Millennials & Wine: Expert Observations


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Napa Technology and other wine industry experts provide an incredible look at millennial attributes, their relationship with wine and how valuable they are to your restaurant's profitability.

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  • Millennials & Wine: Expert Observations

    1. 1. Attracting Millennials To YourRestaurant Wine Trends From The World’s ExpertsFree Webinar - Thursday, June 28 @ 11:30a.m. PDT Reserve your webinar seat now at: Carin Galletta OliverJune 2012
    2. 2. MILLENNIAL TRAITS✤ Social ✤ Both online and off✤ Digital Natives ✤ Very active with the brands✤ Social sphere reliance ✤ Trust friends more than corporations or media✤ Accessibility✤ They can make the world a better place
    3. 3. ✤ Wines from all over the globe are capturing consumer interest and wine consumption (by the glass) is on the rise.✤ Millennials are particularly wine savvy.✤ Millennials are the largest demographic group in the United States✤ They are responsible for more than $200 Billion in annual spending
    4. 4. EXPERT OBSERVATIONSAndrew Shipe, Vice PresidentCulinary & MarketingAramark-SE ✤ Juice Box Generation – The youth that grew up on juice boxes are still looking for those sweet flavors as they move into the wine category.  ✤ We continue to see a trend towards red blends, Malbec and Moscatos and a movement away from big oak Chardonnay toward unoaked wines which match well with a wide variety of foods.
    5. 5. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Marian Jensen op de Haar,✤ Younger drinkers, millennials, age Wine Industry Consultant 21-30, are more adventurous. Vines 57✤ Cava and Prosecco continue to grow and are used in cocktails—often with hard liquor.✤ Riesling is growing towards Pinot Grigio levels, especially German Rieslings.  A small trend is emerging for dry Rieslings (Germany is producing more of these and are exporting them).
    6. 6. SOPHISTICATED PALATE✤ There is a general trend towards more balanced Jesse Inman, Winemaker wines with respect to alcohol and fruit Romililly Wines & August character.  Folks are expressing that they don’t Briggs Winery need to be punched in the mouth to enjoy good wine.  The foodie explosion has helped this trend, because this wine style is much more food friendly.✤ Young people are buying more wine and can’t afford many of the ‘in your face’ style wines, yet want quality.  This leaves the door open for obscure varietals and regions that are up and coming, that don’t command high prices.✤ The $15-$25 bottle price point is hyper-hot.
    7. 7. BIGGEST CONSUMERS OF DIGITAL CONTENT Julie Brosterman Founder of✤ Beer lovers are discovering wine.✤ Many wineries are participating more on social media channels, which is increasing consumer education about food pairings,  varietals, value and so much more. Technology is really bringing excitement to the wine industry.
    8. 8. MILLENNIALS LIKE GROUP ACTIVITIES✤ The way people are “geeking out” with wine education is a trend I expect to see more of, but in a friendly, hands-on kind of way, instead of the stuffy, “you don’t belong in this crowd” way of the past.✤ Exploration and discovery are two constants that excited young wine drinkers are elevating to new heights all the time. Robert Larsen, Public ✤ “At Rodney Strong’s Meritage blending seminar guests Relations Director Rodney get to blend five Bordeaux varieties we use in our Strong Wine Estates Symmetry to make their own blended wine. Our other seminar is a Pinot Noir clone tasting, for our Davis Bynum wines, where the attendees taste six different clones of Pinot noir, I had 80 people in the last Pinot clone seminar who were super engaged and full of really great questions.”
    9. 9. YOUNG DRINKERS SEEK WINE Bob Midyette, Director of Fleet Beverage Operations, Royal Caribbean International and Azamara Club Cruises✤ We certainly see more entry level wine consumers approaching and trying wine.
    10. 10. JOIN OUR FREE WEBINAR✤ Learn what wines millennials love, what they are looking for in a restaurant and how to create a wine program that appeals to them by joining Napa Technology’s free webinar:✤ Thursday June 28, 2012 at 11:30 AM PDT. Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: Napa Technology, makers of the WineStation, uncovered a vast ideological wine drinking divide