92F – Petroleum Supply Specialist Hometown: Orlando, FL SPC Adams is married with 3 children Q. What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno A. Ping pong, Chess, Shooting Pool, and Dominoes Q. What do you like most about this deployment? A. The teamwork and camaraderie between Soldiers to accom- plish our mission here. Q. What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A. It is small compared to other FOBs, but the weather has been nice lately, and living quarters are great. Q. How does your MOS impact this deployment? A. Without fuelers the helicopter teams would not be able to protect and defend us, or accomplish their missions. 3 Goals for Deployment Educational – “Working towards an AA degree in business and management” Professional – “Attain the rank of SGT” Personal – “Bench press 315 lbs and pay off my debts” 20
  • 21. FAMILY READINESS GROUP Christmas Stocking for Wolfpackers 21
  • 22. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 22
  • 23. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 23
  • 24. HIGHLIGHTS 24
  • 25. HIGHLIGHTS 25
  • 26. Below are the addresses for each of the Companies/Troop. Feel free to send letters and boxes to your Trooper. Last Name, First Last Name, FirstHHC/1-82 , TF Wolfpack C/1-158, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 Last Name, First Rank, Name A/1-17 , TF Wolfpack A/1-82 , TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 Rank, Name Rank, Name A/2-82 , TF Wolfpack B/7-158 , TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 Rank, Name Rank, Name D/1-82 , TF Wolfpack E/1-82 , TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 26