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Social Media Marketing for Pet-friendly Service Providers


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Ben and Kelly are creating this guide for a class project. Our company, Your Time Social Media Services is an experiment in Social Media Marketing Services. Both Kelly and Ben are experienced media and marketing professionals that wanted to take their skills to the digital realm. Oh, and we both love animals—some more exotic than others.

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Social Media Marketing for Pet-friendly Service Providers

  1. 1. Animal-friendlyDigital MarketingA Resource Guide to Social MediaMarketing for Small-to-Medium Pet-based Service Providers
  2. 2. Ben and Kelly are creatingthis guide for a classproject. Ourcompany, Your TimeSocial Media Services isan experiment in SocialMedia Marketing Services.Both Kelly and Ben areexperienced media andmarketing professionalsthat wanted to take theirskills to the digital realm.Oh, and we both loveanimals—some moreexotic than others.AUTHOR PAGE:Ben McWhorter and Kelly Dorsey
  3. 3. Purpose………………….….………….……… 5Resources: Books and Guides ….……. 6Resources: Web Sites………………….…. 8Resources: Published Studies……….…. 11Resources: Events and Training….…… 13TABLE OF CONTENTS:
  4. 4. Over the last decade the United State fascination with petshas continued to rise. Even through the 2008-2010recession, pet owners continued a steady pace of heapingmillions of dollars on to activities and support of our belovedfurry friends.As Social Media continues rise as the number one way toreach folks looking for local solutions and services, itbehooves animal service agencies of all types to dive deep into the Social Media waters and reach this target audienceready and willing to spend over $55 million this year.As a class project, we’ve collected numerous resources tohelp any pet service provider reach their core audiencethrough digital and social media.CHAPTER 1:Purpose// Page 40.0010.0020.0030.0040.0050.0060.00U.S. Annual Pet IndustryExpendituresRevenue in $B
  5. 5. This quick-to-read unassumingbook is a must have road map forveterinary practices looking tostart or enhance their webpresence. Brenda Tassavaprovides excellent insight on theart and skill of engaging withclients and other veterinaryprofessionals using social media.This book also provides concretestep-by-step tips for setting upand managing social mediawithin a practice.CHAPTER 2:Books and Guides// Page 8From traditional books, to eBooks, to WhitePapers, there is a plethora of reading material to helpeducate you on starting your social media marketingpractice. Here are just a few.
  6. 6. Pam Foster and CS Wurzbergerhave compiled a great resourcefor anyone that is in the businessof marketing pet or veterinaryproducts and services. Fromstrategies for understanding yourtarget market, to effectivelyutilizing social media, toimplementing measurements andmetrics, this book is anoutstanding guide.Brent Cramp is a marketing expertthat specializes in marketingeducation and training for allsmall businesses. His passion forseeing pet businesses succeed hasled him to write the mostpowerful, and easy to implementmarketing training programspecifically for pet businesses.After years of not being able tofind a full scale training programsuitable for pet businessclients, Marketing for Pet Businesswas written and published in June2012.Animal-friendly Social Media Marketing// Page 9
  7. 7. CHAPTER 3:Web sitesFrom industry organizations tomarketing servicecompanies, there are literallydozens of web sites with valuablecontent and education availablefor you.3 Ways Social Media BenefitsYour Veterinary PracticeWhen used properly, socialmedia is a great tool to helpexpand your veterinary practice’sbusiness. Not only is social mediahere to stay, it is a rapidlygrowing medium will constantlyemerging marketing strategies.Social media networks likeFacebook, Twitter, and Google+are resources that your currentand potential clients utilize tolearn about veterinary care andto get to know your practice.Learn more at: Page 11
  8. 8. Tools for helping you establishyou Social Media PracticeVeterinary Social Media MarketingFrequently Asked QuestionsVeterinary social media marketingcan be confusing. The leader inveterinary communications, helpsvet practices master and managethis opportunity. Social Media Marketing// Page 13Facebook Marketing Ideas forVeterinariansGet ideas for how to market yourveterinary practice using Facebook.Thissiteshares specific examples of howveterinarians are successfully usingFacebook as part of their marketingThis guide will show you examples ofwhat other vets are doing to betterunderstand whats involved.
  9. 9. Tapped Out of MarketingStrategies for Your Pet BoardingBusiness?Now that you have established anew doggie day care or petboarding business, have youconsidered a plan to grow yourcustomer base and get themexcited about your brand? Howdo you go beyond one dog at atime to build a great reputationfor your facility? Social Media Marketing// Page 14Study shows veterinarians using texting, e-mail and socialnetworkingA new 83 page Veterinarian New Media Usage Study providescomprehensive insight on the use of new and social media amongveterinarians--including Internet usage, social networking andmobile phone activities--for business and social purposes.-- 91 percent of small animal veterinarians check websites related toanimal health, while 92 percent of large animal veterinarians check animalhealth-related websites.--20 percent of both groups have accounts on Twitter.For more information go to:
  10. 10. CHAPTER 4:Published Studies// Page 15Market data can be critical for decisionmaking and content creation. Here area few sources we found valuable.Pet Sitters International SharesResults of its 2013 Pet Sitters andSocial Media Use SurveyFebruary 1, 2013Pet Sitters International’s recent PetSitters and Social Media Use Surveyfound that nearly 60 percent of itsprofessional pet-sitter members use atleast one social media platform topromote their pet-care services. Whileseemingly late adopters of socialmedia and online marketingopportunities, professional pet sittersare now increasing their use of socialmedia for business purposes—andsharing a variety of information fromclients’ photos to pet-productrecommendations—according to thesurvey’s findings.Go to:
  11. 11. So for 2012 and beyond, the news continues to be good for allaspects of the pet business. Overall pet industry spending hasheld up well the last few years, demonstrating solid if notspectacular growth, even despite the Great Recession in 2009.For more information on pet industry trends go to: Social Media MarketingPet Business Trends 2013More than ever, pets areconsidered a part of the family.Along with that, the share of thefamily budget allocated to pet-related spending continues togrow at a healthy rate. Duringthe past few years, spending hasfocused on value for money.However, in 2012, we sawdiscretionary spending onproducts and services—from petHalloween costumes to travel-related services—increasesubstantially.// Page 16
  12. 12. CHAPTER 5:Events and Training// Page 15BarkWorld Expo was established in 2009 and has continued tobuild strong online support for the cause of sharing andeducating pet lovers within social media. offers educational, networking, and businessopportunities for the online pet community. The annualconferences bring together hundreds of pet bloggers, petenthusiasts, shelters, rescues, and the brands who servethem, for social media education, networking. the most up-to-date and personal training, considerattending one of the many Expositions and conferencestailored specifically to address the needs of animal serviceproviders needing training and insight in to social mediamarketing.
  13. 13. There’s a lot of information out there to get agood start on your Social Media Marketingprogram. But doing an effective job takestime, tools and manpower. If you want to takeadvantage of these growing industrytrends, contact Your Time Social Media Services.Contactus onFacebook