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Teamof choiceframework


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Teamof choiceframework

  1. 1. Imagine Becoming…Imagine Becoming… A Team OfA Team Of
  2. 2. Imagine AImagine A Team Where...Team Where... • Everyone knows the goal • Members work cooperatively to achieve results • Creativity is respected • New and better ways are consistently sought out • People value their team membership and rarely leave for other opportunities • The commitment to success is obvious
  3. 3. CCheckheck Start by knowingStart by knowing where you are...where you are...
  4. 4. CheckCheck • Understand your organization’s goals • Understand job responsibilities and have the skills to perform • Trust each other and provide help where needed • Deal with conflict appropriately and use it to create positive change • Share information openly and freely with each other • Know the expectations for performance • Use time well and solve problems effectively Use a Team Check-up toUse a Team Check-up to learn if team members...learn if team members...
  5. 5. HHearear Find out why you areFind out why you are where you are and howwhere you are and how to chart a course intoto chart a course into the future...the future...
  6. 6. • Provide the results of the assessment to all team members • Use a SWOT exercise to get all points of view and discover ideas to move the team forward • Create a preferred future based on everyone’s input • Develop a follow-up plan and put it into action HearHear Get the team together toGet the team together to review the Team Check-Upreview the Team Check-Up
  7. 7. OOpenpen Build a humanBuild a human infrastructure thatinfrastructure that will support yourwill support your future...future...
  8. 8. • Identify everyone’s communications style within the DISC model of behavior • Create awareness of individual style and its impact on the team • Show how to adapt personal styles and open communication • Build the elements of trust- Congruence, Reliability, Openness and Acceptance OpenOpen Map the communicationMap the communication patterns of the teampatterns of the team
  9. 9. • Develop listening as a key skill in communication with internal and external customers • Expand the ability to express ideas, feelings and goals in a way that strengthens the team • Help people learn more about each other while they build trust • Encourage responsibility and appropriate control of emotions • Link personal goals and values to the purpose of the team OpenOpen FurtherFurther Provide guided explorationProvide guided exploration of interpersonalof interpersonal communication throughcommunication through Adventures in AttitudesAdventures in Attitudes®
  10. 10. IInvolvenvolve Provide reasons forProvide reasons for team membership...
  11. 11. • Identify each person’s strength as a Creator, Advancer, Refiner or Executor • Provide practice solving problems or developing new products, services or procedures using these roles • Experience total involvement with a 30 day idea campaign to reduce costs or increase customer satisfaction InvolveInvolve Equip people to embraceEquip people to embrace and participate in changeand participate in change
  12. 12. CCheckheck AgainAgain Create a feedbackCreate a feedback culture to keep theculture to keep the team processteam process dynamic...dynamic...
  13. 13. • Revisit the Team Check-Up and compare results to original assessment • Use 360 Feedback to assess individual team member or team leader behavior • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys (internal and external) • Introduce an Individual Development Planning process to set and achieve goals CheckCheck AgainAgain Assess the organizationAssess the organization and its members toand its members to measure progress and buildmeasure progress and build skillsskills
  14. 14. EEnrichnrich Tap the depths ofTap the depths of human synergy...human synergy...
  15. 15. • As the process continues, offer additional opportunities to strengthen the relationships between: – Sales reps and prospects with Sales Training – Employees and customers with Customer Service Training – Supervisors and employees with Management Development – All members of the team with Team Building EnrichEnrich Take the learning deeperTake the learning deeper and deeper whileand deeper while expanding the potentialexpanding the potential of the teamof the team
  16. 16. Imagine Becoming…Imagine Becoming… A Team OfA Team Of