The Claw (Dec 2011)


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82nd Combat Aviation Brigade's Task Force Talon newsletter The Claw 2011 December issue!

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The Claw (Dec 2011)

  1. 1. The Claw Newsletter Serving the Soldiers and Families of Task Force Talon
  2. 2. V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 The Claw 15 D E CE MBE R 2011 A Few Words from Talon 6 From Talon 6 To all family members and friends of Task Force Talon, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that your TF Talon Troopers have been performing magnificently here in Afghanistan. The Talon Troopers have provided our brothers and sisters within Regional Command East with record-setting aviation support. Since 17 October, the Task Force has safely moved over 11,133 soldiers and civilians throughout Afghanistan; executed over 1200 MEDEVAC rescue missions; provided an incredibly responsive, 24hr quick reaction force for the entire re- gion; pumped over 110,000 gallons of fuel in support of both aviation and ground missions and maintained an impressive operational readiness rate despite flying over 9,500 flight hours. As busy as we are, the Task Force Talon Troopers have found a way to embrace the Holiday season. Each and every one of you has helped us in this endeavor. We have been receiving overwhelming support from so many grateful, patriotic Americans. I would like to per- sonally thank you on behalf of all the Talon Troopers.“TALON FOR A DAY, We will continue working hard to make a difference here and look forward to our return to you all. Until nextTALON FOR LIFE!” time… Sincerely, LTC LANDY D. DUNHAM TALON 6
  3. 3. T HE C LAW P AGE 3 Happy Holidays We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day here in Afghanistan. Task Force Talon soldiersgeared up with personally decorated hats and high spirits to serve at the Aviation DFAC here on Bagram Air Field, Nov. 24th. Believe me, we had a delicious selection of some of our favorite menu items. From sweet potatoes, Mac and cheese, cornbread stuffing, broccoli and cheese, Turkey,Ham, and prime rib to pecan pie, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, and Eggnog, we had plenty of food to devour. At times, people had to be rolled outside because they were so full. Knowing that it has taken us over a month to work off what we consumed on Thanksgiv- ing , we are already anticipating the delicious cuisine for Christmas day. Yummy! With every care package that is sealed and shipped to us Talons here in Afghanistan, your love has not been forgotten. We love our hand-decorated Christmas stockings and out various color Santa hats.
  4. 4. P AGE 4 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 Ladies and Gentleman It is my pleasure to introduce you to our first game of... NAME THAT STACHE!Where the families guess what mustache belongs to what Soldier!?!?!1. 6. A. SGT KENNEDY (ALPHA 2-211) B. MAJ UHL, C. (HHC 3-82)2. 7. C. CPT HAYES, J. (HHC 3-82) D. SGT BROWN, D. (ECHO 3-82)3. 8. E. SSG YU, D. (HHC 3-82)4. 9. F. CW3 TRIPLETT, M. (ALPHA 3-82) G. SGT TUTT,J. (ECHO 3-82)5. 10. H. SGT COFFEY, M. (DELTA 3-82) I. CW3 HERNANDEZ, D. (HHC 3-82) J. MSG JOHNSON (ALPHA 2-211) 10. C 9. G 8. B 7. J 6. I 5. A 4. H 3. E 2. F 1. D Answers: Keep on stache’n on...
  5. 5. T HE C LAW P AGE 5 Eve nt o f th eM ont h Talon had its first BBQ here on Bagram, 3 DEC 2011. There were ham- burgers, hotdogs, steaks, beans, potato salad and hand-made cake. Thank you to all the TROOPERS for making this whole BBQ possible. It was delicious… . Yummmmmmmm!
  6. 6. P AGE 6 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 Chaplains CornerBah! Humbug! The enduring exclamation of Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ AChristmas Carol can too easily be the sentiment of Soldier and Family Member alikeduring a Christmas separation. It is difficult to be away from home, especially during theholidays. Christmas is a celebration which almost mandates spending time with thosewe love, but most of us will remain thousands of miles away this Christmas.However, as we approach December 25, we need not turn into Scrooges. The enduringthemes of the season can still be experienced during this deployment. Family gather-ings, gift exchanges, and religious worship can all be achieved with a little creativethinking. Though we cannot be physically present with our families to celebrate the sea-son, we can spend time on the phone or online with those we love. Plan a day duringthis season to spend extra time on the phone. Talk about what is special, and reflect onChristmases past while looking forward to future ones. Even though Soldiers can’t shopfor gifts at the mall, there is always online shopping, local trinkets, or handmade giftsthat can be sent home as we receive gifts mailed to us. While Families are worshipingback home Soldiers can do the same at Christmas Eve and Christmas services, Mass,and special events provided at Bagram chapels. Families can share with one anotherthe messages they hear, the carols they sing, and the inspiration they feel from the reli-gious events they attend.Even though these things aren’t as good as being home for the holiday, they are oppor-tunities for us to stay closely connected during an important time of year. By doingthese and other things we can avoid the “Bah! Humbug!” and instead have a meaning-ful and blessed Christmas with our Families. So, allow yourself to transform from theScrooge that Ebenezer was to the Scrooge he became: kind, generous, and the em-bodiment of the Christmas spirit. CH (CPT) Marlon W. Brown
  7. 7. T HE C LAW P AGE 7 GLADIATORSLiving conditions for Talon troopers are on the rise as the Task Force completes itsmove into Containerized Housing, also known as Corimecs. The containers each con-tain a bunk bed, two mattresses, two wall lockers, and whatever the ingenuity of the indi-vidual can dream up and make with 2x4"s and plywood. We have seen everything fromdesks, tables, lofted beds, to projector stands and elevated flooring and benches for theshowers. Talon Troopers are getting hard-line internet in their billets, which helps withstaying in touch during the holiday season. While the winter is settling in, the operationaltempo remains high, and Gladiators will stay frosty during the coming months.
  8. 8. P AGE 8 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 ANIMALSHello again from the 2-211th. Like most of you, our living conditions have greatly improved sinceour last reading. No longer do we wake up covered in dust, or compete with various insects for aplace to live. We no longer have to traverse puddles and watch for vehicles as we go to/from theshower. The only thing that would make it better, I dare say, is if the Taliban all went away and wecould all go home. For now, we’ll take the better living quarters.Our four month mark of being in Afghanistan has now come. The experiences we have had haveonly strengthened us as a unit. Our crew chiefs continue to grow in knowledge and understanding.The soldiers we have attached to Delta Company continue to maintain and support not only Alpha 2-211th, but the rest of the Talon family as well. They are being crossed trained into the Chinook air-frame, an experience they would not have been afforded elsewhere. One soldier who has particularly stood out this last little while is SPC Widerburg. SPC Widerburg came to us as a PFC from Echo Company back in Utah. Returning from AIT, SPC Widerburg was informed that he would no longer be working in an 88M capacity, but would be going to Afghanistan as a door gunner instead. Though a bit shocked, SPC Widerburg was not daunted by his new position. He went through RL Pro- gression quickly and has been an asset since his arrival. SPC Widerburg is not just a door gunner in our company, but he is also learning the craft of our 15 Tango’s. He assists with maintenance of the aircraft along with the launching and re- covery of missions. We would be hard pressed to find any- body who had any negative comments that were attached to SPC Widerburg. He is a junior leader in our midst. He moti- vates, inspires, and constantly supports those around him. Itis our honor to claim him as one of our own.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the entire Talon family from all of us here at the 2-211th.May we find joy this Holiday season in what is hopefully our last Christmas away from family andfriends.
  9. 9. T HE C LAW P AGE 9 REGRET Happy Holidays from the REGRET Family!What a month it has been! In addition to flying all over RC-East every day, Alpha Company REGRET hasbeen keeping busy with care packages and Christmas decorating over the course of the last month.REGRET Officers and Soldiers are thankful this season for SO many things. First, we have received count-less care packages and letters this month from families, churches, and anonymous organizations. We can’tsay THANK YOU enough – your support means the world to us, and reminds us of how many people wehave “rooting for us” back at home. We even have the opportunity to bring goodies we receive out to themore remote outposts where Soldiers do not receive mail as frequently as we do.We were very thankful to have the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving here at Bagram. Though we certainlymissed our families and home-made meals, we celebrated the Holiday by bringing Commanders all over thebattlefield to visit their Soldiers on Thanksgiving. It was a unique, though gratifying, way to spend our Holi-day.REGRET is also very thankful (believe it or not!) for our BUSY schedule! Now, with 16 UH60s, we are flyingmore hours each week than any company in the Brigade. Our missions are interesting and dynamic, allowingus to travel to all the corners of RC-East. With each Pilot and Crew Chief flying at least 4 days a week, thetime here is absolutely FLYING by, and we hope the year continues to go quickly for all of us.We continue to be thankful for the arrival of healthy babies at home! Alpha Company helped celebrate thearrival of the newest Mustang, 1SG Lonneman’s third baby, Russell Matthew, born on November 28 th. Wesmoked several cigars in your honor, Russ!And finally, we are most thankful for a safe three first months of this deployment. As 2011 comes to a close,we will miss celebrating Christmas and New Years with our families – but look forward to the beginning of2012! That is, after all, the year we will come home. THANK YOU again for all the support…we’ll see yousoon!CPT Kerney PerlikREGRET 36
  10. 10. P AGE 1 0 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 FLIPPERS The Flippers have had big changes in recent weeks. The SP CW4 Larry Tho-mas and outgoing Company Commander Captain Adam McCoy have gone. They leftjust after the change of command on December 2nd making way for a changing of theguard. Incoming Commander Captain Dwayne Young and newly appointed SP CW3Dave Facio have taken charge intending on continuing Flipper excellence for years tocome. Also, we welcome into the world the newest member of the Flipper team. 1 st FltPlatoon Leader Ronald Braasch’s son was welcomed into the world on Thanksgiving24 November 2011 at 0619 in the morning. The little bundle of joy, named Ronald Wil-liam Braasch IV, was born 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20.5 inches long. He and hismother are doing well. Lastly, MTP CW3 Joe Mayo won the Modern Warfare 3 Tourna-ment in stunning fashion, Knifing CW2 Pete Bjorkman in the face for the final kill. RIP.
  11. 11. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 1 SPARTANSAs the temperature dips, the layers of FREE gear grow. The Soldiers of B Co. trickle into their newabodes and fortunately every soldier has climate control in each of their new “B-huts” on the War-rior side of town. Granted Camp Albert had a homey District 9 type feel, but the new accommoda-tions allow the Soldiers to have a shorter commute and safer residence. With the 82nd came an am-ped up optempo. This has only driven the Soldiers of B Co. to perform. Flying almost twice hoursthan any other Chinook unit in RC-East was only possible with the supplementation of the 82ndStaff. They have been crucial to the success of B Co. and Task Force Talon. While the huge effortput forth by the 82nd staff cannot be ignored, neither can the effort of our crew dogs. Being short-handed most of the month has increased each Enlisted Soldiers’ workload dramatically. These Sol-diers have stepped up to the plate. They have continued to make mission and even deliver carepackages to the outlying FOBs. This service has allowed the isolated Soldiers here in RC-East tohave some of the niceties we might take for granted. This sort of caring was not just done in theChristmas spirit even though we call it “Chinook Santa”. The Soldiers of B Co. have been deliveringcare packages to outlying FOBs almost since their arrival in Theater. “Chinook Santa” is a programstarted by SGT Paul Roberts and supported mainly by our friends from VFWs throughout Texas.Accounts from thankful recipients can be viewed on Facebook. This program will continue through-out our deployment and handed off to our replacements when we leave.Happy Holidays Task Force Talon!
  12. 12. P AGE 1 2 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 DUSTOFF Greetings and Happy Holidays Talon Family!From all the Dustoff Troopers here, I’d like to send a warm holiday greeting to all of you back home.Another month has passed and the team continues to do amazing work. This past month has beenbusy, surprisingly, and filled with countless examples of dedication to the MEDEVAC mission by yourloved ones.I do have to report that 1SG and I accepted the spades challenge by DUSTOFF’s 3rd Platoon atShank…with predictable results. I have a hard time finding the right adjective to describe the game,shocking, brutal, brief… CW3 Phipps didn’t really need the pen he was reaching for in the picture.1SG and I are still looking for worthy adversaries. We will see if anybody else accepts our challenge.Ping Pong (or as 1SG says, “Table Tennis”) continues to be a source of amusement here at Bagram.I know everyone’s reaction might be that it isn’t a real “manly” game, but I assure you that the gamesget intense, and SPC King, 1SG or CPT Downs often spend the evening bouncing ping pong balls offof people, including myself.Congratulations to our Troopers who were promoted this month. We are immensely proud of bothSGT Sciacca and SSG Wengeler, and I think everyone would agree these promotions are long over-due.We have been receiving a ton of packages from family, friends, and even some strangers with everyconceivable necessity….and we are using every bit of it. I shudder to think how much coffee is con-sumed daily just here in Bagram. Usually, especially in the holiday season, there are boxes spread allover with the bounty sent from home. You won’t find any of that here, we are using it all. There haveeven been “alleged” incidents of Starbucks theft, sugar hoarding or creamer pilfering…..somehow theyall seem to revolve around 1LT Wiese. Joking aside, thank you all so much for sending these pack-ages, keep them coming!We were lucky to have ABC Nightline embedded with us for a week or so this month. Hours of inter-views and ride alongs resulted in the piece broadcast on Thanksgiving. I do have to apologize, yes, Iwas beeped….but for all of you who attended the farewell FRG meeting, you understand.In this holiday season I am certain each Dustoff Soldier’s thoughts turn to home, family, friends andfellowship. Please keep the pictures coming. I cannot express how much it means to receive the sup-port from the home front that you guys are giving each and every day. To each of these Soldiers it isclear on their faces how much getting an email, letter, picture or package means.
  13. 13. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 3 DARKHORSEGREETINGS DARKHORSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS! This month, D Company has been verybusy leaving their mark all over Bagram, from the flawless maintenance being performed byour Troopers to our company stickers, to making a new sign for the entry to the airfield.Thanks to our airframe shop, the Battalion has a new sign at the entry to the airfield. SPCCogdell, SPC Harrison, and SSG Chiu did a great job curring the Talon bird of prey out of1/4” sheet metal! We have fostered a great relationship with a nearby Air Force MaintenanceCompany, and they provided the vinyl backing. LTC Dunham and CSM Evans both were veryimpressed and proud to have such a recognizable and well-made symbol. In fact, the Com-mander and CSM presented Battalion coins to our industrious Troopers. GREAT JOB,DARKHORSE!Many of our Troopers are working on getting flight physicals so they can be door gunnerson the Blackhawks and Chinooks. Once they complete their flight physical, they can beginthe training process. Not only do they have to show proficiency with their weapon, but theyhave to be able to guide the pilots safely to their landing areas and clear the aircraft of allobstacles. It is a big responsibility, but we know all the Dark Horses will do great!Delta Company was recently called upon to recover a downed OH-58D, and the Troopers an-swered the call flawlessly. SFC Derk, SGT Bond, SPC Makela, PFC Greene and PFC Grimwent to a nearby French base and rigged the aircraft for a Chinook sling load. CW5 Shoberwas the pilot for the sling load. (Not to brag, but our predecessors were not able to completea successful sling load.)Finally, we have moved! Don’t worry, the mailing address is still the same, but we now liveon the same side of the airfield as we work. This means no more buses, since now we canwalk. We arenow living in brand-new “CHUs” (Containerized Housing Units). Most rooms have 2 peoplein them, which is better than the 5-person rooms we had previously. And if you still need ouraddress, it is below and to the right. Despite the distance between, the Darkhorse Troopersand the Talon Family keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. We wish all of you aHappy Holidays and until next time… RIDE OR DIE!!!
  14. 14. P AGE 1 4 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 WAR DAWGS A couple of months have gone by since 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade hit ground in Bagram, Afghanistanand it has been “All The Way” since then. The majority of Echo Company is stationed at Bagram, with the Distri-bution Platoon supporting two separate Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARP); one at FOB Mether Lamand the other at FOB Morales Frazier. Here at Bagram, we were living in plywood “B-Huts”. However, we havejust moved into new metal containerized lodging known as CORIMEX, which is a significant improvement in ourquality of life. Our Troopers are enjoying the new rooms. The Wardawgs bid farewell to CPT Jim Beecher on 25 November during our Change of Command cere-mony. We wish CPT Beecher and his wife Lauren all the best the Army and the world has to offer and manythanks for the hard work and devotion to Echo Company. We also welcome CPT Eric Wrinkle as the new Com-mander and his wife Debbie to our family. The Distribution Platoon Led by 1LT Bogardus and SFC Parson has been steadily improving their foxholewith a major fuel distribution redesign at FOB Methar Lam. SSG Kiser and his crew put the finishing touches ona two week long project designed to increase the efficiency for refueling aircraft on ground and create a moreaccurate system for fuel accountability. The Distro team replaced two 50 thousand gallon bags and leveled thefoundation for the fuel bags. Additionally, they redesigned the hose and pump distribution system, vastly improv-ing fuel pressure for aviation refueling, ground vehicle refueling and bulk fuel resupply. This project was com-pleted a week earlier than planned and was accomplished while continuing to provide World Class Aviation Lo-gistical Support. Pumpin ain’t easy, but it sure is fun. The Maintenance section, lead by CW2 Hillard , SFC Diaz and SFC Ramos was hard at work conduct-ing everyday business along with time consuming Change of Command inventories, constructing improvementsto their HAZMAT shed, and updating required safety literature. SGT Brown D. was recognized by CommandingGeneral CJTF-1 MG Allyn, for outstanding maintenance support while traveling to multiple Forward OperatingBases in order to keep our fuel delivery pumps operating. And SGT Anderson has been busy with the importantadditional duty of building shelves and beds for the soldiers of Echo Company in their new lodging. All additionaltasks were accomplished while maintaining TF Talon’s ground fleet by conducting scheduled and unscheduledmaintenance for essential vehicles for their daily missions. Of Course we can’t forget the many long hours our brothers and sisters in DFAC section led by SFCArcher, who work to bring our Trooper’s food on a daily basis as well as the extraordinary Thanksgiving meal.Additionally, SGT Nash baked an amazing hand decorated cake for our Change of Command ceremony. Out atthe Aviation Dining Facility, the morale is high, the dining is fine, and all our food service Troopers passed theirAPFT this month. Congratulations and thank you. The Troopers of Echo Company 3-82nd Aviation Regiment are excelling as a team, improving living con-ditions, and streamlining service and support to Task Force Talon every day. Be proud of your Wardawgs, theyare doing great work.
  15. 15. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 5 BLACKHORSEWell, another month has gone by and we thought we’d properly introduce ourselves. We are Fox Troop,BlackHorse Cavalry. We have 6 x OH-58D’s Kiowa and 7 x AH-64D’s Apache helicopters. First Sergeantlikes to say, “we are the eyes, ears and guns of the Task Force”. Our mission is to conduct reconnaissance,security and attack missions. A lot of times we escort our lift brothers into known hot LZ’s to provide fire sup-port if they take fire. The Apache’s cover the whole Brigade’s Area. The Kiowa’s up to this point haveworked in support of American, French, Korean and Polish ground forces.Many of our pilots have served deployments before to Iraq or Afghanistan before. Not all of these deploy-ments were as pilots, for some this is their first deployment as a pilot. It is a growing experience for all of usas we continue to adapt to the mission and the enemy.We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving. We took the majority of the Troop to the Aviation DFAC. We had anexcellent meal that was served by the battalion staff. On the 10th of December, we will be having a BBQ tocelebrate Fox Troop’s first Birthday!We have a great team of crew chiefs who continue to work their magic. They work extremely hard to ensurethe aircraft are ready to go on mission. When we have been in tight spots due to aircraft that are down forserious issues, they work non-stop to ensure the remaining birds are able to continue with the mission.The crews chiefs magical powers have even surprised senior maintenance test pilots. A few days ago one ofour aircraft lost hydraulic oil in an outlying base about 15 miles from our airfield. When our Platoon Sergeantarrived on the scene with a CW5 maintenance test pilot, they discovered the malfunction. Our Platoon Ser-geant called back to the hangar and asked the crew chiefs to find the part. Within minutes, the crew chiefsfound the part and were aboard a Blackhawk flying out to deliver the part. As the Blackhawk was flying out,the CW5 turned to our platoon sergeant and said, “Your guys don’t have the correct part. You can’t order thatpart, it has to be manufactured because that part rarely breaks.”Our Platoon Sergeant looked at the CW5 and said, “If our crew chiefs say they have the part, they have thepart.”A few moments later the Blackhawk arrived, our crew chief ran out and delivered the part. Not only was it theright part, it was installed within 5 minutes and in another 5 minutes our downed aircraft was taking off behindthe Blackhawk that had just delivered the part. They are an impressive crew!Christmas time is near and the office has been decorated in the spirit of the season! We hope you all have avery Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! CPT Scottie Pace & 1SG Donald Adkins BlackHorse 6 BlackHorse 7
  16. 16. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 6 TALONS OF THE MONTH SPC Rhodes, Karina Company/MOS: HHC/ 74D Chemical Specialist Hometown: Las Angeles, CA I collect beanie babies! Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Play pool at the MWR. Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Make sure everyone gets their mail! Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Start college courses to receive credits Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My daughter and family time. Q: Would you rather…take a cold shower or sleep an hour less? A: Sleep an hour less because cold showers are not relaxing.SPC Widerburg, JefferyCompany/MOS: A 2-211/88M Motor TransportOperatorHometown: Salt Lake City, UTOwns a home in Brazil.Q: What do you do on your free time?A: Watch movies.Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS thisdeployment?A: Move into the Aviation side of the Army.Q: Goals for this deployment?A: Keep up the spirit and finish the long hall.Q: What do you miss most about home?A: Family!Q: Would you rather…always say everything thatis on your mind or never speak again?A: Always say what is on my mind so peopleknow where you stand.
  17. 17. P AGE 1 7 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 SPC Armstrong, Keith Company/MOS: A 3-82 / 15T UH-60 Crew Chief Hometown: Lancaster, SC I don’t have any fun facts : I Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Stay in contact with family and play MW3 on XBOX. Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deployment? A: Reach 1000 flight hours during deployment ( Cur- rently have 220 hrs) Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Make it home safe Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My family...Obviously! Q: Would you rather… take a cold shower or sleep and hour less? A: Take a cold shower because sleep is amazing.SPC Aderhold, EricCompany/MOS: B 7-158/ 15U CH-47 MechanicHometown: Canton, GeorgiaI was born two months earlier than was supposeto be.Q: What do you do on your free time?A: I usually play video games on my free timeQ: What do you want to achieve in your MOSthis deployment?A: I want to get signed off as a crew chief.Q: Goals for this deployment?A: Save enough money to put a decent downpayment on a new truck.Q: What do you miss most about home?A: Home cooked meals and driving a car.Q: Would you rather… Take a cold shower orsleep an hour less.A: I’d rather sleep an hour less because I hatethe cold.
  18. 18. T HE C LAW P AGE 1 8 SPC Olson, Jacob Company/MOS: C 3-82/ 15T UH-60 Crew Chief Hometown: Augusta, Kansas Wanted to be an architect growing up Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Surf the web. Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deploy- ment? A: Gain as much knowledge as I can while I am de- ployed. Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Get promoted and continue to work on associates de- gree. Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My 2 little sisters (ages 7 and 15) Q: Would you rather… always say what is on your mind or never speak again? A: I would always say what is on my mind because I like to be engaged with people.SPC Alvarez, RafaelCompany/MOS: D 3-82/ 15 T UH-60 MainanenceHometown: San Antonio, TexasGrowing up I always knew I wanted to join theArmyQ: What do you do on your free time?A: Skype the wifeQ: What do you want to achieve in your MOS thisdeployment?A: I want to become more experiencedQ: Goals for this deployment?A: Achieve a 300 on my pt testQ:What do you miss most about home?A: I miss my family, DUH!Q: Would you rather… take a cold shower orsleep an hour less?A: I would rather take a cold shower because INEED to shower everyday! lol
  19. 19. P AGE 1 9 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2 PFC Fuschetto, Lisa Company/MOS: E 3-82/ 91B Wheel Repair Mechanic Hometown: West Hempstead, NY My favorite color is green. Q: What do you do on your free time? A: Talk to my family and sleep. Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS this deploy- ment? A: Improve on my working skills and cross train in other MOS’s. Q: Goals for this deployment? A: Score over a 300 on my PT test and become promo- table. Q: What do you miss most about home? A: My friends and family and civilian clothes. Q: Would you rather… always say what is on your mind or never speak again? A: Always say what is on your mind because it is better to be honest.SPC Acree, DanielCompany/MOS: F Trp 1/17/ 15R Apache MechanicHometown: Lincoln, NebraskaI originally wanted to join the military to be a pilotQ: What do you do on your free time?A: Play video games.Q: What do you want to achieve in your MOS thisdeployment?A: Get promoted, if not become promotable.Q: Goals for this deployment?A: Provide for my wife and my baby girl that is duein March.Q: What do you miss most about home?A: I miss my wife the most.Q: Would you rather… take a cold shower or sleepan hour less?A: Sleep an hour less because I hate cold showersand I have had my fair share of them so far this de-ployment.
  20. 20. T HE C LAW P AGE 2 0 The Flipper Family Company: B 3-82 Hometown: Fort Bragg, NC We are Super Troopers who enjoy long walks on the beach in formation and Mermite din- ners by candle light.
  21. 21. P AGE 2 1 V O LUME 1 , I SSUE 2Regardless of the war we are fighting, we are surrounded by these towering, beautiful mountains ofAfghanistan. They guard the valley we live in, painting a warm, rich sunrise for all our eyes to seeeach morning. For those few minutes of sunrise, we forget about the war, the stress, the pain and theloneliness as we journey back into the arms of our loved ones. And with those minutes, we could not be in a happier place.
  22. 22. T HE C LAW P AGE 2 2TALON FOR A DAY MAJOR TIMMY SAYS HELLO MAJ Timmy is a combat stress dog that has been stationed here on Bagram for 18 months. He comes to visit all the soldiers around Bagram to boost their morale and relieve stress. MAJ Timmy was a slobbery, energetic, adorable white Labrador that put a bright smile on every Talons face. It reminded us how much we missed our furry friends back home. He makes monthly visits and we cannot wait for MAJ Timmy to come back for his next visit. Our address is still the same: Love is missing someone whenever youre apart, but somehow feeling LAST NAME, FIRST warm inside because youre close in TF TALON, C/O heart. BAGRAM, AFGHANISTAN ~Kay Knudsen APO, AE 09354 Feel free to send me an email if you have any sug- gestions or questions. Until next time...Keep these care packages coming! :) SPC Porter, Amber TF Talon PAO TALON FOR LIFE!