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Social Media Policy And Training


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Developing a social media policy within your practice, and training your staff to use social media appropriately.

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Social Media Policy And Training

  2. 2. Do You Have a Policy?  Unless you write it down, it doesn’t exist  Your policy should consist of three things:  Written protocol  Staff training session  Signed acknowledgement
  3. 3. Writing a Protocol  Determine “approved” websites  Define social media and give specific examples of what this definition applies to  “can include, but are not limited to”….  Develop “professional guidelines” for your staff to follow  Be specific if key individuals are granted social media privileges that do not apply to the entire team
  4. 4. Purpose: To empower your team to enhance client service and education Approved Websites
  5. 5. Websites You Might Approve  Your practice’s website  Your practice’s blog  Your practice’s staff intranet site  Your local humane society’s website  Mapquest, Yahoo or Google Maps  m      www.petconnection.c om
  6. 6. Social Media is….. Defining Your Policy
  7. 7. Employee Online Social Media Policy  The [your hospital’s name] has a strict Internet and social media policy. Unless specifically authorized by _________ to do so as part of your position as an employee, you are not permitted to blog or use other forms of social media or technology on the Internet during working hours. This applies to personal electronic and mobile devices, as well. Be specific!
  8. 8. These actions can include, but are not limited to: Give examples!  Video or wiki postings  Personal or professional blog postings  Chat room conversations  Facebook updates  MySpace updates  Twitter updates  YouTube searches and videos
  9. 9. Exceptions Be specific!  The following individuals are authorized to use these specified social media resources as an integral part of their job, while at work or on-the-clock:  All veterinarians are granted access to VIN while at work  ______ is authorized to update the hospital’s Twitter account and Facebook page while at work.
  10. 10. The [hospital’s name] recognizes and encourages your rights to self-expression, and the use of social media on your own time. Please be aware of, and follow these professional guidelines for independent self-expression: Develop Professional Guidelines
  11. 11. Professional Guidelines  Bloggers are personally responsible for their commentary.  Employees cannot use the Internet to harass, threaten, discriminate against, or disparage other employees or anyone associated with the [hospital’s name]. Negative statements about the [hospital’s name], its products and services, its team members, its clients, or any other related entity may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. In addition, appropriate legal action may be taken, if warranted.
  12. 12. Professional Guidelines  Employees who identify themselves as employees of the [hospital’s name] must state that the views expressed are their own and not those of the [hospital’s name] or of any person or organization affiliated with the [hospital’s name].  Employees cannot post the name, trademark, logo, or any other privileged information associated with the [hospital’s name] or any other business connected to [hospital’s name]. This includes posting advertisements and selling hospital products.
  13. 13. Professional Guidelines  Employees cannot post photographs or videos of clients, vendors, other team members, suppliers, or people engaged in the [hospital’s name] business or events without express written consent and authorization from ______________.  Employees cannot link to the [hospital’s name]’s internal or external websites without obtaining written permission.  The [hospital’s name] reserves the right to use content management tools to monitor, review, and block content on hospital blogs and Website pages that violates our Internet and Social Media rules and guidelines.
  14. 14. Training the Team
  15. 15. Training the Team  Everyone receives written policy.  Policy is read out loud and discussed point by point.  Opportunity for questions and answers.  Signed acknowledgements collected at end of meeting.
  16. 16. Signed Acknowledgement  I have read and understand the [hospital’s name] Social Media Policy. I further understand that failure to comply with these rules and guidelines may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and appropriate legal action, if warranted.  I agree to abide by these rules and guidelines as long as the [hospital’s name] employs me.
  17. 17. Examples: Misguided Social Media Behavior  Your young associate DVM “likes” a page on Facebook called: “I Hate the Stupid Things Pet Owners Say to their Veterinarian”  Your hospital posts a digital x-ray of a dog that has ingested 12 pacifiers. You ask clients to guess how many objects the dog ate.  Staff member uses comments section to wish the dog well, using both the dog’s name and client’s last name within the thread. Facebook Groups & Pages Client Confidentiality
  18. 18. Authorization to Use Their Image and Name Respect Your Employees’ Privacy
  19. 19. Explain the Purpose  The [hospital’s name] utilizes social media marketing as a form of marketing and advertising. Within the context of promoting the business, the employer would like to use your images and/or names as employees of the [hospital’s name]. You may or may not wish to participate. Please do not feel pressure in any way to participate, if you do not wish your image or name to be used.  We would like to continue to feature stories about the work we do in the practice, including photos. We would also like to honor our staff by letting clients know when they celebrate milestones such as employment anniversaries, the birth of their children, graduation from college programs, attendance at continuing education conferences, etc.
  20. 20. Please Select One of the Following:  I grant permission to the [hospital’s name] to use my image, and first and last name in the context of marketing the business through our websites and social media marketing.  I grant permission to the [hospital’s name] to use my image and first name only in the context of marketing the business through our websites and social media marketing.  I grant permission to the [hospital’s name] to use my image only in the context of marketing the business through our websites and social media marketing.  I decline permission to the [hospital’s name] to use my image and/or name in the context of marketing the business through our websites and social media marketing.
  21. 21. Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ Questions?