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April Dispatch


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News and photos from the front.

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April Dispatch

  1. 1. Wolfpack Dispatch Vol 1, Issue 7 FOB Salerno, Afghanistan The Farewell Edition April 2012 1
  2. 2. Dear Families and Friends of the Wolfpack,We hope you enjoy the seventh edition of the Wolfpack Dispatch, our unit newsletter fromAfghanistan. The intent of this publication is to keep everyone on the home front up to date with theunit activities at FOB Salerno.April was another busy month for the Task Force, but inclement weather over the last couple ofweeks has limited the number of flying hours. Afternoon thunderstorms are commonplace but thetemperatures remain moderate and overall the conditions are among the best in Afghanistan. On theground, activity in the area of operations is beginning to increase. We remain focused on supportingground forces the best we can.Between two-thirds and three-quarters of those members of Task Force Wolfpack from Fort Bragghave now completed R&R. This statistic is another measure that most of us are closer to the finishline than the starting line.We  had  to  say  farewell  to  three  exceptional  officers  at  the  end  of  April.  CPT  “Doc”  Shin,  our  Task  Force Flight Surgeon, is departing to attend medical residency in Hawaii. CPT Kim White, the S1,is moving to another assignment with the Brigade Headquarters in Bagram. MAJ Scott Myers, whoserved the Wolfpack as our Executive Officer at Fort Bragg and the Operations Officer in combat hasreturned to Fort Bragg to serve as the Aide De Camp to the Commanding General of XVIII AirborneCorps. All three of these outstanding officers will be sincerely missed, and we greatly appreciate theirservice with the Wolfpack. In particular, the departure of MAJ Myers was difficult. Scott is truly oneof the finest officers I have ever had the privilege to serve with. We wish all three the best andremember – you are Wolfpack For Life!The  next  Wolfpack  Dispatch  edition  will  highlight  the  latest  additions  to  Task  Force  Wolfpack…our  new MEDEVAC F/1-171  team  known  as  “Valkyrie  Dustoff”  from  Texas  and  Mississippi.All the Way, Airborne!V/rLTC John M. CyrulikCommander, Task Force WolfpackWolf 6 2
  4. 4. greywolvesIt has been a good month for the Greywolves. The Change of Command with CPT AliciaStahlberg and I went well. We had a lot of visitors from the Brigade (82nd CAB) come to FOBSalerno, as well as a few members from Task Force 4/25. The support both Alicia and I re-ceived  was  tremendous  and  much  appreciated.    As  for  the  NCO’s  and  Troopers  of  the  company,  they looked outstanding in formation. 1SG Nathan Mahaney did an amazing job getting themready. My extreme admiration and gratitude goes out to them for their outstandingprofessionalism,. This company truly is one of a kind. I want to wish Alicia best of luck with herfuture endeavors as she heads to the Captain Career Course and then on to her future job. Goodluck and God Bless Alicia, let us know if you ever need anything.April was another busy month for re-enlistments. We had 2 of our phenomenal NCOs decide toextend their Army service. SGT Breeanna Taylor and SGT Ryan Lucas, It has always been anhonor and privilege to re-enlist Troopers and I was extraordinarily happy to be asked to re-enlistboth.    We  did  SGT  Taylor’s  with  her  husband  SPC  Gene  Taylor  of  Echo  Company  on  the  flight  line.    They were both re-enlisted together in front of an Apache. SGT Taylor re-enlisted for 6 years andan  assignment  of  choice,  Ft.  Lewis,  Washington.    SGT  Ryan  Lucas’  re-enlistment was a first for me.We did his re-enlistment from a MEDEVAC aircraft. SGT Lucas was lowered on the hoist and thenre-enlisted. After that he was hoisted to the ground. It was a spectacular event and one that I willnot soon forget. SGT Lucas re-enlisted for 4 years and a PCS to Hawaii. Congratulations to both ofyou. We are all extremely proud of you. We also awarded 1LT Kaitlin Ellis, SPC Bridgett Gomez,and PFC Ian Jones the Army Achievement Medal. They have preformed outstandingly in their jobsand their awards are well deserved. Congratulations to all of you for a job well done.SPC Jessica Thompson also made points on 1 April and will be promoted to the rank of SGT. Weare all extremely proud of her. She has worked hard to attain her rank. Great job.Members of the Greywolves have participated in 2 FOB runs this month 1 of which was toremember Pat Tillman. All who participated in the run not only completed it, but did so in a goodtime. They showed the rest of the FOB what the 82nd Airborne Division is known to do, PT andPT hard. Way to represent the Wolfpack and the Greywolves.The S6 shop has had a good month as well. We recently had Officers from Ft. Rucker come to FOBSalerno and the S6 shop did a phenomenal job assisting them and getting them set up with all oftheir automations. It was an extremely important task and they excelled like we knew they would.So great job and keep up the great work.I would like to give special recognition to the FRG for this fantastic company. All of you are trulythe backbone of this company and motivate all of us to keep going. I want to personally thank youfor all of the hard work that you have done to this point and the work that you will continue to do.It means a lot to me and the rest of the company. Thank you for your time and effort; please knowthat none of it goes unnoticed. I look forward to working with all of you throughout the duration ofmy Command. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Until next month, stay safe. And have fun. We will see all of you soon. Mike Fager– Greywolf 06 Nathan Mahaney-Greywolf 07 4
  5. 5. titansTitan Family and Friends, I would also like to congratulate SGT Barnhardt on an excellent If Afghanistan shares performance during the Soldier ofanything with Ohio or Michigan, it the Month Board and moving ontois  “If  you  don’t  like  the  weather   the quarterly board. AIRBORNE!here,  wait  20  minutes.”  We  have  been fighting through the weather Operationally, our Soldiershere lately, hoping that all the April both in the flight company and inrain showers will bring May Delta 1-82 continue to do anflowers.  However,  we  don’t  see  too   excellent job. Everyone is startingmany flowers here in Afghanistan. to fall into their niche, andWe have noticed that the wildlife operations are running smoother ashas started to come out of we begin to ramp up for a busyhibernation here the past month. season supporting the groundOur Soldiers have noticed a family troops here in Afghanistan. It is aof lizards that occupy the flight line privilege to be able to provide logistical and tactical air movement support to the finest Soldiers in the world. In closing, we would like to wish all the mothers and mothers-to-be in the WOLFPACK,during the day. Thankfully, our a  happy  Mother’s  Day  as  we  move  reptilian friends seem to be friendly into the month of May.and keep tothemselves. Thebest news is thatrumor has it theyenjoy a steady dietof snakes! This past monthwe were able tohave the privilegeto watch 3 of ourSoldiers promoteto Sergeant. Iwould like to takea moment to CPT Morrisoncongratulate SGT Coe, SGT Carr,and SGT Conn. Titan 06 5
  6. 6. roughnecksDear Roughneck Families, Friends, and one of the cars is sporting the Roughneckformer Troopers, and  Bam  Bam  logo.    I  don’t  see  how  they   can lose now.Let the countdown begin! As I write thisnewsletter A Troop is now on the As always, I would like to thank all of ourdownward slope to redeployment back to friends and families from the bottom of ourFort Bragg, NC. Very soon TF Wolfpack hearts for all the continued support thatwill begin loading MILVANS and you give us. Everything from packages tocontainers for shipment! Most of your letters continue to make our days, and theTroopers have returned stateside for R & R fact that you take time out of your busyleave. If your Troopers have not been lives to make ours a little brighter meanshome they will be there in the next month the world to us. I would also like toand half. We will then be 100% R & R encourage all of the family members in thecomplete. Fort Bragg area to take advantage of the free trips that the chaplain is offering. LikeAs always Pilots, Crew Chiefs, and all good things, these trips will be comingElectricians have been leading the BDE in to an end in 2013, so I would highlyhours flown and operational readiness rate. recommend all family members to jump onWe did however receive some help from this great opportunity.Task ForceSaber PilotsandTroopers. Iwould like topersonallythank thefollowingindividuals:CW3 BeauAxton (andhis 9 Terrabytes ofmovies),CW2 SeanByard (nosoccerskills), CW2Mike Spivey, CW2 Dana Kelly, CW2 RonSmith, and SPC Christian Gil. These guys I may be repeating myself, but it goeswere a tremendous asset during their stay without saying how much of a joy andhere and are always welcome in the honor it is to serve with these amazingRoughneck Troop! Troopers day in and day out. They continue to amaze me with their tirelessIn addition to all the hard work and the work ethic and strive to be the best in orderTroopers we rewarded with new Troop to ensure that our comrades on the groundT Shirts and pins for our Stetsons. continue to receive coverage and supportModeling the T shirts and pins are SPC without the need for recognition or praise.Bates  and  SPC  Footes.  Good  thing  they’re   Thank you again to all of the support,in the Army lol. We also got to model which give us such a morale boost andsome more awesome Denbeste shirts that drive to get the job done so that we canwere graciously sent to us by Lori come home and see you again. We cannotDenbeste. Thanks again for those, we wait to get home and see you all again.always love the chance to get an excuse togo and stand in front of the glorious CAV Mike Mullerwall and take some pictures. We are very Roughneck/Bam Bam 07excited about our insignia getting out in theNASCAR world, as we have learned that 6
  7. 7. lonewolvesGreetings from the Lonewolves! Until next month. Another month has come and Airborne, All the Way!gone for the Lonewolves, theTroopers continue to work hard and CPT Simmonsmorale seems to be high as we get Lonewolf 6closer to our return to Fort Bragg. The  Distribution  Platoon’s  ammo sections received Certificatesof Appreciation from CSM Innissfor issuing over 7,000 2.75 rocketsfor the last six months. Also, thismonth Distribution Platoon beganproviding Troopers to assist in theguard tower duties for FOB Salerno,while continuing to operate the bestFARP in all of RC-East. We issuedan average of 10,000 gallons ofJP-8 a day. This is a real testamentto the hard work and dedication ofthe Troopers in DistributionPlatoon. The motorpool continues toprovide maintenance and vital towerguard support for the Task Forceand FOB Salerno. I had the honor ofpromoting PFC Boone of themotorpool, PFC Ellis of HQ, andPFC Acosta to Specialist thismonth. Also for the month of March,Echo Company began planning forour redeployment to Fort Braggwhich is slated for sometime inSeptember. As  always,  to  the  families’  back  home thank you for yourself-service and support for theTroopers of Echo Company. 7
  8. 8. redhawksRedhawk Family and Friends, cutoff score for Sergeant. SPC Musson will be promoted on orAs April comes to a close, the about 1 May and will be a fineRedhawks continue to set records addition to the NCO Corps.for UH-60M hours while we Congratulations!!! We are proud ofoperate in the austere conditions of you.RC-East. We are flying at a pacenever seen before in the UH-60 Unfortunately, we had to saycommunity, providing continuous goodbye to SGT Johnnysupport to ground forces by flying “Missiles!”  Madden.    SGT  Madden  more than 500 flight hours for the had to redeploy early for personalmonth of April. The Redhawks reasons and we wish him the best.lead the Brigade in hours per He was an asset to this company inairframe, in spite of having the the conduct of our daily aviationsmallest UH-60M fleet in RC-East. operations, flying 291.2 hours as aMore importantly, 8 months down, door gunner.4 to go!! As we continue through the finalSome of the highlights for the 120 days or so of this deployment, Imonth of April include the would like to take this time to thankre-enlistments of three more all of the spouses and familynon-rated crew members. members for their unwaveringCongratulations to SPC Spikes, support for their Soldier and theSPC Grabotin and SPC Nicholls Redhawks as a whole. Everyonefor choosing to continue their army remains in good spirits in spite ofcareers. The Redhawks and Task the daily grind, and the support youForce Wolfpack thank you for your provide for your Soldier and thiscontinued service to the nation. team plays a huge role in that. It isCW2 Hoover completed a an honor to serve with these“shadow”  Boston  Marathon  at   Soldiers daily, and they representBagram Airbase, no small feat the very best America has to offer.considering Bagram is nearly 5,000feet above sea level. Sadly, being Until next month, keep your headsstuck here at Salerno, we missed up  and  stay  positive…we  are  the  patented  “Hoover  maneuver.” getting there. We would also like to take this 1SG Jason K. Friedlyopportunity to congratulate SGTTom Kealy on his recent promotion Redhawk 07to Sergeant. SGT Kealy providesexcellent support to the Redhawksthrough his maintenance of ourAviation Life Support Equipmentas well as aircraft maintenance andcrew duties. It is a promotion thatis long over-due. The Redhawkswould also like to congratulate SPCDamon Musson on making the 8
  9. 9. timberwolvesTimberwolf Friends and Family, last  month’s  newsletter.  SFC   Ronald Stewart was promoted toTo  start  off  this  month’s  newsletter   the rank of Master Sergeant. MSGI would like to thank the members Stewart will definitely be leavingof the Timberwolves FRG family. the Timberwolves in the future toThank you for your continued take on even greatersupport. The Easter parcels were responsibilities. His dedication toreceived with great enthusiasm duty will be missed. Task Forcefrom the Soldiers and they greatly Trooper of the Month honors go outappreciate all that you have done to SPC John Strothers for thefor them. Your love and kindness is month of April while SPCfelt by all of the Timberwolves. Raymond Brown took the honors for the month of May.It is good to see the month of Aprilcome and go. With more than half In summary, the Timberwolves areof the deployment behind us, the working hard, hitting the gym andTimberwolves will not and have not making history with all of the greatstopped performing above and maintenance actions performed tobeyond everyones expectations.As the Task Force continues to fly date. Our Troopers are performingrecord amounts of hours, the at a level far beyond mostTimberwolves will be there to give maintenance companies andthem the support that they need to making the most complex taskskeep the aircraft in the air. Despite seem routine. Safety is still first inthe bad weather with thunderstorms any mission and quality of the finaland rain just about every afternoon, product is still our priority. Thanksour Troopers have remained highlymotivated and dedicated to their to our Troopers for performing sotask. well and keeping the Task Force in the fight.April was filled with awards,reenlistments and promotions. SPC CPT Kirk ShandsJacob Ohlde and SPC MarcusCalderon received ArmyAchievement Medals for theirexcellent contributions to themission here at FOB Salerno. SPCCalderon also reenlisted to StayWolfpack for 6 years. Hiscontinued service is a great combatmultiplier for the Timberwolves.Soldiers that advanced in theircareers in the month of Aprilinclude SPC Garrison Martin andPFC Joseph Beckett. Weerroneously omitted the biggestenlisted promotion of the year in 9
  10. 10. redwolvesREDWOLF Family and Friends, than any other aviation unit out there.April showers bring May flowers is The REDWOLVES would also likea statement that holds true in to let our families back home knowSalerno as well. As the rainy month that the Brigade Aviation Ball isof April comes to an end, the November 29th. The REDWOLVESREDWOLVES are looking forwardto the sunny month of May. April would like to continue to thank allagain was another month full of the friends, families, and supportersaccomplishments for the for their care packages, emails, andREDWOLVES. letters.The month of April saw twoREDWOLVES move up in rank.First we would like to congratulate CPT Robert SicklerSGT Dehnel. It is not easy tobecome a non-commissionedofficer but SGT Dehnel has shownthe leadership and technical skillsrequired to be a NCO in this greatunit. REDWOLVES would alsolike to congratulate the newlypromoted Chief Warrant Officer 4Steve Crandall. With the number ofCW4 being reduced, CW4 Crandallhas shown through his technicaland tactical skills in an Apachehelicopter, that he has what it takesto reach this level.In keeping with the finest traditionof REDWOLF greatness we areproud to announce that SPCMorales and SPC Bratton wereawarded Maintainers of the Weekfor the first and second week inApril. This makes six month in arow that a REDWOLF wasawarded this honor.This month the REDWOLVESmarked a milestone. 5000 combathours of flying. This is no easy feat,and it just goes to show how hardthe REDWOLVES are working. Tofly 5000 hours the REDWOLFcrew chiefs are performing better 10
  11. 11. Congratulations!!! Listed below are the Troopers who were promoted, received an award, or reenlisted. Below those, are our Troopers with recent Birthdays! Promoted AwardedSPC Elysse Acosta Army Achievement Medal Bronze Star MedalSPC Steven Boone SPC Christopher Bratton Maj Scott MyersSPC Christopher Ellis SPC Marcus Calderon SPC Bryant FootesSPC Garrison Martin SPC Christian GilSGT Ethan Carr SPC Bridgett GomezSGT Nicholas Coe SPC Ian JonesSGT Matthew Conn SPC Keith NealSGT D Dehnel SPC Jacob OhldeSGT Devin Kays 1LT Kaitlin EllisSGT Tom Kealy Happy Birthday!! PFC Morgan Mayes SPC Russell Lueschner SSG William Allen PFC Jarrod Swanger SPC Stephanie Mason SSG Jonathan Hohman SPC Ricardo Anderson SPC Jacob Ohlde SSG Sherman Inanod SPC Jordan Barrett SPC Ruiz Smith SSG George Negron SPC Matthew Bates SPC Ivory Smith CW2 David Christman SPC Shawn Bresnahan SPC Larraine Whetstone CW2 Laura Dye SPC Rian Fischer SPC James Woodward CW2 Wayne Loeser SPC Ricardo Gonzalez SGT John Covarrubias CW3 Brian Bartee SPC Alexander Grabotin SGT Alvin Morgan CW3 Donald Bullock SPC Candice Green SGT Lance Neeley 1LT Stefan Cormier SPC Curtis Kelley SGT Brandon Sutton CPT Mary Boyle SPC Ronald Kerr SGT Adam Turner MAJ Scott Myers 11
  12. 12. tf wolfpack rst Grace and peace from the Wolfpack ReligiousSupport Team. Thanks be to God for his continuedblessing, provision and protection on us over the lastmonth. April continued another great month of ministryfor the Wolfpack RST. Congratulations to SPCThompson on her promotion to Sergeant. Our Chapel Services have been a blessedcelebration of the Easter season. In our ReligiousEducation program we continue reading our way throughthe Bible in the E100 Bible study. We have just startedthe Gospel of Matthew. If you would like to read alongwith us go to We alsostarted the “Day of Discovery” video series, which helpsus, better study the Bible in context of the Holy Land.Our mid-week prayer meeting continues to reveal God’sprotection, healing, and empowering work in our lives.During our Christian movie night our faith wasencouraged and challenged by viewing “The Flywheel”and “China Cry.” As we are beginning to see significant changes inthe Army and its funding of programs, I wanted to takethis opportunity to encourage all spouse’s and families totake advantage of the 82nd CAB Deployed Spouse’sRetreats. They are held the 3rd weekend of every month.Points of contact for these retreats are: CH RandyCroel and Mrs. Lauri Retreats are still planned forMay through August. Again we greatly appreciate all of yourencouragement and support. We continually lift you up inour prayers and thank God for you. Many thanks andblessings, Chaplain Shenton 12
  13. 13. Spotlight on TroopersEvery month each 1SG picks an outstanding Trooper to represent his Company/Troop.B/2-328 GSAB, SGT Dave LemonsMOS: 15U2F- CH-47 Helicopter RepairerHometown: Elyria, OhioSGT Lemons is engaged to be married.Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOBSalerno?A: I work and sleep.Q: What do you like most about this deployment?A: I like that we are with the 82nd ARB. They are great people. I amlucky to be here at Salerno.Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A: Great place.Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment?A: I wanted to fly missions. We do our best to accomplish missions.3 Goals for Deployment:Educational -“Work  on  electrical  courses.”Professional – “Be  prepared  for  all  missions  at  all  times.”Personal – “Work  out  more  and  more  time  in  Prayer.” HHC/1-82, SPC Jessica Landers MOS: 15P- Aviation Operations Specialist Hometown: Liberty, Texas SPC Landers is married. Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A: Working out and eating. Q: What do you like most about this deployment? A: The opportunity to work out. Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A: Quiet, friendly, and small, just the way I like it! Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment? A: Making the mission happen. Tracking aircraft and making sure they are safe. 3 Goals for Deployment: Educational -“Go  to  college  and  get  some  classes  in.” Professional – “Strive  to  make  Sergeant.” Personal – “Come  home  safe  and  run  a  half  marathon.” 13
  14. 14. A Troop/ 1-17 CAV, SGT Kenneth HigginbothamMOS: 15J-Aircraft Armament/Electronic/Avionic SystemsHometown: Fayetteville, North CarolinaSGT Higginbotham is married.Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here onFOB Salerno?A: I watch movies and got to the gym.Q: What do you like most about this deployment?A: I like how the FOB is set up. The proximity to location.Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A: Nice pace.Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment?A:  Enables  Kiowa’s  to  do  what  Apache’s  can’t  do..3 Goals for Deployment:Educational -“Complete  online  classes.”Professional – “Prepare  to  exit  the  army  (ETS).”Personal – “Make  myself    look  better  for  my  wife.  Keep  making  SFC  Rivera  angry.” A/1-82, SGT D Dehnel MOS: 15R- Apache Repairer Hometown: Military Brat SGT Dehnel has a girlfriend. Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A: I play video games, sports, and read. Q: What do you like most about this deployment? A: I stay extremely busy. Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A: It is quant. Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment? A: This is my second tour. We keep the birds in the air. Birds keep the bad guys off of our good guys. 3 Goals for Deployment: Educational -“Max  out  on  correspondence  courses.  Start  on  new     degree.” Professional – “Learn  the  ropes  of  an  NCO.” Personal – “Read  all  books  on  my  kindle  and  beat  all  my  video   games.” 14
  15. 15. A/2-82, SPC Justin Albert MOS: 15T- UH-60 Helicopter Repairer Hometown: Bradenton, Florida SPC Albert has one daughter. Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A: I play video games on the PS3 and workout at the gym. Q: What do you like most about this deployment? A:  It’s  almost  over. Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A: It is the best FOB in Afghanistan. Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment? A:  The  aircraft  wouldn’t  move  without  us. 3 Goals for Deployment: Educational -“Start  my  degree .” Professional – “Get  promoted  to  the  rank  of  Sergeant.” Personal – “Out  bench  Mr.  Ortiz.”F/5-159th, SPC Dena SchaefferMOS: 15T- UH-60 Helicopter RepairerHometown: Deland, FloridaSPC Schaeffer is married.Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here onFOB Salerno?A: I like running marathons and playing football.Q: What do you like most about this deployment?A: I like having my own bedroom. I like the maintenance.Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A: It is pretty nice.Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment?A: We help maintain aircrafts to save lives.3 Goals for Deployment:Educational -“Finishing  paying  off  my  last  student  loan.”Professional – “More  maintenance  experience.”Personal – “Be  able  to  do  a  pull-up.” 15
  16. 16. D/1-82, SPC Matthew CoxMOS: 15R- AH-64 Apache Helicopter RepairerHometown: Ellicott, ColoradoSPC Cox has one daughter.Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here onFOB Salerno?A: I like hunting and fishing but neither are available here on theFOB.Q: What do you like most about this deployment?A: I like the people that I work with. They make a bad day gobetter.Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno?A: Nice and organized.Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment?A: We maintain the aircrafts to keep them in the fight.3 Goals for Deployment:Educational -“Complete  as  many  credits  as  possible.  I  am  working  toward  my  associates.”Professional – “Do  as  much  as  I  can  to  get  promoted  to  the  rank  of  Sergeant.”Personal – “Plan  to  save  and  invest  earned  money  in  theatre  for  my  future.” E/1-82, SGT Heather Gibson MOS: 89B- Ammunition Specialist Hometown: Puyallup, Washington SGT Gibson is single. Q: What recreational activities do you participate in here on FOB Salerno? A: I work and I workout at the gym. Q: What do you like most about this deployment? A: I like the crew I work with, the AHA gang. Q: What is your opinion of FOB Salerno? A: This FOB is not too bad. It is nice and quiet. Q: How does your MOS impact this deployment? A: We provide the aircrafts with ammo so the pilots can complete their missions. 3 Goals for Deployment: Educational -“Start  working  towards  my  next  degree.” Professional – “Attain  the  rank  of  Staff  Sergeant  before  we  re-deploy.” Personal – “To  get  into  better  shape.” 16
  18. 18. HIGHLIGHTS 18
  19. 19. HIGHLIGHTS 19
  20. 20. Below are the addresses for Each of the Companies/Troop. Feel free to send letters and boxes to your Trooper. GREYWOLVES VALKYRIE DUSTOFF Rank, Last Name, First Rank, Last Name, First HHC/1-82, TF Wolfpack F/1-171, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 ROUGHNECKS REDWOLVES Rank, Last Name, First Rank, Last Name, FirstA Troop/1-17, TF Wolfpack A/1-82, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 REDHAWKS TITANS Rank, Last Name, First Rank, Last Name, First A/2-82, TF Wolfpack B/3-238, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 TIMBERWOLVES LONEWOLVES Rank, Last Name, First Rank, Last Name, First D/1-82, TF Wolfpack E/1-82, TF Wolfpack FOB SALERNO FOB SALERNO APO, AE 09314 APO, AE 09314 20