organizing process fundamentals of organizing importance of organizing types of groups ethical behavior conflict resolution teams power and politics formation of groups motivation theories leadership behaviors emotional intelligence perception individual behavior personality traits person-job fit social systems organizational behavior models organizational culture limitations of organizational behavior types of control performance measurement control process corrective process planning process benefits of planning types of plans management throught management approach principles of management automation waste management regulations for waste management spares management maintenance policy maintenance management maintenance scheduling types of machine failures method study time study work measurement iso and tqm quality circles control charts statistical quality control role and scope of production planning production planning functions production control functions material handling principles procurement inventory management ergonomics purchasing air conditioning noise and safety principles of layout location selection methods plant location selection functions of hrd multinational companies knowledge management fatigue grievances employee safety personnel records morale right sizing promotions transfers job evaluation compensation wage fixation salary performance appraisal methods performance appraisal training methods training benefits induction objective induction training placement hrp recruitment selection hrm meaning hrm objectives role of managers hrm functions
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