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What makes great creative great

  1. 1. Great Creative Great ! Prepared By: Md. Masum Chowdhury Manager, Strategic Brand Management Department masum.pha@gmail.com_+880-017176-42874
  2. 2. Limitations of Pharmaceutical PPM* • Sometimes the most ‘interesting’ creative efforts are – - So cluttered - Text-heavy or nerve wracking. The message is diluted and target observers are too distracted to react.Printed Promotional Materials*
  3. 3. Benefits of Creative Efforts (PPM)• However, Creative efforts (PPM: Literature/Show Card /Product Pad/Brochure etc.) must be so Powerful and persuasive that they demand a reaction - - A Powerful impulse to buy - A desire to gain more insight into the product - The decision to follow-up via phone/ email
  4. 4. Benefits of Creative Efforts (PPM)• Great Creative efforts must connect with the target audience and make consumer care about the brand and be compelling enough to elicit a brand.• At face value, many pharmaceutical ads might be considered ‘Interesting’.• BUT BEING INTERESTING DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEANS EFFECTIVE.
  5. 5. Why Visual is Vital for Creative Effort (PPM)• An effective visual structure is crucial to the success of any design.• "Words are easily forgotten, but pictures stay in our minds."
  6. 6. Why Visual is Vital for Creative PPM• The psychologist Jerome Bruner of New York University has described Studies show that people remember:• 10% of what they hear• 20% of what they read• 80% of what they see and do
  7. 7. Why Color is Vital for Creative PPM• Color can increase learning and retention by 78%, and increase comprehension by up to 80%.
  8. 8. Great Creative must do 3 three things 1. Connect with its target audience 2. Compel a response 3. Demand a reaction
  9. 9. The Six Criteria for Great Creative• There are six definitive criteria for what is considered great creative –1. Great Creative makes One Stop and Notice2. Great Creative is on Strategy3. Great Creative Differentiates4. Great Creative is Single Focused5. Great Creative is Simple6. Great Creative is Branded
  10. 10. Great Creative makes One Stop and Notice If you don’t get Noticed, you don’t have anything. The art is in getting noticed naturally , without screaming or without tricks. This is gout disease awareness add. Metabolic diseases conveys the prickly discomfort associated with gout. Meanwhile, the copy communicates one simple clinical message : Controlling Serum Uric levels can reduce the risk of recurrent gout. At that time, viewers stop and take Notice.
  11. 11. Great Creative makes One Stop and Notice In short, this visually compelling ad evokes a visceral reaction and induces an unconscious empathic response and sensory reaction to how gout feels.
  12. 12. Great Creative is on StrategyCreative effort should be true to the brand promise andcompel observers to take action based on the Brands USP.The ability to execute a highly telegraphic add that is onpoint and on strategy requires brand insight, whichrequires diligent market research and astute positioning.
  13. 13. Great Creative is on StrategyAranesp (Darbepoetin Alfa) is dosed twice monthly, compared withepoetin alfa, the competitor agent, which requires once-weeklydosing. Since Aranesp was already a widely recognized treatmentagent for stabililzing Hemoglobin levels before this was created. Theidea is that due to the longer serum half-lives of Aranesp, patientscan achieve sufficient hemoglobin concentrations with fewer visittitrations. The Head line – Fewer stops to your destination.
  14. 14. Great Creative Differentiates• Great creative separates its self from the competition and within the market place. It is also distinct in its approach and personality.• In advertising the powerful statement is – not to be different is virtually suicidal. Visual Approach is the ultimate key for differentiation of a Brand.
  15. 15. Great Creative Differentiates• Amitiza (Lubiprostone). This visual approach is called Metaphoric Approach. In this add the origami-like blocks becoming Birds that take flight perfectly express Relief from intestinal discomfort.
  16. 16. Great Creative is Single Focused• Great Creative should be single focused, meaning it should be built around a single compelling brand promise. Try to focus on too many things at once will only dilute the core message.• However, the reality is that an add can really only do one thing and do it well.
  17. 17. Great Creative is Single Focused• Positioning GURUs Jack Trout and Al Ries explained Positioning: The Battle for your Mind. A Person can really only hold one thing in his or her mined.• However, the positioning statement have multiple areas of focus (Efficacy, Safety , Tolerability and ease of Administrations).
  18. 18. Great Creative is Single Focused• Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate). In this add, the intimacy conveyed the black-and-white close-up.
  19. 19. Great Creative is Simple• Great creative should be uncomplicated, uncluttered and make its points easily without too many layers.• Almost 500 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinchi Said, Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication.• Simplicity was the hallmark of his most successful creations. And for that reason Mona Lisa Continues to be one of the most widely recognized paintings in the world.• Simple put, Simplicity has been and always will be the highest form of intelligent, well informed creativity.
  20. 20. Great Creative is Simple• This is the Campaign for Rozerem. The use of ‘Zero’ both as a symbolic figure and in large-font, headline text is the height of sophistication, precisely because of its simplicity. This type of creative approach differentiates Rozerem from other insomnia products based on ‘ zero evidence of abuse or dependency’. At the same time, the ‘0’ suspended in a relaxing green landscape represents the ultimate respite and opportunity for carefree slumber. The ad makes you think that because of Rozerem maybe you don’t need to think too much about how to achieve a good night’s sleep.
  21. 21. Great Creative is Branded• When it comes to great creative, ads should be Branded and readily identifiable as being part of or belonging to the brand and its campaign.• An outstanding example of Branding is Roche’s iconic Rocephin (Ceftriaxone) once-a-day ad. By using the symbolically obvious, yet elegant , apple, the creative team created a hallmark campaign.
  22. 22. Does your Creative do the following ? 1. Connect on an emotional level to make your audience feel something about your brand. 2. Compel the target Audience into Action to make a purchase, find out more, or change their thinking. 3. Communicate its intended message clearly, quickly and credibly. 4. Campaign over multiple executions and across media to become more stronger and more memorable over time.
  23. 23. Five ways to foster Great Creative include:1. Provide clear, focused direction2. Factor in enough time3. Be Flexible4. Recognize that qualitative market research is directional not definitive5. Be Brave – don’t be afraid to listen to your gut
  24. 24. Getting Great Creative requires Exploring Different Executional Approaches • The most commonly used Executional approaches include: 1. Clinical 2. Iconic 3. Problem/Solution 4. Slice of Life 5. Mechanistic 6. Metaphor 7. Personification
  25. 25. Clinical Approach
  26. 26. Iconic Approach
  27. 27. Problem/Solution Approach
  28. 28. Slice of Life Approach
  29. 29. Mechanistic Approach
  30. 30. Metaphor Approach
  31. 31. Metaphor Approach
  32. 32. Personification Approach
  33. 33. Finally, In order to be great creative efforts must be so powerful and persuasive and that they demand a reaction.• Finally, if you want to make creative literature, give enough time for thinking and development.
  34. 34. Let see few Creative efforts -
  35. 35. NEW CABSTAR
  36. 36. Big Babol
  37. 37. Panadol
  38. 38. Kodak
  40. 40. KISS FM 97.7
  41. 41. Mouth Wash
  42. 42. Questions
  43. 43. Prepared By Masum Chowdhury Manager Strategic Brand Management Departmentmasum.pha@gmail.com, +880-0171-7642874 Thanks