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My summer experience with the future


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Tech Talk Tokyo #4

Published in: Internet
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My summer experience with the future

  1. 1. My summer experience with the future TTT #4 Yashiro Anazawa
  2. 2. Yashiro Anazawa RareJob, Inc. Web Engineer
  3. 3. Self Introduction 1. web engineer ( over 10 years) PHP, Ruby, Java etc.. 2. Working for three years in Rarejob 3. No Life No Beer :) 4. Love drinking, travelling, Shiba-inu. and IoT.
  4. 4. I tried to join to HOUR Of CODE 1. Some public elementary schools open for students who want to learn code. 2. From grade 1 to 5 ( In my case) 3. Some volunteers can join the schools recruiting assistance volunteers. 4. Volunteers got information from HOUR of CODE with some documents in advance. 5. Then they go to elementary school designated by HOUR Of CODE.
  5. 5. My roles were.. 1. Volunteers navigate students how to use the site of SCRATCH page. 2. Sample : The purpose is moving a bird to goal point from start point. 3. Step by step, the level got harder. ( level 1 -> 20). if/else/while blocks are located on the work space. So students have built parts to move the bird with volunteers.
  6. 6. I thought My role is “teaching”
  7. 7. I afraid that.. 1.They will be boring this game. 2.They are not able to reach final level.
  8. 8. However !? 1. They really enjoyed coding not only boys but also girls as well. 2. Once they understood how to manage, they could solve the game on their own. 3. Some students could reach final level 20.
  9. 9. My experience is.. 1. At first they tried to set the parts randomly. 2. Students begin to think logically. How …? Why…? 3. If block is easy to understand for students. While block is harder than ‘if’. 4. What volunteers should do is not teaching.
  10. 10. Actually My role was “navigating”
  11. 11. Childs are our future
  12. 12. Thank you