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Equicare 2012

  1. 1. Company Since 1997
  2. 2. Equicare Company was established in 1997 working in the field of gate automation.In 1998 Equicare started its cooperation with Nice Italy. Nice suggested a new interpretation for theconnection between people and their domestic environment marked by the utmost simplicity, clarity andaesthetic quality.In Equicare we believe that we are delivering to our clients a service distinguished by an excellent productand correct choice with full proof guarantee, along with yearly maintenance policies.Thanks to a complete variety of intelligent and easy to use technologies by Bitcino and Nice, today Equicarehas expanded its full range of home automation to include gate automation, light control, security & alarm,sound diffusion, rolling shutters and intercom systems.Locally, Equicare has been able to guarantee the satisfaction of over 300 clients with more than500 installations annually in various location such as Katamiya Heights, Katamiya Residence, PalmHills, Lake View, Solaymania, Gezira, Karma, Mirage, El Rabwa, Mena Garden City, City View, PalmPyramids and more.
  3. 3. Sliding GatesRobus, Run, TubThe most complete and innovative range to automate sliding gates. Safe and functional, ideal for residential or industrial use.Robus Run TubFor sliding gates weighing up to 1000kg For sliding gates weighing to 2500kg For industrial sliding gates weighing up toElectromechanical gear motor with Nice Electromechanical gear motor with Nice 3500kg. Irreversible electromechanical 380VacBlueBUS technology. Versions with BlueBUS technology. Ventilated motor with gear motor with built-in control unit. Powerful:electromechanical and inductive limit switch. inductive or electromechanical limit switch. 550W absorbed output and a peak thrust ofIntelligent and safe: thanks to the obstacle Suitable to operate in extreme conditions over 400Nm.detection system and automatic programmingof the working times. 1. Robus 2. Transmitter 3. Photocells mounted on posts 4. Photocells 5. Flashing light 6. Digital or key switches 7. SYP* solar panel 8. PSY24* battery box 9. O-View* multifunction display. *Optional connection to Solemyo and Opera systems. Equicare company 2
  4. 4. Swinging GAtes Accessories Planotime Radio-controlled week programmable timer to manage up to 6 automation units for 100 events / week. 1. Wingo 2. Transmitter 3. Photocells mounted on posts 4. Photocells 5. Flashing light 6. Control unit 7. Digital or key switches 8. SYP* solar panel 9. PSY24* battery box. *Optional connection to Solemyo system. 1. X-Metro 2. Transmitter 3. Photocells mounted on posts 4. Photocells 5. Flashing light 6. Control unit 7. Digital or key switches 8. SYP* solar panel 9. PSY24* battery box. *Optional connection to Solemyo system.Equicare company 3
  5. 5. Swinging GAtes Accessories 5 PS1248 24 V battery 7 with integrated 1. Hyppo battery charger. 4 2. Transmitter Pc/pack 1 9 6 1 3. Photocells mounted on posts 4. Photocells 5. Flashing light 6. Control unit 7. Digital or key switches 8. SYP* solar panel PLA10 9. PSY24* battery box Vertical 12 V electric lock 10. O-View* multifunction display. (required for gates longer1 0 than 3 m). *Optional connection to Solemyo and 3 Opera systems. 2 1. Walky 2. Transmitter 3. Photocells mounted on posts 4. Photocells 5. Flashing light 6. Digital or key switches 7. SYP* solar panel 8. PSY24* battery box 9. O-View* multifunction display. *Optional connection to Solemyo and Opera systems. Equicare company 4
  6. 6. Folding Gates Hyppo7100 ACCESSORIES For 2-leaf folding doors. Electromechanical gear motor irreversible with telescopic arm, also in 24Vdc version, with magnetic encoder. Single model for right and left leaves. Nice aluminium release, KIO designed to Compact, Key-operated selector accommodate external release shockproof switch for low voltage bodywork with no sharp contacts, with release corners mechanism for metal cord. Pc/pack 1 Pre-wired, incorporated 24Vdc Intelligent version in opening and closing double limit - switch both with magnetic encoder with self-learning function. during opening and closing: perfect for intensive use: • pause time programming; fewer connections mean • easy programming by pedestrian door; pressing a single button. slowdown during opening quicker installation. Solid • clutch with anti-crush and closing. metal mechanics. Sturdy, safety feature. • the system will operate galvanised, telescopic arm. • automatic memorization of during a blackout by limit switches means of rechargeable PS324 batteries. 24 V battery with integrated battery charger. Hyppo7100 1. Hyppo 2. Transmitter 3. Photocells mounted on posts Garage door Automation 4. Photocells 5. Flashing light 6. Control unit 7. Digital or key switches 8. SYP* solar panel 9. PSY24* battery box 10. O-View* multifunction display. *Optional connection to Solemyo and Opera systems.Equicare company 5
  7. 7. Garage doorsSpinbus, Ten Rondo, TomThe new generation for the automation systems for garage doors. Industrial motors for the automationof roller shuttersSafe, practical and easy to install. Courtesy light By rotating the “petal”, which diffuses the light, users access the incorpo- rated BlueBUS control unitSpinbus Ten Tom-R RondoFor sectional doors up to 17.5m² and up- For projecting and non-projecting up- For balanced rolling doors. Electromechanicaland-over garage doors up to 14.7m² with and-over doors up to 8m² (up to 14m² For rolling doors weighing up to 750kg. Irreversible electromechanical gearmotors gear motor with lifting force up to 130kgNice BlueBUS technology. using 2 motors), and jointed doors. and 180kg. With BlueBUS technology. for industrial roller shutters with mechanical stop and chain or crank operated emergency Practical: easy to adjust, electromechanical override mechanism and integrated anti-fall limit switches both during closing and opening safety device. Sectional door Balanced rolling door Grilled rolling doors Rolling doors Equicare company 6
  8. 8. barriers Wil, Signo, X-Bar 3, 4, 6, 8.5m Electromechanical barriers gate operator with encoder for private, public and industrial use. Wil Signo X-Bar Versions up to 6m Versions up to 6m. with adjustable speed and The first electromechanical barrier gate Powerful and quick: anti-crushing safety feature. electromechanical 24Vdc gear in kit form for control of road access. Incorporated control unit, can motor, ideal for intensive use. 24 Vdc gear motor, control unit, with be removed, making wiring and Intelligent: Even more Nice BlueBUS technology and built-in maintenance easier. sophisticated and well-developed flashing light. More comfort and safety in new control unit programmable at Easy to install: the bar can be 6 levels. Automatic diagnosis of programming and maintenance phases: assembled on either the right or faults when operating. the separate enclosures for electronics left hand side indifferently. Easy to balance: linear and mechanics prevent internal parts Safe: the manoeuvre will invert adjustment of the spring. The automatically if the bar comes from being subject to potential hazards. system will operate during a into contact with an obstacle. blackout by means of internally fitted, rechargeable batteries. Flashing Control Electronics light Digital or key User friendly and state-of-the- switches art control systems allow you to Key activate, via radio, each system as selector you wish. on posts Photocells mounted on posts Ergo Plano Planotime A complete and coordinated system of photocells, key-operated and digital selector switches, transponder readers and controlling entries. Transmitter Mom/Mocard MoTEquicare company 7
  9. 9. Light control systems Radio control system Small, slim and coloured, ideal to carry in your pocket, bag or use as stylish key rings, or table- top or wall-mounted, for control of the entire home at your fingertips! These are the Nice radio control systems, modular, rolling code or bimodal with built-in transponder: the choice is yours! NiceWay modular system The NiceWay system Concealed is based on a number of transmitter modules that can Nice presents its concealed control: the be placed in five different holder models to create a ultra-compact dimensions enable all flexible range of made-to-measure solutions. Although the products in the miniaturised Tag control modules, available from 1 to 80 groups or 240 channels, range to be installed inside standard wall- are very small in size, they are extremely easy to operate. mounted plates. The height of subtlety… The module holder cover The transmitter moduleWall or table shockproof holder Squared wallTable shockproof plate Table shock- proof holder Rectangular wall plate Equicare company 8
  10. 10. security & Alarm system Peace and comfort: Safety and security Radio transmitters Dual Band: with magnetic contact for detection Total Control of door and window opening; infrared, with volumetric lens, and With just a touch, total control. With Nice you can dual technology movement supervision (infrared + microwave); control the whole range of automations for gates, detector of fine volatile powder, glass breakage and flooding. garages, awnings and rolling shutters, alarm systems as well as irrigation, lighting systems and electrical loads. All are always under control! HSDIM11 Detector radio controlled infrared detector with volumetric lens; it detects and give notification of possible movements within the protected area, up to 10 m and with an angle of 90°. HSDID11 Detector radio-controlled indoor detector with magnetic contact for detection of door and window opening. HSDIS01 Detector A new concept for protecting today’s homes. controlled detector or volatile fine particles. Thanks to the system evolution and to the availability of new technologies, current trends enable the protection of an area, dividing it according to a concept of “concentric circles”. • Deterrence from possible break-in attempts HSDIW01 Detector before they take place (in Zone A) thanks to voice messages emitted by the sirens. Detects the presence of liquids • Activation of sirens on the first attempt at break- at a set height, activating in through doors or windows (Zone B). transmission to the control unit • Calls to police only when the internal detectors and/or radio receiver. (Zone C) give notification of the break-in within the rest of the house.vt HSDID01 Detector controlled volumetric detector for Zone A, garden or veranda; window breaking. Zone B, external doors and windows; Zone C, inside the homeEquicare company 9
  11. 11. security & Alarm systemDeterrent and Alarm Local managementSirens via radio for indoors; via radio for outdoors, bidirectional and Dual Band or with wire Nice: we have a thing for simple thingsconnection to the control unit, with built-in flashing light. Nice is famous for its technologically advanced control systems with a functional and customised design. With NiceHome we have paid even more attention to the characteristics of being simple and easy to use, in order to create a complete automation and alarm system which is really easy to use and program. HSSI Internal Siren HSTX8 Transmitter HSTX4 Transmitter HSKPS KeyPad Radio transmitter, 8-channel, Radio transmitter, 4-channel, HSKPS Dual Band and it has been created bidirectional 433 MHz, Rolling bidirectional 433 MHz, bidirectional radio-controlled to be used indoor. Code. Rolling Code. control key-pad, wall-hung or portable. HSSO1 Outdoor sirens Dual Band radio-controlled outdoor alarm sirens with integrated flashing light.Control unitWireless or wired control units for RTC - GSM/GPRS Remote managementcombined or radio alarm systems. Tele Service Modem, Tele Service Modem,Dual Band, bidirectional with GSMtelephone dialler. All under control, HSRT even from a Radio Repeater distance. The ideal solution for You can communicate complex indoor locations from a distance with characterised by a reduced the NiceHome control radio reception due to long unit in order to control distances and/or internal its state via GSM or separating walls PSTN call. Equicare company 10
  12. 12. My Home Intercom systems Axolute Nighter Seductively visible evening wear. The absolute beauty of black glass revitalizes Axolute, a luxury you can live and exhibit, combined with the most evolved, modern technology. Nighter Video station and brush-touch control have a surface entirely made of glass. The perfect combination of the new Nighter plates with Axolute anthracite devices, already in the catalog, allows to create an aesthetically coordinated system. Brush-touch control New Nighter Plate Video station Nighter combined with Axolute Nighter Anthracite devices Axolute Whice Absolute appeal and intriguing mimicry. The simple and linear purity of white glass allows Axolute to gleam with new light, producing effects in which refinement is ambience and electronics become magic. Whice Video station and brush-touch control have a surface entirely made of glass. The perfect combination of the new Whice plates with Axolute aluminium devices, already in the catalog, allows to create an aesthetically coordinated system. Brush-touch control New Whice Plate Video station Whice combined with aluminium Whice Axolute devicesEquicare company 11
  13. 13. My HomeAxolute Light Tech LivingSuperior value in technology, refinement and design. Modern styling and materials at the highest level of The strength of classic, bold style. excellence.Assertive, straight lines, forming rectangles Elegance, Technology and Rigor are the keywords The elegance of tone-on-tone coordinates create aheralding a pure and essential design, for those merging materials and metallic finished plates, for a bright, vigorous association, a classic and sophisticated style andwho prefer a rational look and pure materials. aesthetically pleasing, modern effect. intense colors to refine your home furnishing. Scenary Touch Scenary Touch Scenary Touch and and digital controls and sound dimmer control Kristall Glass circulation controls Light Titanium TechElliptical Light Màtix The beauty and elegance of discretion. The coherence of simple linearity.Supple lines, for those who instead prefer a dreamylook, even by day favoring substance and elaborate Pliable, ductile materials that are supple to the touch and A rational aesthetic, never too obvious, practically universal.shadings of brilliant colors. visually malleable, creating plays of light in a bright and A basic choice for spreading the use of Domotics in the sunny ambience. residential and services sectors. Scenary Touch Scenary Touch Digital and burglar-proof and digital commands connector controls Titanium Axolute Anthracite Light White Equicare company 12
  14. 14. My Home Domotic tools: solutions to meet every requirement. Interacting with a domotic house is easy and intuitive, thanks to the vast range of My Home BTicino devices: a high point of modern technology ranging from the simple immediacy of digital controls to the great potential provided, in terms of complete recallable domotic functions on the most sophisticated devices such as the Video Touch Screen. DIGITAL CONTROLS TOUCH SCREEN VIDEO DISPLAY VIDEO STATION My Home Controls considerably broaden Using simple icons, Touch Screen manages Video display integrates multimedia video Video station is an evolved video-entryphone and the range of your electrical system. the majority of My Home functions. From a and entryphone functions. In addition to multimedia device, framing images on a wide Simply by pressing command keys, central position in the house, or with a unit allowing users to view and communicate with highresolution color LCD screen. As a domestic users can control a single light switch, on each floor, Touch Screen enables the guests and strangers at the front door, Video multimedia station, it integrates and brings together a group of lights, or all the lights in a activation of lights and motorized shutters, Display also calls up a variety of domotic all domotic functions, via the same icons used for all house. The latest development is the recalling preconfigured settings, managing functions, using icons that are as simple and other My Home devices. Scenario Touch, allowing you to recall up temperature settings, and much, much intuitive as those on the Touch Screen. to 4 programmed scenarios. more.Equicare company 13
  15. 15. My HomeLocal control and at a distance.Yet another great advantage of My Home is that it provides all the necessary tools for a perfect and complete control of your home, whether locally or at a distance,using modern devices such as a personal computer, palmtop or mobile telephone, which can all interface with each other as appropriate. VIDEO TOUCH SCREEN MY HOME WEB With its 15” touch screen control, Video Touch Screen My Home Web service enables users to remain constantly in touch with their home, even when they’re away. A telephone call or simple manages all your home’s domotic functions, locally and Internet connection is all that’s required to connect to My Home Portal, to easily check whether the lights have been left on, to lower the from a single point. Users navigate through customized shutters, turn on the heating or air-conditioner, or view images transmitted from CCTV cameras, and thus keep everything under control. screen menus featuring maps or photos of all spaces My Home Web promptly informs home owners (and as many others as have been authorized) on attempted break-ins or other dangerous in the home, while functions are enabled via the same situations, via a telephone call, text message or e-mail (even with images attached). icons used for other My Home devices. Equicare company 14
  16. 16. 2, Bahgat Ali Street, Zamalek, Cairo - Egypt Tel & Fax: +2 02 27356939 +2 02 27354348 Mob: +201001002780 Email: post@equicarecompany.com www.equicarecompany.com