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Production house

  2. 2. Production House Summary (You Pitch It)Production House (aka You Pitch It) is a multi-season 24/7 LIVE web-based interactivebranded entertainment reality show that additionally airs once a week via Broadcast TV.Production House continues the “Control TV” experiment of having Tristan Couvares’ lifealong with up and coming Hollywood producer Darwyn Metzger filmed all day, everyday for 12 weeks during which Tristan and Darwyn will crowd-source for the greatestviral video ideas known to mankind. Their push for viral video glory will put them onthe brink of a quarter life crisis with only the help of the audience and few good friendsto keep them from going over the edge.While Tristan & Darwyn crowd-source for the best viral video concepts the internet hasto offer the audience will vote on every decision they make from what to eat, who todate, when to sleep and of course ultimately what “perfect” viral video to produce.Every week begins with an audience vote deciding which idea Tristan & Darwyn willspend the next week conceptualizing & ultimately creating. Tristan & Darwyn willcollaborate with experts & entertainers from all walks of web, including Hall of Fameviral video makers & some of Hollywood’s weirdest minds in order to produce a series ofsoon-to-be-legendary viral videos all the while having every part of their daily livesbroadcasted live.Welcome to Production House, the World’s 1st Viral Realty Show.
  3. 3. Tristan CouvaresWhen Tristan (age 26), decided tobroadcast his entire life LIVE on ControlTV , he didn’t know that the hardestpart would be figuring out what to donext… Now Tristan has to prove that hehas what it takes to make it inHollywood: “I’m young and talented…but for the first time in my life I’m theunderdog.” Tristan more than makes upfor a lack of experience with hisinventiveness, energy and willingnessto put himself on the line “I’ll tryanything twice.” Tristan’s “work inprogress” appeal gives him a candidand incredibly watchable perspective ashe attempts to bring his viral celebrityto the next level on Production House.
  4. 4. Darwyn MetzgerDarwyn (age 28) a former Pro roller hockeyplayer got his start in TV after asking comedianTom Green for a job live on the air during histalk show. Since then Darwyn has worked withthe Dr. Phil Show, Tribune Broadcasting andRaycom Television’s “America Now” whereDarwyn serves as the Tech & Social mediaexpert alongside Leeza Gibbons & “Apprentice”winner Bill Rancic. When Darwyn, whodescribes himself as equal parts:jock, bookworm & web-cowboy met Tristan onControl TV season 1 during a TV interview it was“BROmance” at first sight, admitting later onthat he knew big things were in store: “Nobodymakes for a better walk of shame story than thetwo of us. We really magnify each other’spersonalities.”
  5. 5. CONTROL TV VIEWERSHIP• Live viewers watched the live stream for 27 minutes on average• 1.1 million votes cast• 13 million completed unique webisode views in 6 weeks• 105 million press impressions including Network TV and International Periodicals
  6. 6. CONTROL TV AWARDS• Prestigious NAPTE Digital Luminary Award• Clicker Best Live Web Show• Honorable Mention 15th Annual Webby Awards
  7. 7. PRESS Coverage “The Guy [Couvares] is Game” –The Boston Globe“Pure Sociological Experimentation” -Entertainment Weekly “A riveting experience” -Tribune Broadcasting
  8. 8. CONTROL TV SPONSORSTotal sponsorship raised: $1.5+ Million
  10. 10. POTENTIAL PARTNERS• Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Love Bites, Lost, Hawaii 5-0)• JJ Abrams (Lost, Super 8, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol)• Seth Green (Austin Powers, Family Guy)• Richard Saperstein (Dimension Films)• Ken Fuchs (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette)• Matt Seinreich (Robot Chicken)• Jett Lucas (Star Wars)
  11. 11. POTENTIAL CO-STARS• iJustine 1.3 Million YouTube Subscribers• Mystery Guitar Man 2.2 Million YouTube Subscribers• Dave Days 1.6 Million YouTube Subscribers• Timothy De La Ghetto 1.2 Million YouTube Subscribers• Auto Tune the News Cast 1.2 Million YT Subscribers• Bret Harrison (Reaper, Breaking In)• Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Hawaii 5-0)• Jett Lucas (Star Wars)
  12. 12. PRODUCTION COSTS FOR Control TV vs Production HouseControl TV budget: $2,000,000 (unofficially) (for 6 weeks of programming) Production House budget: $950,000 (for 12 weeks of programming)
  13. 13. THE FUNDRAISING END-GAME• Monetization and profitability will come solely through brand sponsorship• Currently raising 10-25% of the total projected budget ($100-250k) to begin an aggressive PR/Marketing Campaign as well as shoot and produce a trailer• Early stage investors will receive an Executive Producer credit as well as an ownership stake for all future seasons For questions and brand inquires contact the producers at (323) 333-3909 or email