(Youthlab Indo) Indonesian Female Youth Trends: Millenial Transitions


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current and upcoming trends for the young female segment in Indonesia
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(Youthlab Indo) Indonesian Female Youth Trends: Millenial Transitions

  1. 1. Indonesian Female Youth Trends: Millenial Transition Photo courtesy of Gemala Hanafiah (Indonesian Surfing Icon) facebook Youth Laboratory Indonesia Trends Report Copyright of PT. Kreasi Pemuda Indonesiawww.enterthelab.com
  2. 2. Indonesian female youth is on the transition from a conservative perceptual screen to a modern viewing window that tend to accept westernization. The transition brings several trends which is very unique, indigenous, and authentic. But, also give impact to their lifestyle, value, and belief. Photo courtesy of Diana Rika Sari (Indonesian Fashion Trendsetters)
  3. 3. What are the issues that emerged among Indonesian young female Photo of Apriliasari (Indonesian Indie Music Lead Singer) taken from http://natashaattamimi.blogspot.com
  4. 4. Academic Achievement: At Elementary school, commonly found, girls are more academically outstanding than the boys. While boys are so busy with the toys and games, most of girls are pre-occupied collectively with shoes, clothes, cute backpacks, besides their home works, assignments, and exams. Boys and girls hang out separately. Photo: Devi Ginoga (Facebook)
  5. 5. At Junior and Senior high, girls became teens that are mostly committed with peer group, school extra activities served as a tool to stay socially current. They love to be surrounded by lot of friends,where peer group will be identified by names and could get larger than 20 girls. Friends support is desperately needed in times of emotional unstability (Galau).One of many issues that emerge at this stage is the anxiety to “exist” and be “popular”. Peer pressure became significant in preferences on brands. Peer Groups
  6. 6. BFF (best friend forever) is a person who has special access to a female youth private lives.While peer group give social pressure, BFF will be someone who give support and approval. BFF mostly came at childhood or teens phase. ‘BFF’ is a case that showed the many layers of social support that a young female have and need. Introvert trait is commonly found among the female youth, that’s why their most inner aspiration are restricted only to a significant few. Best Friend Forever Photo: Indah Larasati (Facebook)
  7. 7. “We need to be socially approved. All we need are affection, attention, and appreciation” Anggi Marizka 19 F
  8. 8. Female youth are also prone to be influenced by what their boyfriend has chosen or told. Boyfriend is considered as a person who have more authority, where dating relationship is a way to imitate marriage. In most case female youth are submissive in their relationship due to their fear of being sacked. A breakup status will definitely give them negative labels in their social live . But with the upraising modernity and westernization, more female youth are striving to achieve their rights and authority in their interpersonal zone. The terms ‘partners’ rather than ‘boyfriends’ are now commonly found. Eastern adaptation of western lifestyle magazine such as ‘Cosmo’ has clearly gave it’s impact today to the female segment. Relationship Issues Photo: Aditya Yoga (Facebook)
  9. 9. Leadership and masculinity are becoming an important issues among female youth. Masculinity emerge to a lot of female youth in form of virtues, Which are autonomy, boldness, and effort to reduce the gap between ideal self and traditional self. Believes that the role equality between men and women could be established. Adopting the good virtues from masculinity but keeping their feminity appearance in a mission to achieve more social approval. Androgyny Issue Nova Riyanti Yusuf Legislative member Alanda Kariza Indonesian Youth Conference Initiator Shei Save Street Child Founder
  10. 10. “….In times I became a football lover” Arum 23 F
  11. 11. We could easily found many female youth as an impulsive spender especially on their favorite brands.Most of them don’t have any saving, female only save some money when they have a list of stuff that they want to put their hands on. Midnight sale are always crowded with female youth in urban cities. Impulsive Buyer Photo courtesy of antara
  12. 12. Playgroup Kindergarten Elementary School Junior High School Senior High School College or University Public Early Childhood Education (PAUD) Elementary School or Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Junior High School or Madrasah Tsanawiyah Vocational High School College or University Elementary School or Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Junior High School or Madrasah Tsanawiyah Vocational High School or Madrasah Aaliyah Village/Desa Lower Tier Urban/High Class Indonesian Female Youth Educational Stream At the end of the stream, female from ‘kampung’ became housewife, some of them takes their chances as local labor or as housewife assistant in middle east. Most lower tier female also work as labour, or as a merchant. The high class urban are the segment that filled the executives position. due to the current high economic pressure, urban young moms are striving to achieve a financial stability for their family, that’s why young female executive and entrepreneur are commonly found among the urban archipelago these days.
  13. 13. In near years passionate female entrepreneur would raise up. The main pull factor will be the choice to still recognize their organic role as a family caregiver without neglecting their career/self actualization. Expanding internet connectivity and growing community based on hobbies are seen as a push factor that encourage this emerging trend. The eastern wisdom on how woman should be are resurrected, where they’re able to have a a business while raising child and doing home domestic task. Passionate Entrepreneur
  14. 14. Zarrah Muria, 24, Fashion designer, Entrepreneur About trend on local brand :Today, local brand is seen as new alternative by youth beside big brand like Zara and Mango. Using local brand is also seen as a new way of nationalism. Such a pride to wear or use unique taste from Indonesian fashion rather than international brand About Entrepreneurship : While taking master degree, I start my own business in fashion domain because I really love it. I don’t want to work without involving my passion. What we, young designer and clothing entrepreneur need is a place pr event that facilitate us to promote our brand, like brightspot, next level, and trademark Owner of Clothing Line : House of Dunna
  15. 15. Photo Courtesy of Ashfi Qamara (Indonesian Islamic Fashion Activist) What is the current Social Representation of Beauty?
  16. 16. Smooth and Fair Skin Polluted air and unhealthy fast food habit brings a new market trends for the female youth. Executive beauty treatment emerge as a new potential business. The young female nowadays see their skin as a modality for social achievement. The urban professional culture necessity skin care as add value. Beauty Salon nowadays treat the customer with variety of body scrubbing and bleaching, where skin care became a complex matters.
  17. 17. Almost every shampoo or hair treatment TVC displayed female with black long straight hair. It gives impacts on how Indonesian female see and want their hair looks like. Long straight hair
  18. 18. Tight Diet Having slim body is every Indonesian female’s dream because it’s recognized as an symbol of beauty. Cable TV gives it parts for disseminating the ‘ideal body’ perception through their ‘Hollywood infotainment’ . One popular way to get slim instantly is by consuming food supplement. Slim Body
  19. 19. Healthy Lifestyle – Tempat fitness Years ago, fitness center was seen as a place for wrestling male athletes. Today fitness, pilates, yoga and aerobic are kind of a popular place to hangout . Demand for having a slim and fit body are perceived important for a career woman, especially for the A and B class. The more expensive and exclusive a sports center is, the more it is purchased by young urban female. Healthy Life Style
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