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Intravenous Laser Treatment


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Information on Intravenous blood laser therapy. Weber medical laser used to stimulate stem cells and as a biophton therapy.

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Intravenous Laser Treatment

  1. 1. Srrrem 63.’ Intravenous Laser Therapy Hundreds of studies, show the stabilizing and energizing effect of IV laser therapy, in addition studies also show an improvement of laboratory values, and many other positive effects on often intractable diseases. We have many unique protocols with intravenous laser treatment, a light guide (plastic fiber) is inserted in the elbow vein. In this way, the laser light can directly irradiate the flowing blood. Treatable Conditions (not limited to): + Diabetes mellitus + Chronic liver and kidney diseases + Dyslipidemia + Heart disease + Chronic pain syndromes + Allergies and eczema + Performance enhancement in sport + Polyneuropathies + Fibromyalgia + Rheumatism + Hypertension + Tinnitus + Macular Degeneration + Multiple Sclerosis + Depression + Burn-out syndrome + CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) + Lyme disease — Green Wave Length: Increases Nitric Oxide, increases H . bonding of Haemoglobin & reduces blood viscosity. Red Wave Length: Increases ATP (energy) production mm‘ in Mitochondria, stimulates metabolism & increases Stem Cell activity / Regeneration. . Blue Wave Length: Anti—bacteria| , anti—vira| , anti—inflammatory and Immune regulatory. 7th Floor Urbis Building | AETAS | 53 Soi RuamRudee | Phloenchit | Bangkok | 10330