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What the wine brand do to attract the millennials ?

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  • If we want to know who are millennials we have to : All around the world their is 1,7 billion millennials (wine marketing circus) (tableau) But you have to know that this generation became bigger and bigger each years and we are one of the most important consumer segmentation (37% of the millennial like to drink wine – 92% prefere beer / coke but only 5% don’t like wine) (Source : American generation / Wine market council)
  • Before targeting somebody or a class of people you have to know them verry well, let me define who are the millennial… It’s really simple because it’s us ! Millennials is an abbreviation for millennial generation , a term used by demographers to describe a segment of the population born between 1980 and 1995. Sometimes this generation is called “ Generation Y ” . From «Millennials rising : the next great generation » by Neil Howe & William Strauss «Millennials are unlike any other youth generation in living memory. They are more numerous, more affluent, better educated, and more ethnically diverse
  • By getting to know the millennial wine consumer, wineries can learn how to meet their needs and expectations. Aside from being intelligent consumers, the millennial generation also embrace diversity. It is vital for the wine industry to recognise that they can no longer focus all of their marketing efforts on the traditional white middle-class, but that they must be inclusive of all race, class, and genders. Entrepreneurial : desire to make a difference in the world, - The implication is that wineries should accentuate family businesses, ethnic groups, and social responsibility. Value in fun : wine companies would be ill-advised to not consider millennial beliefs and values when it comes to wine label design or branding their image. Tech savy and fun : These tech-driven consumers like labels to tell a story, however it must be told fast and simple, and it must be fun. Source : bizcommunity
  • Source : Wine market council – Kraft food – e-marketer – napa technology - BEM As we can see on this graph people from the millennial, comsume more wine per drinking occasion than the other generation, this is a really good news for the wine industry, for millennial drinking wine is a social experience “ Millennials are drinking more wine and better wine at a young age than any other generation has, ” says Leah Hennessy, owner of Millennier (marketing and design firm based in LA) Millennials are counsuming higher priced wines by the glass than gen X ! older millennials, are most likely to experiment with a brand they’ve never heard of Price point is also an issue: It has to be under $10 The annual inderect spending power of millennial generation is $ 500 billion (american business insight)
  • Sources : wine market council 2011 – Nappa technology 2011 Fearless : parties and tasting event are the better way to taste some wine for 43% of millennial Unpretentious : we can buy wine anywhere Nomadic : 89% of millennial will purchase brand they have never seen / heard of before
  • Sources : Mintel 2011 – Napa technology 2011 – Agence 2G pour le CIVB 2012 The older millennnial (25-34) prefer Italian Wine Dire une annalyse de ces pourcentages
  • Mintel 2011 – napa technology 2011 – 2G for CIVB 2012 For 93% of us we are buying our wines in super market
  • Let’s begin with the heart of the subject ! Mutineer magazine is about fine beverage for millennials. the Mutineer Magazine’s Marvelous Millennial Wine Marketing Circus is a traveling marketing conference for the winery, wine professionals and all people who want to come To discuss with seven remarkable speakers on the MILLENNIAL culture and its impact on the wine industry in 2012 It’s a 3-hour workshop about subject like « The Millennial Wine Consumer » - « Social Media » - « The Power of Beverage Culture » {Mutineer magazine : It is the mission of Mutineer to share the modern fine beverage experience with the millennial generation while supporting and celebrating fine beverage culture in an artistically inspired way.}
  • Binsfeld is a communication agency ( Vinsmoselle has 6 winery, and the date of the creation of the cooperative winery is 1966 – So the brand « 66 » was born ! An other way to drink wine – out of the conventional – like beer bottle First vintage 2000
  • Wine labels matter. It’s easier to say « non-traditional » label than « fun and contemporary looking »… Wine labels are no longer used to only communicate information about grape variety or winery but are used as a wine marketing tactic to attract potential buyers.  As u can see on the graphic Design matters to millennial consumers! And the artistics labels initiates the first purchase, while the quality of the wine initiates a second purchase. In order to succed in the millennial market segment, wine label designs will need to become less traditional and representative of status, and more modern and representative of fun.  (Now label is the brand indentity and personality and it can be associated for the millennial by a social purchases like buying wine is a public reflection of our tastes and our personality) Source :
  • The back of each label includes copy crafted to its particular variety of table, giving potential clients a taste of our personality, philosophy and sense of humour. « We think this theory is ready to make the leap from this jug to your product. To see what our package designers can create for you, give us a call. We’d love to sit down with you at our table. » Source :
  • When we annalyse the success of the french wine in USA, all of them are « wine brand ». There is some traditionnal brand like Mouton Cadet or « la vieille ferme » but some of them are more fun like HobNob, fat Bastard or Wild Pig and they better target the millennials. If they have a good place in the american market it’s because those brand had allready an existing market in USA Now let’s focus on some of those brand
  • Maison Duboeuf (Beaujolais, LR, Maconnais, Rhône Valley) Hob Nob : VDP Oc (hobnob = drink together) (close to millennials) Social media : app’ facebook, twitter, instagram … Simple way to speak at the young generation without « snobby word » : « there are more reasons to HobNob than ever: like an outdoor summer concert with friends, a more private moment with a crush on a city rooftop, even mingling with your crew at an underground club. Rejoice and raise your glass. » For exemple on their website they have a book wich explain in simple way how to match food and wine and a lot of other thing like…
  • … how to clean up wine lips
  • For Halloween (2011) they had associated with a magasine (KDH Hampton Magazine) to create a perfect « Wine and candy pairing » With this sentence : “ Whether you crave sweet, salty or sour treats for a party with adult friends, or are just raiding your kids ’ bag after they ’ ve gone to bed, there is a HobNob Wine to match. ” (Exemple : « MMMMMM HobNob Merlot Make this a memorable night with the HobNob Merlot, Merlot goes well with every candy in the treat bag, from dark chocolate to milk chocolate and fruits to nuts. The Merlot has hints of licorice and a dark finish perfectly fitting for the one night of devilish “ Hobnobbing ” fun — that ’ s only for the big kids. Yum, yum, yum. ») Source :
  • Focus on Gabrielle Meffre Estate (create in 1936 - Rhone Valley) with 2 brands Fat Bastard and « wild pig » 1 case = 12 bottles (5000 cases = 60 000 bottles) – 4 million bottles = 330 000 cases 16 countries : Netherlands, USA, Canada, Norway, China, Denmark, France… History : Thierry a french oenologist and Guy his american importer create this brand almost by chance… Thierry was trying experimental wine in few barrels, and propose to Guy to try this, it was a wine which was leaving in the lees (yeast cell)  It had a wonderful color and rich, round palate… Thierry exclaimed in a real French accent : “ now zat iz what you call eh phet bast-ard ” and the brand was born
  • Story :  it’s not a rare occurrence to see running into our vines, in theLanguedoc, one or more wild pigs to eat our tastiest grapes. Each year as the harvest draws nearer, these animals and their voracious appetite drive the grapegrowers crazy - A female particularly caught their attention because she came up every time. They regard her with favour and gave her the sweetie name of Greta. To engrave this on vineyard’s story, they decided to dedicate a special cuvée “to Greta”. This fruity wine is made with the best grapes. Goodies : caps – t-shirt – bags – contest to win a tour in provence (2012) – test to know witch wine is better for you …
  • An other brand who targeting millennials… Here The marketing material talked about how these wine were “ unpretentious ” and “ easy to relate to, ” take all the senses! But sometims it’s really too much ! Like this brand Vision Wine and Spirit LLC is an importer and marketing wine company their offices and warehouse are in New Jersey (the wine of TXT cellar come from Germany (region of Mosel-Saar- Ruwer) and other countries like : argentine, spain, Portugal… ) In my point of view witch is share with a lot of people (like Jason Wilson writter in Washington post) or Leah Hennesssy from a marketing and design firm that specializes in reaching millennials) this brand didn’t take the time to learn about their taget consumer… That kind of expression “OMG!!! Or LMAO!!!” Are used more by the generation aged less than 21 (the legal age to drink alcohol in USA) and I think people of our age don’t want that kind of brand. To conclude about label and brand : When the brand are trying to hard to market the millennial generation it can be really devastating for a long term sucess
  • Now our generation spend a lot of time on internet, and youtube is really used ! So if you want to target millennials, movies buzz can be a way to catch them… There is a lot of exemple, each year (since 6) the Wine Spectator elect the videos on the wine… I can’t show them right now because it will take to much time but … A brief story about merlot won the big price from the wine spectator contest in 2012 it present the history of the Merlot since the 70’s to now and it’s play by... Why does it work ? because it combines humor, education and emotion this video brings around 36 000 view on youtube Link :!
  • They surfed on the Gagnam style wave and did a parody of it around the winery and the vines… It was a successful initiative because they won around 10 000 fans on FB and a lot of share on social media Views : 19 000
  • The Château la Levrette is born in 2004 in Bordeaux, the target of this wine is the old millennials This video like the name of the estate with its double meanning in french show a great sense of humour and it’s a good point for selling wine Views : around 8 300
  • Blogs are a very interesting way to conquer young people. many bloggers emerge on the web and everyone can have access. It ’ s another way to speak about wine ! And it ’ s really decontract some of them are original by using humour and videos such as Aurelia of "bu sur le web ” or Gary vaynerchuck (but it was before) So, now let’s talk about some exemple :
  • In 2006, with a flipcam and NY Jets bucket Gary began Wine Library TV which revolutionized the wine world. His wine reviews soon attracted over 100,000 viewers each day and his die-hard fans nicknamed themselves “ Vayniacs. ” Gary ’ s cult-like following was the result of his unconventional, often irreverent commentary on wine. Using comical expressions like “ Sniffy Sniff ” and “ The Oakmonster, ” he encourages straightforward wine tasting and debunks wine myths. A business visionary Gary also started Cinderella Wine , a flash sale website which features one wine per day beginning at 9PM EST for 24 hours sold at a severely discounted price.
  • The blog is original because it is made with videos. aurélia presents wine, she presents enjoyed the area and the wine. All this is done in front of a camera. In this video example, she presents a champagne, it tasted and made ​​a comment. It does this in a very simple and uncomplicated. More and more people are visiting and learn to blog and discover the wine easily and originally. May be that the system does not please all generations because the wine out of context "serious." Nowadays, many people do not dare to discover the wine because it is a product considered only for connoisseurs. However, this way of discovering the wine is both fun and easy to access and completely uninhibited.
  • The blog wine folly is appreciate by young people by his originality. The particularity of this blog is that there are very playful graphics commented. Young people particularly enjoy because once again it is easy to understand and explain away often too complicated.
  • If you want to market the young generation you have to be where they are ! So in fact now everybody have a facebook account and some have a twitter one… Millennials are the most present on the social media. So, the wine brands have to be there! Some of them had understand it !
  • (source Bloomberg news in atlanta) Another brand Constellation put $10 billion in the digital marketing in 2010, in their view they are convinced that online marketing is ideally suited to selling wine because drinkers have long discovered new tastes through real-life social networks. For them "If anything lends itself to social media, it's wine, » They even employe a digital marketer (Karena Breslin) who told them the importance of create an online convesation with the users. In 2010 « More than 40 percent of Millennials increased wine drinking last year. Constellation has boosted digital marketing 150 percent to reach them. »
  • In early 2010, Constellation staged a "tweet up" for its Robert Mondavi brand. Bloggers and others were brought in to tour the Napa Valley (Calif.) winery and they were encouraged to send Twitter posts during their trips, Chris Fehrnstrom the Chief marketinf Officer at constellation brand says that their sales surged 29 percent in 2010, though this event. (source Bloomberg news in atlanta) Thanks to this event Robert Mondavi’s brand won 5 point in social media part (source : business case for nappa valley Tweetup by the agency attensity 360)
  • Gugulethu is a South Africa city, this festival takes place on the rooftop of the square mall. This festival take place is this town each year 37 wine exibithors – 300 wines – 3 400 guests Why is a good marketing for millennial ? Fun : as you can see on this pictures inside the fair / with a lot of wine terms and their definition Advertisement : which is speaking about the top « drinktionary » and difined a « Cork dork » and show us how to employed it in a sentence ! And then they do the promotion of the fair with this sentence «don’t be a cork dork »and come to the Gugulethu wine festival! Concert : source wrappa
  • The winegrowers are simply there to reveal to you the secrets of their wines! As for the « Vintage » atmosphere, come from décor and by the music plays during the evening. The choice of wines and their prices show just how accessible Bordeaux wines are. It’s a relaxed « aperitif » and the atmosphere allows tasters to enjoy the diversity of Bordeaux wines (which are red, dry or sparkling whites, claret and rosé, crémant). 2011 : 2500 personnes (Brussels – Anvers) 2011 : 20 000 glasses was served in Paris
  • Another event which is made for millennial from Paris ! A friendly and decomplex atmosphere to another approach of wine and dating ! This event mix the promotion of fauchon’s wines, and food. Allowed people to know their « Oenological sign ». Their were 6 sign : Trend, Eternal, sensual, Aesthete, muscular, « gourmand »/ gourmet All of them are here to share around a glass of wine, to learn more about wine, and of course it’s a funny way to find your love !
  • Millennial Women are like millennial ! But as we can see before, some brands are targeting women…
  • Some few exemple of those label only for girls : « Little black dress » is a Californian wine, they are playing on the « Must have » in a girl dressingroom, and for them every women are different so they all have their bottle of wine which is matching with their dress. It’s only one grappe variety : Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot grigio, Chardonnay, sauvignon… On their website their is a lot of information about dresses, parties, quizz and only one part for the wine. On the other hand you have a limited edition for the summer 2011 of californian wine « clos du bois » with 2 wines (Cabernet Sauvignon & Chardonnay). Those labels had been designed by Simon Kneen the creative director of Banana Republic’s brand. This 2 bottles a Qr Code wich gives access to a summer playlist but also style advices of Simon Kneen or prairing with food recommended by the the Clos du Bois Winemaker Gary Sitton ...
  • (spend / lucky owner - relative) $15-23 – the red one is call devil and the white one is call angel Hello Kitty Wines were originally conceived by Camomilla S.p.A. which is a very successful fashion company in Italy, and they have the « Hello kitty lincensed merchandise . Camomilla partnered up with Torti "Tenimenti Castelrotto » Italian winery located in Lombardy... And they sell the wine in USA by the companny « Innovation and spirit » (california) Sanrio (the creator of HK) indicates that they see the Hello Kitty brand identity as being somewhat mature. the tagline for the wine products is "Our favorite girl has grown up", she has 35 years, it was a children's brand, now it’s a brand for children and adults. (Tasting notes : « 2008 Hello Kitty Angel White - This is a fresh, very "blanc" white wine made entirely from Pinot Noir free run juice. 2006 Hello Kitty Devil Red - Garnet red with brickish highlights, this is a classically rendered Pinot Noir that presents a seductive bouquet of wild flowers and forest aromas. »)
  • P.U.R is in Beaujolais (and it’s directed by Cyril Alonso and Florian Looze) they made a cuvée for women and with humour, ‘cause it retake the « hip hop wave for the Cognac» they did a video with Claire Thomas a cook journalist in the ABC Channel to promote this wine with this catchword : « Fruity but still refreshing, it’s low in alcohol so you can keep booty shaking and stay on point. »
  • Be is born one year ago from Treasury Wine estate (Napa California) The four wines are : Pink Moscato, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Riesling. "Be." will retail between $10 and $13 The "Be." collection was created for modern, Millennial women by Millennial women. Millennial women are an emerging population of wine enthusiasts whose, according to Nielsen (global information and media company) , purchasing power is growing quickly and is set to have an increasing impact on the consumer wine industry in the coming months and years. The "Be." experience makes it easy for women to choose an affordable wine that matches their mood – whether that's flirty, fresh, bright or radiant – with these characteristics represented in the flavor of the wine and on the bottle. Each of the four "Be." varietals are designed to be served chilled for maximum refreshment, and bring their own personality to the glass. Source : PR Newswire (
  • Treasury Wine Estate did another brand which is targeting Men !! Sledgehammer was launched in spring 2010. « It’s a guys only wine! » With Cabernet – Zinfandel – Malbec and a blended one There are just two rules when it comes to tasting Sledgehammer, explicit in its motto: No sipping, and no swirling.
  • On their website you can also find some funny advices like ….
  • Here we are !! We don’t want someone telling us what we should drink. In general millennials want info about wine, but not too much. We care about a well made product, if it tastes good and has a decent price! They don’t always need to know where the grapes are grown or the name of the winemaker. We are busy. Really, really, busy. When we find something we like we tend to buy it again, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in exploring new types of wine. On one hand, they don’t want this wine thing to be too complicated, but on the other hand a little knowledge isn’t so bad. What we absolutely don’t want is someone telling us what wines we should or shouldn’t like.
  • Millennials & wine

    1. 1. Nina Izzo
    2. 2. + How should they do to sell us wine ?  Definition of Millennial  Consumption  How to communicate with millennial ?  Focus on Woman
    3. 3. + Consumer segmentation  Boomer : 48 – 66 years old (77 millions in USA)  Generation X : 36 – 47 years old (44 millions in USA)  Millennial : 18 – 35 years old (70 millions in USA) Wine drinker population By generation, 2012
    4. 4. + Definition of Millennial  Abbreviation for millennial generation,  Born between 1980 and 1995 – between 18 – 35 years old  “Generation Y”
    5. 5. + Wine Industry have to understand this generation Five importants points, we :  Like technology  Embrace diversity  Find value in fun  Optimistic & Practical  Environnementaly conscious
    6. 6. + Why are we a good target ?  They drink more and better wine  They experiment new brands  More frequently, at an earlier age  …Under $10 Number of glasses Consumed per wine Drinking occasion
    7. 7. + Our view of wine : F.U.N.  Fearless  We are not afraid to ask questions  We want to learn  Unpretentious  We are not snob!  We are not impressed by big brand  Nomadic  The less traditional is the better
    8. 8. + What are we drinking ?  In US :  Exotic Wine  More French, Italian and Spanish Wine  In France :  19,2% Vins classés  26,5% AOC Wine  30,3% IGP Wine  13,9% Wine without IG
    9. 9. + For us the price is influenced by the occasion  $10-15 : Parties – with friend  $20-30 : to enjoy at home  $50+ : estaurant 93% of the millenial Buy Wine in Super Market
    10. 10. + How to target Millennials in Wine Marketing ? Packaging Label Digital Event
    11. 11. + Packaging
    12. 12. + Packaging : Focus on Sixty Six  Wine brand created by Binsfeld for « Domaines Vinsmoselle »  Why 66 ?  Youthful image  Create for parties  White – Rosé – Red  +500 000 bottles sold
    13. 13. + Labels & Brands
    14. 14. + Table Wine  Self promotion by rethink Agency  Canadian  2010
    15. 15. + French Wine Brand  Well known French Estate  Mouton Cadet (Rotschild) Vieille Ferme (Perrin)
    16. 16. + HobNob  Duboeuf Estate  Around $10 per bottle  Presence on social network
    17. 17. +
    18. 18. + Fat Bastard  Created in 1998  First vintage : 5000 cases  Now : 4 million bottles  16 countries  Around $10 per bottle
    19. 19. + Wild Pig  Created since 10 years  History  Lot of goodies
    20. 20. + TXT Cellar  Launched late 2011  From « Vision Wine and spirit LLC »  around $8  Is it a marketing mistake?
    21. 21. + Digital :Viral Films  By Jeff Bundschu director of the Californian estate Gundlach Bundschu  Why does it work ?
    22. 22. + Digital :Viral Films  « Gagnam Style in Wine Country » by Jordan Winery
    23. 23. + Digital :Viral Films
    24. 24. + Blogs
    25. 25. + Gary Vaynerchuck
    26. 26. + « Bu sur le Web »
    27. 27. + Wine Folly
    28. 28. + Social Media
    29. 29. +
    30. 30. + Event : « Tweetup » #NVTweetUp  1st Social Media Networking, wine tasting event and raises money for charity  « Sales surged 29% in 2010 »  The event improved Robert Mondavi Winery share of voice in all of the social Media :
    31. 31. + Event : Gugulethu Wine Festival  Targeting millennials  Fun  Very popular place  Concert  Funny Advertisment
    32. 32. + Event : Apéros Vintage  Afterwork  CIVB  Montreal, Brussels, Anvers, Amsterdam, Paris…  Seasonnal  3-5€  Accessibility, pleasure and diversity
    33. 33. +  Cabernet d’Anjou ?  4 000 personnes  4th Edition  10 private bars, 10 artists
    34. 34. + Event :Wine Dating by Fauchon  Each Monday during 1 years (2010)  Only for single  40€ (food + Wine)  1h : Oenological Sign  Then « Free dating »
    35. 35. + Focus on millennials Women & Wine Do they need a special marketing ?
    36. 36. + labels
    37. 37. + Hello Kitty Wine
    38. 38. + « Sparkling Gamay » by P.U.R
    39. 39. + Brand : be
    40. 40. + Sledgehammer
    41. 41. +
    42. 42. + Conclusion Thank you For your Attention!
    43. 43. +