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Lysis Starter > Demo Day in Bogota, GOAP LatAm 2013
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Lysis Starter > Demo Day in Bogota, GOAP LatAm 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Nuestra mercado es muy grande, según la OMS en mercados emergentes se hacen un promedio de 2,5 estudios de laboratorio por número de habitantes en un año.Solo en Colombia se harán mas de 117 M en el próximo año y en Latinoamérica y el caribe tenemos más de 1440 Millones esto en aproximadamente 1000 Instituciones de salud registradas como laboratorios.
  • Nuestro primer objetivo es llegar al 20% de los Instituciones de Salud que procesan Laboratorio Clínicos en Colombia.Lo que significa que tendremos más de 2,5M de Estudios registrados . Y esto significa más de 330K consultas mensuales a nuestra plataforma.
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    • 1. Apoyado por:
    • 2. JULIO CÉSAR URIBE 15 years’ experience In the Healthcare Sector working in software development LUIS ANTONIO SOLER Expert in platform development, with multiple Microsoft certifications LAURA VARÓN Market research, brand management and UX/product design.
    • 3. Many clinical laboratories still process their studies manually. • Delayed outputs • Transcription errors ONEstudy processed and published at a time MISDIAGNOSIS > This is inefficient and costly.
    • 4. + • • • • ≠ The patient has to:
    • 5. We develop software solutions that help laboratories operate more efficiently...
    • 6. …connected with patients, doctors and healthcare institutions all in one platform.
    • 7. Patients Free(Ad supported) Monthly subscription apps PREMIUM $5 to remove ads Sources of revenue
    • 8. We are already up and running!
    • 9. 2-month demos are being Given out to 100 laboratories FOR FREE
    • 10.   Latin America Colombia  600M 45M Our market, every year:
    • 11. To reach 800 labs in Colombia  2,5M studies  330K users 1st objective: 20 % Each month: What we aim for:
    • 12. 400.000 USD  75.000 Research and development  150.000 Platform maintenance  75.000 Marketing and advertising  100.000 Sales force and customer support
    • 13.