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An employee referral program works best when there is an increased level of employee participation in the program. Since the employees of an organization drive the program, it is very essential to keep the engagement levels high. This ensures the success of the program and enables an organization to reach good quality talent.

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Employee referral program employee participation

  1. 1. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas Employee Referral Program Employee Participation
  2. 2. Employee ReferralProgram Employee Participation 92% organizations have employee referrals as their top recruiting source since it provides many benefits like quality hires, lower cost per hire and time to fill etc. Not fully utilizing referrals means that you may miss out on the opportunity to hire a significant number of top-quality candidates. INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. Employee ReferralProgram Employee Participation Here are some Best Practices to ensure maximum employee participation to create a successful employee referral program
  4. 4. Employee ReferralProgram Employee Participation Offering compelling cash incentives will certainly encourage employee participation. You can also recognize employees for referring candidates by giving out vacation days, holding a raffle with fabulous prizes or through thank-you notes or gift cards. Motivate your employees
  5. 5. Employee ReferralProgram Employee Participation Utilize your company’s social media networks to post new job listings and encourage employees to share the posting links with their network of contacts. Educate your employees and managers on how to effectively use social networks for professional purposes for seeking quality referrals. Get social
  6. 6. Employee ReferralProgram Employee Participation Create a plan to discourage your employees from referring strangers, acquaintances and relatives. In order to ensure that your employees are bringing in people that they feel are a great fit for the role, ask employees to thoroughly know and assess their referral’s work, skills and interest in the job. Emphasize on Quality
  7. 7. Employee ReferralProgram Employee Participation To ensure that employees know the full details of the program and its process, ensure that employees are well of aware of the program through communication, outreach and training. Provide continuous employee notifications after a referral is submitted to ensure higher engagement levels. Communicate continuously
  8. 8. Employee ReferralProgram Employee Participation Constantly strive to ways to improve the program. Ensure that the ROI is measured and evaluated on a regular basis and that the program is revised based on the results. Survey employees post campaign to regularly gain insight into important factors such as thoughts on the current incentives and the effectiveness of the current employee referral program. Measurement and assessment
  9. 9. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas For more information, visit www.zalp.com To book a free demo, drop a mail to info@zalp.com You may also call us for any other assistance 1-866-217-1267 www.linkedin.com/company/zalp www.facebook.com/zalp03 www.twitter.com/zalptweets Zalp integrates with all leadingATS providers.